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District of Apollinarov
Округа Аполлинарово/Okruga Apollinarovo
Timeline: Birth of Krakozhia

OTL equivalent: Somewhere on Venus
The Taymyr-Evenk tribal confedracy Apollinarov CoA
Flag Coat of arms
Apollinarov map
Location of Apollinarov in red

Ибо Бог, Аполлинаров и партии (Russian)
("For God, Apollinarov, and the Party")

Anthem: "Hymn of the Republic of Krakozhia"
Capital: Appolinarov
Largest city: Appolinarov
Krav, Russian
  others: Bulgarian
Krav Christianity
  others: Roman Catholicism, Bulgarian Orthodox, Islam
Ethnic groups:
  others: Bulgarians
Type of government: District of the Province of Vallarinsk of the Republic of Krakozhia
Vice Moderator:
Currency: Krakozhian ruble
Internet TLD: .kk
Calling code: +383
Organizations: United Nations, Black Sea Alliance

The District of Apollinarov (Russian: Округа Аполлинарово, Okruga Apollinarovo; Krav: Kuruga Apoullinaorovou) is a district of the Province of Vallarinsk of the Republic of Krakozhia on the planet Venus. It is located at the western banks of Vallarinsk Bay, around which the province is established. It is named after its administrative center, the town of Apollinarov.

The district embraces a total of 123 square kilometers with a population of 6,071 inhabitants as of January 2012.

The main road KR6 ends in Apollinarov town as Great Patriotic War Avenue, after passing southeast through the district.


The term Apollinarov was first coined in early 1995, when Krav Krakozhians asked to have a settlement of their own in Vallarinsk. They named it after Emperor Apollinaris I of Karosha, who was also known by his descriptive, "the Astronomer." He was responsible for ordering the construction of a series of observatories along the Krav Mountains, and legend has it that he would spend so much time inside them that he is rumored to be capable of consuming starlight. He is also credited with mapping and charting Venus on the Karoshan star charts.


1995 - Apollinarov district formed.

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