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Ansar al-Islam (AAI; Arabic: أنصار الإسلام‎ ‘Anṣār al-Īslām, "Helpers of Islam") is an major post Saddam insurgent group active in northern Iraq and parts of Syria. It is also politically aligned to Iran.

It was established in Iraqi Kurdistan in 2001 as a Salafist Islamist movement that imposed a strict application of Sharia in villages it controlled around Biyara to the northeast of Halabja, near the Iranian border.

It's sworn enemies are- the Free Syrian Republic of Homs and Hama, Democratic Republic of Kurdistan, Syrian Alawite Republic, Republic of Shiite Iraq, the Saddam Hussein Loyalist Brigades of Tikrit and I.S.I.S

The Saddam Hussein Loyalist Brigades of Tikrit narrowly defeated Ansar al-Islam in the month long May 2008 siege of Tikrit. Tikrit is still an active hot-bed of violent pro-Saddam activity. Ansar al-Islam is currently battling I.S.I.S around Mosul.

  • Active- September 2001–present.
  • Ideology- Salafist Jihadism.
  • Leaders- Mullah Krekar (Former), Abu Abdullah al-Shafi'i (POW) and Abu Hashim al Ibrahim.

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