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This article is about the province. If you are looking for the district-region, please see Arbatskaya District.

Province of Arbatskaya
Provincia de Arbatskaya
Timeline: History of Margovya

OTL equivalent: part of the Amazon, Brazil
Arbatskaya Flag Coat of Arms
1972 Arbatskaya Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem: ""Three Races, One Goal"

"In Honor of Arbatskaya" (Local Hymn)"

Capital: Margovya City
Largest city: Margovya City
Other cities: Arbatsky City, Arbatskaya City, Ruma Andaya, Yobatav
English, Margovyan
  others: Portugese, Spanish
Roman Catholicism
  others: Islam
Governor: Mikhail Dopov
Vice Governor: Aleksei Borodin
Area: 13,888 km²
Population: 3,578,822 
Established: 5 July 1811 (originally named Ruma del Pan)

12 January 1909 (renamed Gastastolinsky)
5 January 1959 (renamed Arbatskaya)

Currency: Margovyan margots
Time zone: UTC-4
Internet TLD: .mg
Organizations: United Nations

The Province of Arbatskaya (Spanish: Provincia de Arbatskaya; Russian: Провинция Арбатская, Provintsiya Arbatskaya; Margovyan: Provintsiya de los pueblos Arbatskaya) or simply known as Arbatskaya, is a province in the eastern Margovya. It borders Alduva to the north, Baychenko to the south, Brazil to the east, Subokov to the west, and Sugalskaya to the southwest.

Arbatskaya is the largest province in Margovya, with a land area of 13,888 sq km (5,362.19 sq mi) and a total population of 3,578,822. It was one of thirty fundamental provinces of Margovya when the country declared independence on 1923. It was originally named Gastastolinsky, and then renamed Arbatskaya on 1959, to honor the late former President Juana Arbatskaya.

Arbatskaya, or Gastastolinsky as it was previously called, was the home of the country's previous capital, Ciudad de Margovia (now Margovya City), before it was moved to Kajokoanjopolis (now Ikulsk, later renamed Gaskoniyov) on 1888. It has an national area code of 53, and a license code area numbers 53, 118, 183 and 248. Due to increasing population of the province, the National Transportation Commission is planning to add another code area number, 313 (248 plus 65).

Arbatskaya was originally called Ruma del Pan (Ruma means 'royal' or 'royalty' in the ancient Arbat language) after Kajoko's independence on 1804. On July 5, 1811, Ruma del Pan officially became the first province of Margovia. Arbatskaya, as the province is now called, is one of the Thirty fundamental provinces of Margovya, and its representative seat in the senate (Senate seat # 1, which is usually occupied by the Senate President) has a crown carved above it, symbolizing royalty for the province. The carved crown was carved off by former Senate President Conrada Cortesova after being inaugurated as Senate President on April 11, 1992, and replaced it with a carved heart, symbolizing "beauty" and "power" for the then-seated Senate President. However, after Cortesova's impeachment, President Ruma Dumayev and other government officials made a new crown for the seat (this time it is made of pure gold).



Governor and Vice GovernorEdit



Arbatskayan Local SymbolsEdit







Famous ArbatskayansEdit

Arbatskaya is the home for most Margovyan politicians, although ironically, only one person from this province (and for the whole Arbatskaya District) has been elected as president. Here are some of the now famous people who were born in the Province of Arbatskaya:

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