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The 2012 Gerlovo coup d'etat began on 10 January 2012, when soldiers of the Gerlovo Defense Forces displeased with Zivko Kardalev's administration of the country, infiltrated the presidential palace and captured a vital military barracks and the state radio. The soldiers, claiming to be under the command of the Provisional Council to Govern the Islamic Republic of Gerlovo, announced that they had arrested Kardalev and his Prime Minister, Rosen Binevski, and executed them both. The coup was followed by condemnation from Rhodope and Transylvania, while Krakozhia readily accepted the change in government. The League of Nations "officially delayed" Krakozhia's application to join the organization as a sanction for supporting the coup, and immediate neighbors suspended trade relations with Krakozhia. Three days after the coup, the PCGIRC and Transylvanian-based LoN mediators came to an agreement in which the Council would step down and allow a democratically elected transitional government to take its place; however, as of 5 November, the Council was apparently still in firm control of the country.



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