Buddy Cop Movie

Directed by

Karl Barayev

Produced by

Gavril Okov

Written by

Stas Makarov


Gregoriy Umalin
Mstislav Enerkov
Dmitriya Shevchova
Olga Grisenko
Gleb Shevchenko
Billy Moe
Samara Vartaleva

Distributed by

Yellow Peril Entertainment
Orphanage Productions

Release date

June 15, 2013


110 minutes


m49 million

Box office

m460 million

Buddy Cop Movie is a 2013 Margovyan action comedy film directed by Karl Barayev and starring Gregoriy Umalin and Mstislav Enerkov with Dmitriya Shevchova, Olga Grisenko, Billy Moe and Gleb Shevchenko in supporting roles.



  • Gregoriy Umalin as Senior Inspector Anton Gramapov, commander of the Major Crimes Unit of the Ikulsk Police Department and an overall honest and good police officer who unfortunately has a habit of sometimes indulging in petty corruption
  • Mstislav Enerkov as Senior Inspector Simon Tonsberg, second-in-command of Major Crimes and Gramapov's partner; a dedicated family man who is often struggling to come to terms with juggling his policing duties and staying alive for his family
  • Dmitriya Shevchova as Inspector Galina Sokolova, a solid and upstanding police officer who was unfortunately reassigned from the Special Victims Unit to Major Crimes because of reports of police brutality
  • Olga Grisenko as Inspector Amanda Zosimova, a quiet and unassuming policewoman who was assigned to Major Crimes and as Sokolova's partner because Ikulsk PD doesn't know where else to put her
  • Gleb Shevchenko as Yahya Traore Barrow, a rich businessman who is also actually the South American head of the West Afrika Syndicate, a notorious syndicate which traffics drugs, money, and illegal immigrants from Africa to Margovya
  • Billy Moe as Chief Superintendent Rick Coffee, the long-suffering American-Margovyan head of police of Ikulsk whose daily struggles include keeping the men and women of Major Crimes in line
  • Samara Vartaleva as Commissioner Martha Nuñez, the civilian politically-nominated nominal "head" of the Ikulsk PD who treats her job like any other politician assigned to a dead-end post would: with almost-complete ignorance of police policies and how things really work

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