Welcome to the world of 2016 Doomsday! ATL.

This timeline explores world history or imagine after Doomsday - April 18th, 2016. A worldwide nuclear exchange cause by minor incidents and some countries hate us, On April 17/18, 2016 a nuclear war erupted across the globe. Now humanity were existence but changed, changing the history of the world

Point of Divergence Edit

At the midst of Afghan War, Taliban are forced into Pakistan. Iraq had closer ties with Russia, They infiltrate many sectors of the Pakistani government. the USA also much closer ties to India as they wish for a regional power on their side in South Asia, Iran had more closer ties with Russia, South Africa kept its nuclear weapons and the Apartheid continues until 2016, the African countries get their nuclear weapons against White South Africa, Sweden, Austria, and Finland joined NATO, Milosevic continued in power in Yugoslavia until 2016, as he managed to crush the protesters, Ukraine Crisis escalates, President Aquino signs executive order calling Emergency Broadcast System in 2013, Iran denied the Nuclear Agreement and started to Build with Nuclear Weapons in 2015.

Portal Edit

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