DD62 USA in 2012

The former USA in 2012.

Cascadian sub devisions (TA62)

Cascadia's sub-divisions.

The Federation of Casscaida is nation in western north America. 


Early History

The pacific northwest whethered doomsday better then most of north America. It still broke part apart into a seris of rump states. Into 1978 the fout storngest states in the region Vancover , Montes et fluv Washington and oregon united. as the federation. They started expaning peacful abosbing democatic city states like spokane and conguing warkordahips like le gande. The surivor states of the pacfice north west were intialy anti techongly due to blame it for doomsdya but this semiant .Dueing the 80's contact was made with the phpleine ociena japan chaina ,colorado river republic great palins and coloardo new mexico In the ecltion of 86 the federlist won by using a platform reindusliston, law n order and family. Despite wide critatism form evoimentlis the federlist did enforcement firm envimetometnal regualtions on bussiness

The Gates administration Edit

The election of 1994 was a real nail bitter. After several recounts the candite of the progressives Bill Gates jr. His amiantion was know for it support for labor, devopling a techonly sector and medical reshearch. presidnet Gates was also know for for several trade deals with Japan, the Phipines and Pasific Ocenia's islands.

Post Gates Adminastration Edit

Ther greens won the eceltions of 2002 and 2006. The federlist won the eleciton of 2010 on a platormf of attacking burcract waste and esmblasment and pusching derugaltion of bussines, They have been in powe ever sine

International RelationsEdit

It has close relations to Hawaia Japm, Oceinia  the phillie s ad several Calfornia citie states. It relations with chania are tense but imporiving.It also has realtons with the  Rocky Moutain Federation , the colorado river republic and the Colarado New Mexico and several other nations.



Texiles is one of the bigest industis. Major firms include Pendlton wollen Mills Oregon Worsetad company,Portland Wollen mills, Jantzen(they no longer make swimsuite) General Cloth Hillcrest mills and United Texile



Cassacadia has a healthly metal  sector made  wide varity of prodcuts out of materials ranging incuidl inorn steel and alluium. Metal companies inculd Orgaon iron works Northwest metal works Schnitzer steel Gilmore Steel Vanocoer Metal company Willamette Iorn and steel work the Zidell groups and Lamont Metal corp

Wood products Edit

Forsetr is a big industy in Cassacdia. Majo firms include Tolko,West forsrest products Collins companies Potlach Lumber Rosenburg Fosert Product Weyerhaeuser and williamet industies

Pharmaceutical☀ Edit

Medicine companies in  Casscadia are mainly herbal medicine   companies  or over sea branches of foreign pharmaceutical firms. In 2014 several  Casscadains who graduated form university in Ocenia retun to thier homeland to form a small company called Pacific Pharmaceuticals        


Federal Aerospace  is Cassacade nantional Aerospace  firm. It was found found in 1994. It based in the old headquaters of boeing


Cascadia has  very small eclorinc.  Former preisent Bill Gates was big on devopling a techongly.. Bill gates respoable for  conivng   Alamgated wireless  and  Invitus to open facoties in Vancover and Seatle. After fhishing his second term gates has formed an ecltoric company in seatle with the backing of oceanian bussines men calles Microtronic  


Cassadai has a great education systyme. Uvierisity include the Unisveriy of Washington ,Univerity or Lincon Univeisty  of Rosevel Bellinham  univerity Ellenburg Univeristy Univerity of Oregon Jefferson State Univerity   Portland State University of Eisenhower  University of Momounth  Univerity of Vancouver  University of New Caladoan and Univerity of Okagan.The univeritys of Cassadia are big on promoting green techongly


In the early days after doomsday the pacfic north west  hit by techno pohbia wave of envorimetnlist. the techno phobia has died down but enviormentlis is a still big part  of caccasdain poltics. It three major parties are the   left wing Green party, the center write progresive party , and tthe center right Federlist party. .The  Earth Frist Front is a  radical envimetlsit party that broke off the green party. They have ties to many eco terroist. Another minor party is the monarchistl party. Thier plafrm involes making the emporeor of Ocenia the headstate of Casscadia. and joining the second commonwealth of nations.



Captial Olympia 

Largest city Seatle


Captial Mosses Lake

Largest City Spokane


Captial La Grande Largest City Pendelton


Captial Meddfod and Largest City Redding


Captial Salmae

Largest City Eugene


Captial Victroia

Largest City Nanaimo

New Caldonia

Captial and Largest City Prince Rupert

Montes et fluv

Captial and Largest Vancover

Fedral Captical Terroity

Captial and Largest city Portland


Captial Paradise and Largest city Coeur d'Alene



Pacifc air is Cassadia's natinonal air. Flys as east as Ohmaha Great Plains as fair west at Talapi  Taiawan


Most major Cassadain city have a well devopled bus sysytem. Pacific transport Beaver Buss lin and Pargon bus lines are main privaite buss companies. B


In 1977 the Northwest Allaince started a porject to repair the old railways in their territories. In 1988 a rail line form Vancover to Porland. By 1996 the cassdain federal railway rain to redding jefferon and Spokane Lincoln. In 2009 It was extend to Prince Rupert New Caldonia in 2002. A new line from Enugen Oregon to Coeur d'Alene was compted in 2009. Cassadia Federal Railrailways. Are connted to Albert natinal ralisways. Cascadai railways will be connetd to the monta railway when it is complt in 2015.


Private petroal cars have outlawed in most cassadain states since the late 90's, thus most petroal cars are used as taxis. Private ecltical cars are leagal Cassadia and are starting to become popular. Cassicais 3 main car compaines are Tanner Motor, Future motor and Price motors


The primary sports in Cascadia are Basketball Ball and hockey


Radio returned to Cascadia in the early 21st centruary

Tv retrunef to the Portland and Seatle regions in 2016 thanks to help from Ocenia. All stations are curnetly owned by the goverment

Thier are 3 major newspaper. They are the Pafic Time the moutain Herald  and theu utomotive

Cascadia Journal

Thier are two major comic companies  Colombia Comics and Federal Publications.

In the late 90's a small flim industy sprang up centered in Ashland Jefferson


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