The 2014 Wisconsin Gubernatorial Election was held November 4, 2014 throughout the State of Wisconsin. Incumbent Governor Scott Walker was defeated by Democratic nominee Russ Feingold, largely due to Walker's unpopular anti-union measures implemented during his term.


Feingold won the election with a landslide in the popular vote, defeating unpopular incumbent and Republican icon Scott Walker in the general election. Feingold's victor was attributed largely to support from labor unions, enthnic minorities, and women, who were angered by Walker's socially and fiscally conservative policies that led, essentially, to the disenfrachisment of unions and losses in the field of women's rights. Feingold, by contrast, promiced to return collective bargaining rights to unions and continue the fight for equality of women in the workplace. He also won support from the youth electorate, which came out in large numbers on election day. 

Candidate Party % Popular vote Running Mate
Russ Feingold Democratic 53% Kathrine Falk
Scott Walker Republican 47% Rebecca Kleeflisch

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