President Kennedy had had a strange day. He had almost been assainated but someone had saved him. He was making plans about the visit to Earth's Moon.

Soon, it was 18 months untill he would have to leave the office. He decided he would leave Parliment to train to become an astronaut. 

In 1969, the rocket landed on Earth's Moon. Neil Armstrong was cross, he couldn't go. His place had been taken by Kennedy. While Kennedy was on Earth's Moon, Armstrong was heading to England. When he was there, he invaded the country. Soon, he had a huge army marching to Amerca.

When the astronauts returned, World War 3 started in a flash. England vs. Amerca. Amerca won and the entire British side were locked in chains.

As the decades passed, the British escaped and went back to England, which was now part of France. There was World War 4. Meanwhile, technology was going quicker, and soon there was a Marsbase. One English person hacked into the Marsbase website and ordered them to fire a missile at the planet.

2000, end of our planet. The only people left were the ones at the Marsbase and the Moonbase.

The End.

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