In a world, where a great much is different and Major PoD takes place when Pangaea became 7 continents we now today, But Atlantis is Part of North America and Aral Sea Never Drained, additional, Rhine and Danube will Joined together with Seine River. The Second Takes place, when the Byzantium Never fell and there were no Ottomans. This third takes when the British set Colonization on Araucania-Patagonia and Atlantis and later Panau, Atlantis was being colonized by Spaniards, Germans, French, British, and Portuguese, USA religion is Catholic instead of Protestant due to Heavy French, German and Spaniards Catholic influence and people, but there are changes, there will be no August Coup, so the Soviet Union Retains Exists today, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia retained too. Venus, Moon and Mars are also Earth-like nations colonized by settler nations

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