Historical drama, miniseries

Created by

MNBN Films

Directed by

Radoslava Orentalova


Vasily Borisov
Boris Birsakov
Maria Atolova
Irina Rasapinskaya
Farhad Talnaev
Miryam Farukova-Talnaeva
Gleb Maryanov
Ravil Yanenko
Dmitriya Shevchova

Country of origin


No. of episodes


2/26/02 is a Margovyan historical drama miniseries based on the 24 hours before the crash of Arbatskaya Air Express Flight 444 on the morning of February 27, 2002, focusing on the lives of individuals connected to the flight, its crash and subsequent investigation. The series is executive produced by Gennady Elemat, Conrada Cortesova and Boris Birsakov, and premiered on February 26, 2016 on MNBN. The series serves as the follow-up to the 2014 MNBN documentary Fatal Coincidence, although technically it is actually a prequel series.


"February 27, 2002, is the day that changed Margovya forever. This was the day when Arbatskaya Air Express Flight 444 crashed into the Lavrenty Bulshitov Building in Arbatskaya City, Arbatskaya Province. This was the day that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives. But what about the day before the crash, February 26? What happened in those fateful 24 hours before the crash, the 24 hours before Margovya was changed forever? 2/26/02 looks into the lives of nine individuals whose lives were going to be affected by the crash, and for some of them, how their lives directly affected the events leading up to and after the crash." - from the official description.

Cast and charactersEdit


No. Title Directed by Written by Original release date
1 "The Captain" Radoslava Orentalova Aleksey Lisunov February 26, 2016
Captain Yefrem Solovich is just three weeks away from retiring from Arbatskaya Air Express. He ponders life away from flying and watches the first half of an FC Barcelona match before taking the controls of Flight 444.
2 "The Investigator" Radoslava Orentalova Tarik Falafelov March 4, 2016
AARM investigator Frederik Glaser has just wrapped up the investigation of the crash of a light aircraft into the Amazon River and looks forward to the three days of leave that he intends to take to reconnect with his children, who are currently with their mother, whom he has just recently divorced, but then he receives a call telling him that a large jetliner had just crashed into the Lavrenty Bulshitov Building in Arbatskaya City.
3 "The Agent" Yefrem Dragunov Aleksey Lisunov March 11, 2016
RBI agent Natalya Nadezhdina has just been transferred from Ikulsk's Counter-Terrorism Unit to Arbatskaya City's Organized Crime Division, but when Flight 444 crashes into a building in the city, Nadezhdina is quickly roped into the investigation due to her experience in terrorist matters.
4 "The Terrorist" Radoslava Orentalova Aleksey Lisunov March 18, 2016
5 "The Turncoat" Karl Barayev Ruma Mambobosov March 25, 2016
6 "The Spy" Radoslava Orentalova Tarik Falafelov April 1, 2016
7 "The Informant" Radoslava Orentalova Aleksey Lisunov April 8, 2016
RBI informant "Maria Ivanova" (whose identity has not been revealed by the Bureau because of her involvement in many high-profile cases involving gangs and organized crime in Arbatskaya City), known primarily by her nickname "Esperanza", talks with her new handler Natalya Nadezhdina, who has just arrived from Ikulsk, and Natalya tells Esperanza to keep her eyes peeled for any signs that the gangs of Arbatskaya City are looking to join forces. Esperanza spots Jabeer Farroukhzhad and Odessa Yulianova talking in a gang-affiliated cafe and promptly tells Natalya of her discovery, but a turf war quickly erupts when Esperanza and Nadezhdina arrive.
8 "The Mechanic" Yefrem Dragunov Ruma Mambobosov April 15, 2016
Ecuadoran mechanic Jonathan Cariaso Velez supervises the maintenance and repair of an Airbus A340 engine, and he watches as his fellow mechanics perform an engine re-installation process that, while time-saving, is clearly against the rules and guidelines of the Airbus handbook. Cariaso signs off the repair as "done according to official guidelines" and returns the A340 into regular service for Arbatskaya Air Express. It is revealed that Cariaso and his fellow mechanics have used this time-saving but dangerous procedure on all five of Arbatskaya Air's A340s, and the jet that he had just released back into service would turn out to be the plane flying Flight 444.
9 "The First Officer" Radoslava Orentalova Aleksey Lisunov April 22, 2016
First Officer Andzhela Maradova visits Arbatskaya Air Express' mechanics to see how they are repairing one of the airline's Airbus A340 jets. She talks to mechanics Jonathan Cariaso and Maria Ivanova and notes her displeasure with the mechanics' way of quickly reinstalling the engines, but she doesn't report the violation to the airline and the practice continues until Maradova takes control of Flight 444 and realizes that the worst-case scenario that she had discussed with the mechanics has come true.

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