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Timeline: 1962: The Apocalypse

OTL equivalent: Berwickshire
[[Image:.|120px|Flag]] Berwickshire CoA
Flag Coat of Arms
[[Image:.|220px|Location of Berwickshire]]
Location of Berwickshire
Capital: Eyemouth.
Largest city: Eyemouth.
Other cities: Dunns, Greenlaw, Coldstream, Ayton and Lauder.
Scots Dialect English, Lowland Scots, Northumbrian dialect English
  others: Standardised English
Religion: Church of England and Presbyterian
Ethnic groups:
Scotish Lowlander and Scotish
  others: Northumbrians
Type of government: Republic
  government: Parish council
President: John McKeith
Population: est. 12,500 (2010) 
Independence: 1964
Annexation: to De facto to Hexamshire
  date: Excised from the Scottish Lowlands Republic, in 2004.
Currency: Barter, Lancashire £ and Scots pounds. Durhamshire Pounds are used if trading with Hexamshire's goverment agencies.
Organizations: Northern Alliance and Scottish Alliance
% Literacy: 99%
Number of military personnel: 200


Berwickshire is a pre-industrial Hexamshire puppet state in southern Scotland.


Berwickshire is a Hexamshire puppet state. It is passive, democratic and liberal minded, like it's ruling power- Hexamshire.


It is known that no atomic devices had hit the territory in the Soviet attack, but a East German bomber did crash near Eyemouth after dropping it's bombs elsware. The crew were killed in the crash.

Other missile strikes were at-

Also see- WP Targets in the UK and Ireland.

After DoomsdayEdit

A severe famine and a cholera outbreak hit the region, killing many people during 1963 and most of 1964. Eyemouth, West Berwickshire, Mid-Berwickshire, East Berwickshire and Dunns councils set up a joint committee and Eyemouth council leader John James Ferris was elected interim leader. His decisive leadership came in to paly during the 1971 E. Coli 0157 out break in Dunns that killed 1 and made 12 ill.

First ContactEdit

This was axdently with Hexamshire, Durhamshire, Scarbouroghshire, Pirthshire, Scottish Lowlander and Danish fishermen docking at Eyemouth harbour during a major gale in 1978.

Political shenanigansEdit

The people were akin to the lowland Scots, but felt there practical needs lay more with the Hexhamshire town of Berwick upon tweed. Immigrants flooded from the SLR, Hexamshire and Durhamshire in the late 1980’s looking for a better life. It had become a de-facto colony of the SLR by 1995. Berwickshire local’s wished to become a devolved province of Hexamshire, but opposed full annexation by Hexamshire. This was later shown to be true by a Irish run opinion poll in the region. A referendum was held on May 1st, 2004, but the fairness was low as both sides intimidated each other and the Irish electoral staff.

The result was-

  1. Join the SLR= 45%
  2. Join Hexamshire= 52%
  3. Independence= 3%

Ever since the fixed elections of June 8, 2005, the puppet state has been steadily progressing to full union with Hexamshire to both the local Scot's and the S.L.R.'s disgust.

Present dayEdit

It is a pleasant agricultural community that free form human vice and is steadily moving to merger with their masters in Hexamshire. 10% of the poulation are Lowland Scots migrants, 20% are Northumbrian migrants and 2% are Durhamshire migrants. The floods and hurricanes of July 2012 Killed 2 people in Dunns.


It is largely dependent on agriculture, forestry and fishing. It is largely pre-industrial in character, but the use Irish, Republic of East Anglia and Durhamshire steam-threshing equipment becoming more common on the puppet state's farms.


A once yearly 2 page local news sheet and the monthly Hexhamshire newspaper.


Travel is mostly by horse and bicycle, since there are few motor vehicles. There are 4 steam trains a diesel driven British Rail Class 08 shunter loco.


A Devon Billhook

A Devonish 1918 Gilpin type bill hook.

The military is a 100 strong conscript force that has no motor vehicles. Horses are the only transport.

Farmers' long handled billhook-slashers, Gilpin 1918 pattern billhooks and Kentish brishing hooks are commonly used as weapons, as are swords and bows. Guns were fist imported from Durhamshire in 1990, but they are still very uncommon in Berwickshire.


It is conpulsory for all 5 to 14 year olds.

Health careEdit

Leukaemia and thyroid cancer rates fell sharply since 1969. All major heath care facilities, like hospital access is supplied by Hexamshire.


Eyemouth has a minor local football team.

The Death PenaltyEdit

It has never had, used, condoned or wanted one. They regard capital punishment as evil.

Water and food sourcesEdit

Eyemouth's and Coldstream's 4 sand filtration units and various irrigation channels provide water supplies for the co-dominion. Food is a mix of local farm produce, SLR and Hexham imports and some fish caught by the state's 7 fishing boats.

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