Andufa Regional Jet Flight 6569
Air Nostrum CRJ200
An Air Nostrum CRJ200, similar to the involved in the bombing
Accident summary
Date April 22, 2013
Summary Aviation bombing
Site Filipiniana, Arbatskaya, Margovya
Passengers 40
Crew 4
Injuries (non-fatal) 60 (23 in plane, 37 on the ground)
Fatalities 51 (21 in plane, 30 on the ground)
Survivors 23
Aircraft type Bombardier CRJ200
Operator Andufa Regional Jet (d/b/a Margovyan Airlines)
Registration M-NNBB
Flight origin Leonid Pankavuranov International Airport

Andufa, Bonjoaya

Destination Filipiniana Domestic Airport

Filipiniana, Arbatskaya

Andufa Regional Jet Flight 6569, marketed as Margovyan Airlines Flight 6569, was a domestic Margovyan passenger flight from Andufa, Bonjoaya to Filipiniana, Arbatskaya. On the afternoon of April 22, 2013, at 3:59 pm local time, two suicide bombers blew up the Bombardier CRJ200 operating the route, tearing a large hole in the aircraft's fuselage. The pilots attempted to make an emergency landing on Filipiniana Domestic Airport, but the aircraft crash-landed on the Filipiniana-Yobatav Expressway. striking a Margovyan Rabbit bus in the process. 19 out of 40 passengers and all 4 crew members survived the crash.





The incident will be dramatized in the 2015 MNBN film Terror Over Filipiniana, starring Borislava Khristenko, Karl Barayev, Klaudia Glaser, and Ervin Sikhovich.

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