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Antayov Survives is an alternate history in Margovya in which Margovyan Vice President Boris Antayov survives his wounds in the controversial traffic collision in Yobatav, Arbatskaya on November 17, 1981.

The AccidentEdit

In the controversial accident that happened in Yobatav, Arbatskaya on the night of November 17, 1981, a gun was reportedly fired, hitting President Vladislav Sikhovich in the left shoulder, causing him and his vice president Boris Antayov to crash into another sports utility vehicle. Sikhovich survives his wounds, however, Antayov was pronounced dead November 18 at 12:20 AM. However, in the moment that will greatly change history, the bullet will hit Sikhovich in the head instead of the shoulder, killing him on the spot, while Antayov, upon seeing the president fall, takes control of the car and avoids the crash, therefore surviving the accident.

Antayov's Inauguration and Bulshitova's Arrest and ExecutionEdit

At 11:22 PM of November 17, 1981, forty-six minutes after the accident took place, at Yobatav, Arbatskaya where the accident took place, Boris Antayov was sworn in as the fourteenth president of Margovya. On the vice presidential conclave that followed the next day due to the position of the Vice President being vacated following Antayov's ascension to presidency, Senate President Gennady Abukov was elected vice president with a score of 175 out of 258 voters. Susana Bulshitova lost favor during the conclave right after the investigations regarding the death of Sikhovich has led the police to pinpoint her as one of the suspects.

On January 5, 1982, after almost two months of investigation, Bulshitova was confirmed to have been the mastermind behind Sikhovich's case, was arrested, and was jailed. On August 7, 1982, Bulshitova's case was tried in the House of Justices. On the most controversial hearing in Margovya's history, Bulshitova was found guilty of second-degree murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment. However, on December 12, 1982, Bulshitova reportedly escaped from her jail cell. After a few days, she was found and was returned into her jail cell. This was repeated three times, all of them taking place in 1983. Until on 1984, Bulshitova was retried in court, as her other cases with several politicians who have mysteriously died were traced by the Republican Bureau of Investigation and the Ministry of Justice. On May 15, 1984, Bulshitova was found guilty of five counts of first-degree murder, twenty-one counts of second-degree murder, thirteen counts of corruption, thirty-two counts of extortion, and twenty-three counts of estafa, and was sentenced to death via lethal injection, which took place on June 26, 1984.

ATL changes to Margovyan PresidenciesEdit

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Boris AntayovEdit

Boris Antayov was inaugurated as the fourteenth president of Margovya on November 17, 1981, a few minutes after Sikhovich died. During his term, Margovya, instead of going deeper in the abyss during this period, rebuilds itself from the problems brought about by the Barbarov and Sikhovich administrations. In 1983, Boris Antayov names Arbatskaya Governor and fellow actor Robert Elemat as his running mate, and both win the elections. During Antayov's second term, more projects were implemented to quickly rebuild Margovya, most of them were way better than Irina Amrovich's "Three Years to Ultimate Prosperity". In 1984, following the successful execution of Susana Bulshitova, eleven other senators and seventy-six representatives were found guilty of corruption and were forced to step down from their respective positions. In the election that followed, the Election Commission implemented the five-million-margot limit in the campaigning period, and imposed strict laws against violence, and this trend continued until Antayov's forthcoming third term. By 1985, violence and corruption was at a very low 1.72% according to the Government Commission.

In 1986, Robert Elemat refused to run for a second term as Vice President, so Antayov names Senator Yulian Markovsky as his running mate. Both won in the 1986 elections, therefore granting Margovya more time to rebuild and improve itself. In 1987, Margovya's GDP increased by a whopping amount of 10.67%, and the both the economy and tourism of the country went higher. In 1989, bound by law, Antayov cannot run for a fourth term, so he names Vice President Yulian Markovsky as the representive for the Margovyan Federalist Party, while Markovsky names Senator Ruma Dumayev as his running mate. After the elections, Markovsky won, Dumayev didn't; he lost to Sta. Conrada Representative Konrad Kortesov.

Yulian MarkovskyEdit

Yulian Markovsky was inaugurated as the fifteenth president of Margovya on April 6, 1989, however, the successful election of Konrad Kortesov into Vice President would make it hard for him to continue improvements that Antayov has brought about into Margovya.

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