• Russia mines even more diamonds, gold and garnet in Irkusk and Yakutsk. Many get rich and living standards rise.
  • A Thai TV evening news show revels the symptoms that caused in teenagers who had watched a major Manga war cartoon series that month across east Asia. The Thai king bans the series eminently and Laos bans it a few days later.Thai and Japanese doctors coin a new term- 'Manga-Amie Addiction Syndrome' (MAAS). The syndrome's symptoms and imagery are described here'


Known M.A.A.S. symptoms.
Addiction stage. Symptoms. Nationalities most effected. Age groups most effected.
Minimal Habitual waring of sailor dresses by both genders, when not in a academic situation. All races 5-45
Arsoning litter bins. All races 15-45
Violent behavior towards cats. All races 14-45
Minor Bad attitude caused by missing an episode last night. Thai, Malays, Chinese-Malaysians and Japanese. 12-16
Indolent behavior caused by watching over 3 episodes in 1 day. Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodians, North Koreans and South Koreans. 12-16
Staying up to late at night whatching it and later became too sleepy at school. Thai, Taiwanese, Han Chinese and Lao. 10-15
Mild Silly hairdos. Thai, Japanese and North Koreans. 14-20
Silly, brightly clouded trainers. Japanese. 17-20
Shoplifting. Japanese. 17-20
Moderate Stealing a mopeds and motorbikes. Thai, Japanese and South Koreans. 16-18
Heavy Obsessively reads fan-fiction. Thai. 6-12
Hysterical sobbing fit after missing an episode that day. Thailand and Tai Chines. 19-35
Combined sociaphobia, scopaphobia and homophobia. Japanese. 17-20
Fans squabbling over their favored character. Japanese and Filipinos 17-20
Chronic Reduced physical and gluttony leading to morbid obesity. Thai. 16-18
Agoraphobia All races. 5-45
Acute Constantly gossiping at school about the latest cartoon episode. Thai. 14-18
School and workplace violence. All. 5-45
Full blown Zombie like behavior. All. 8-14
Deluded behavior and thinking they are characters in the sows. All. 8-14
Attempting to victims to fly. Vietnamese, Chinese-Singaporeans, Bahasa-Indonesians, Russians, French, British, South Koreans, North Koreans and Japanese. 10-16
Morbid M.A.A.S. Uncontrollable laughter. All 5-12
Death by suicide All 5-45
Death by suicide bombing Mc Donald's outlets All 5-45


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