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The Philippine Uprising
Flag of the Philippines
The Flag of the Philippines.

Years Active



Miriam Defensor-Santiago

Vice President

Benigno Aquino III

Countries occupied

Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, and Guam


The Philippines


In early January 2015, the Republic of the Philippines and the Monarchy of Malaysia went into war over the Sabah. The Philippines' side have said that the Treaty of Paris has clearly stated that the Sabah is their territory. Although Malaysia has denied it multiple times and has stated their own treaties as well. Due to this, a 26-day war fell into place. After all this, Malaysia surredered and thus even the whole mainland was occupied by the Philippines. The Malaysian goverment was now under the Philippine rule and the whole Malaysia was dissolved and became the Malaysian Islands of the Philippines. The new Malaysian Military, under the Philippine rule, both attacked and occupied multiple other Southeast Asian nations. The new Philippine Megamilitary has still, however, failed to occupy Singapore. The Megamilitary has also failed to occupy Taiwan, although the Treaty of Paris had stated that it is also Philippine teritory due to the Republic of China rebelling against the new Kingdom of the Philippines.

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