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Arya Vladimirovna Nukova
Аря Владимировна Нукова
Timeline: History of Margovya

Arya Nukova in 2010

26th and Incumbent Vice President of the Republic of Margovya
6 April 2016 – present

Predecessor: Mstislav Pankavuranov
President: Mstislav Pankavuranov

18th Senate President of the Republic of Margovya
11 April 2010 – 11 October 2014

Predecessor: Irina Adzhitekova
Successor: Roland Tidzhomov
President: Gennady Elemat (2010-2013)

Viktoriya Vegova (2013-2014)

Senator of the Republic of Margovya
6 April 2007 – 6 April 2016

President: Gennady Elemat (2007-2013)

Viktoriya Vegova (2013-2016)

8th Governor of Sta. Conrada
6 April 2004 – 6 April 2007

Predecessor: Conrada Cortesova
Successor: Lev Falkonovich
President: Pristina Leonova
Birth: 10 February 1981 (age 36)
StaConrada Flag Godfriyevskaya, Sta. Conrada, Margovya
Spouse: Anatoly Vladimirovich Kumov
Political party: Margovyan Federalist Party (previously Margovyan Distinct Party of Activists)
Religion: Roman Catholic
Profession: Politician, Singer, Actress, Soldier

Arya Vladimirovna Nukova (Margovyan: Aria Baldomera Nunca, Russian: Аря Владимировна Нукова, born 10 February 1981) is a Margovyan politician, singer and actress. She is a former senator, a former Senate President of Margovya, and former Governor of Sta. Conrada, Margovya, and is famous for her role as young Susana Bulshitova in the 2008 film Birth of the Margovyan Vogue, a film on the life story of her aunt-in-law, former President Susana Bulshitova. She also joined the Margovyan Army, where she reached the rank of Sergeant before retiring from any military activity on 2003.

Nukova officially became the 18th Senate President of Margovya after winning the 2010 Senatorial conclave against Senator Ervin Sikhovich with a score of 21 against 6. Two senators were absent during the conclave, and one seat was vacated by Orental Gibitov after being appointed as Minister of Health. After serving for one term as Senate President, she finished the remaining half of her third term as Senator, after which she ran for Vice President in the February 29, 2016 Margovyan general elections against Antonina Fyodorova. Nukova was sworn in as the 26th Vice President of the Republic of Margovya on April 6, 2016.

Birth and Early LifeEdit

Arya Nukova was born in Godfriyevskaya, Sta. Conrada on February 10, 1981 to former Quintin del Pan Governor Vladimir Kumlidov, (born September 5, 1958) and former Margovyan Army Private Andzhela Nukova (born October 14, 1960). Arya has one sibling, her younger brother Maksim (b. 1986).

Nukova studied at Sta. Conrada State Worshiping Center University where she finished her degree in Fine Arts in 2003, while serving in the Margovyan Army.


Army CareerEdit

On June 24, 1999, Nukova, then in her first year in college, entered the Margovyan Army under the Kabutovsk LXIX platoon in Vulvanovskaya, Sta. Conrada.

Singing CareerEdit

Acting CareerEdit

Political CareerEdit



Year Title Role Notes
1997 The Life of the Party Svetlana Elemat first motion picture project
2000 The Interceptors: The Movie Olga Poliostrovich
Team Virgin Virginia "Virgin" San Pablo
2001 Karageorgiyev: The Movie Marina Tusanova
Raining Cats and Dogs Kseniya Pornova
Revenge is the Answer Ekaterina Lukoreva
2002 Massively Elena Rondayova
2005 Mysteries of an Old House
The Raging Bull Adriyana Ulyanova
2006 Freedom is the Key Natalie Traynor
2007 La Revolucion de Margovya Susana Bulshitova Cameo as Bulshitova in a montage at the end of the film
2008 Birth of the Margovyan Vogue Susana Bulshitova
2009 In the Holy City Rebekah Karnstein
2010 We Have to Survive: The Yefrem Dragunov Story Staff Sergeant Maria Ikonnikova
Love In All Its Forms Aaliyah Truitt
2011 The Carthaginian Yuliya Senkova
The Winning Man Aglaya Oblaskova
2012 The Interceptors: The Roaring Twenties Sydney Rothschild TV movie
Three Girls: In Deep Sh*t RBI Agent Raisa Cherpusova Cameo
2015 377 kph 2: Retaliation Vyacheslava Irazanka
Three Agents RBI Agent Raisa Cherpusova
The Karageorgiyevs: The Next Chapter Marina Tusanova-Karageorgiyeva

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