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Early lifeEdit

Andrew Le Vior was born in Hainault in 1937, to the farming couple, Maria and Claude Le Vior. His parents joined the Belgian resistance in 1942. Andrew became a coal miner at the Charbonnage du Gouffre coal mine in 1957 and joined the pit's trades union in 1958.

The Kingdom of Lille-WalloniaEdit

Andrew helped reopen the Charbonnage du Gouffre coal mine in 1974 and would take part in 2 of the Kingdom of Lille-Wallonia's major strikes.

The more democratic minded King Anton Marc De Lyon, would inherit the nation's throne in 1985, after his farther, Stefan, resigned office as a result of the 1985 general strike.

The new King did much to improve the nation like banning cock fighting in 1986 and legalising trades unions in 1987.

The increasingly left wing union leader, Andrew Le Vior, was then sacked by his mine manager after being found out as the driving force behind the less than successfully 6 month long Walloon coalminers’ pay strike of 1989. His concerns were genuine, but both theKingdom of Lille-Wallonia and the coal mine he worked for were too poor to issue any more. He also opposed the unequal economic development, which favoured the Walloons over Picards. Anderew then emigrated to Sussex in 1991 and joined it's major pro-democracy movement.

As the economy of Kingdom of Lille-Wallonia grew in the 1990's, pay and investments rose sharply, thus pay had increased by a total of 60% between 1989 and 1997.


The Horsham trades unionists Laura Chilvers, Mary Pettit , John Doyle, Andrew Le Vior and Steve Hong were to head the leadership of the pro-democracy Sussex 'Corn Strike' of 1993-94.

Upturned collars were banned on July the 14th as a result of every one 'popping' them on mass in a Horsham rally July the 2nd in protest at the banning of Peter Pan collars. Andrew was one of the leaders of this event.

The revolution of May 2nd, 1996, in which he was involved, would see the final over-throwing of the National Presidium of Sussex and the jailing of most of t's members for "tyranny, theft, political hypocrisy and repression of the trades unions".


The Southern English RepublicEdit



He died peacefully of a combination of old and an underlying heat problem in his Clydesdale house on the 18th of March 2009. He was much missed by the locals who erected a plaque in his honor later that year.

Neo-Bolshevik literatureEdit

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