The 25 July revoloution, also known as the kurdish revoloution or action day was a series of mass protests and riots on 25 july 2014 in kurdistan. eventually a revoloutianary councl of 6 millitary commanders took over. This ended the Zion client state in kurdistan and zion is curnetly threatening to invade Kurditan.


In 2014 there was major dissatisfaction with the kurdish government. Zion got 30 % of the counties oil and all national assembly memebers were pro Zion. There was a significant corruption increase in the country. Kurdistan was ranked the 11th most corrupt country in the world. 


On the 25 of july protetsers from all the country took to the streets and protested against the government and chanted "this is our country,not zions" at 9 PM Massoud barzani stepped dwon after violent riots outside the presidential palce. Then a comitee of 6 army commanders took over and formed the kurdish national council which rules the country.

Protesters in Duhok on the 25 of july

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