Andrey Faddeyevich Vizinsky
Timeline: History of Margovya
Birth: September 2, 1974
Svelovsk, Ikanua, Margovya
Death: January 24, 2002 (aged 27)
Filipiniana, Arbatskaya, Margovya
Spouse: Kseniya Fomayevna Oslanova
Religion: Roman Catholic
Profession: Singer, songwriter, guitarist, vocalist (The Real Deal)

Andrey Faddeyevich Vizinsky (September 2, 1974—January 24, 2002) was a Margovyan singer-songwriter. He was the lead vocalist, lead guitarist and founder of the Margovyan post-grunge alternative hardcore rock band The Real Deal. Among the greatest hits he wrote and recorded with the band were "Road's End," "Lost in the Sea," "25," "Party Like It's 1999," "Scream and Shout," "Year-end Jam," and his posthumous hit single "Have You Ever."

Vizinsky was also known for his notable performances with the Margovyan singing contest Svolochy Showdown where he finished sixth in its 1994 season, and second in its 1998 season. He recorded one independent album and three studio albums with The Real Deal, and went on four different tours with the band.

Vizinsky died in a car accident on a way to a concert in Filipiniana, Arbatskaya on January 24, 2002 at the age of 27, making him the twelfth Margovyan musician to have joined the 27 Club, just twenty-six days after the club's last addition, solo rock artist Kazimir Maryanov, died of cardiac arrest on December 30, 2001.


Early Life (1974-1994)Edit

Andrey Vizinsky was born in Svelovsk, Ikanua on September 2, 1974 to musician Faddey Vizinsky (1940-1987) and former model and dancer Mara Ilgamova-Vizinskaya (b. 1942). He had an older brother, actor-producer Mark Vizinsky (born October 6, 1967), who is best known for his roles in the sitcom The Next Big Thing (1980-1994) alongside Ravil Makarov, Abdul Porsenko and Vladimir Lermonov, and in the Mafiya film series (1993-2014) alongside Ivan Maryanov and Matvey Rasapinsky.

As a child, Andrey had developed a great passion for music. He started playing the guitar at age 9, and started writing songs at age 12. As a teenager, he would perform on the streets for money that eventually put him through college.

Svolochy Showdown and formation of The Real Deal (1994-1998)Edit

Vizinsky auditioned for the 1994 season of Svolochy Showdown when he was 19. As a fan of the show, he has always dreamed of someday auditioning for the talent contest, so that he could "share his talent to the world." Vizinsky, though only getting a score of 7.92 from judge Nikita Kalinin in the One Judge Judgment, went straight to the finals due to the fact that only 17 contestants got a score of 8.00 or higher (he was 18th).

While competing in the Final Countdown, he met 17 year old Tramvitumian aspiring singer Marvik Rondayev, and was partnered with him during the Top 10 Harmonization Week. Despite staying safe and advancing to the next level after their harmonized rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, both Vizinsky and Rondayev plunged to the Bottom 2 on the following round, and Rondayev got eliminated. Vizinsky got eliminated three rounds later; less than a week after that, Rondayev and Vizinsky coincidentally met outside of Svelovsk, Ikanua, and decided that since they weren't receiving responses from any record labels, they decided to form a band.

On August 6, 1994, Vizinsky formed the band with Marvik Rondayev and his brother Aleksei, where eventually, Vizinsky's best friend and college roommate Pyotr Shevchenko tagged along. Vizinsky chose the name "The Real Deal" because that's how he wanted people to remember them. "We're not just some band that got popular through connections, over-hyping and large abs; we've got the looks, we've got the music, we're the whole package," Vizinsky said in an interview with The Margovyan Chord magazine in December 1998. "We're the real deal; it's both the name of the band, and who we are as a band and as an artist."

The band started by going on gigs and performing covers of 80s and 90s rock music. Then, Vizinsky became the band's primary lyricist after the band decided to write original songs and present them to the Margovyan public. This led to the band releasing their independent album The Raging Fire in 1997 in Ikanua and the rest of Southern Margovya. The album has sold 3,800 copies all over Southern Margovya, and was submitted to different record labels in the area, including Wagner Brothers Studios, who replied to the submission with a very negative and degrading review, prompting Vizinsky to re-enter Svolochy Showdown in 1998.

Rise to Fame (1998-2001)Edit


Svolochy Showdown (1994)Edit

Episode Theme Song choice Original artist Order Result
Audition Auditioner's Choice Livin' on a Prayer Bon Jovi N/A Advanced
One Judge Judgment Contestant's Choice Ground Zero The Margovyan Oldies 35 Advanced (7.92)
Top 20 Personal Choice With or Without You U2 3 Safe
Top 19 Personal Choice For Grabs Rafael, Sara and the Bodyguards 1 Safe
Top 18 Personal Choice
Bottom 2
Never Say Goodbye
David Bowie
Bon Jovi
Top 17 80's rock Highway to Hell AC/DC 10 Safe
Top 16 Lionel Richie Hello Lionel Richie 14 Safe
Top 15 Either 1961, 1966, 1971 or 1976 Ain't No Mountain High Enough (1966) Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell 11 Safe
Top 14 Female Original Singer/s
Bottom 2
Like a Virgin Madonna 2
Top 13 Bryan Adams Summer of '69 Bryan Adams 10 Safe
Top 12 Songs from Movies "Eat Me Now", from the 1990 film "Blow Jab" Conrada Cortesova 6 Safe
Top 11 Either 1968, 1978 or 1988 I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) (1988) The Proclaimers 5 Safe
Top 10 Harmonization Week Bohemian Rhapsody (with Marvik Rondayev) Queen 9-10 Safe
Top 9 Conrada Cortesova
Bottom 2
Don't Stop
25 Minutes
Conrada Cortesova
Michael Learns To Rock
Top 8 Past Performance Ain't No Mountain High Enough Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell 3 Safe
Top 7 Past performance of another contestant in the remaining lineup (draw lots) Don't Stop Me Now Teddyevsky 7 Safe
Top 6 Frisbee
Bottom 2
A Mile Away
I Tried
The Margovyan Oldies

Svolochy Showdown (1998)Edit

Episode Theme Song choice Original artist Order Result
Audition Auditioner's Choice Fifty Dmitri Prashko N/A Advanced
One Judge Judgment Contestant's Choice Jump Van Halen 59 Advanced (9.74)
Top 20 Personal Choice PCB Anton Kumlidov 19 Safe
Top 19 Personal Choice Come As You Are Nirvana 13 Safe
Top 18 Same artist as previous performance Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana 10 Safe
Top 17 Songs from TV series Rock This Town from the 1969 TV series The Interceptors The Margovyan Oldies 14 Safe
Top 16 Special Duet Edition Endless Love (with Gavrina Kumilyova) Lionel Richie and Diana Ross 15-16 Safe
Top 15 1988-1990 Sweet Child O' Mine Guns N' Roses 9 Safe
Top 14 Male and Female duet songs Forever Martin Nievera and Regine Velasquez 11 Safe
Top 13 Past performance of an eliminated contestant I'll Be There for You The Rembrandts 1 Safe
Top 12 Current or previous year Semi-Charmed Life Third Eye Blind 8 Safe
Top 11 Michael Jackson
Bottom 2
Billie Jean
Hanson 6
Top 10 Celebrity Duets Week One Sweet Day (with Mariah Carey) Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men 10 Safe
Top 9 Songs from the 80s The Flame Cheap Trick 3 Safe
Top 8 Same artist as previous performance Voices Cheap Trick 7 Safe
Top 7 Year you were born Terminal (1974) Rupert Holmes 7 Safe
Top 6 Either 1968, 1976, 1984 or 1992 Jeremy (1992) Pearl Jam 2 Safe
Top 5 Personal Choice Buddy Holly Weezer 3 Safe
Previous performance of another contestant (draw lots) Rock This Town The Margovyan Oldies 8
Top 4 Debut singles A Horse with No Name America 2 Safe
Song of the same artist from at least 5 years later You Can Do Magic America 6
Top 3 Judge's Choice Godfrey, LUBO Rafael, Sara and the Bodyguards 2 Safe
Drawing Lots Maria The Margovyan Oldies 5
Personal Choice Don't Stop Believin' Journey 8
Final Showdown Song from Idolized Artist Let Me Go The Margovyan Oldies 2 Runner-Up
Song From Favorite Movie Arthur's Theme (from the 1981 film Arthur) Christopher Cross 4
Favorite Song You Give Love a Bad Name Bon Jovi 6
Song hated the most Don't Stop Conrada Cortesova 8
Winner's Single Road's End Andrey Vizinsky 10

With The Real DealEdit


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