Chocolate single cover
Single by Not So Socialist
from the album Product Misplacement
Released Margovya December 23, 2009
Recorded 2008
Genre Alternative rock
Length 3:38
Label Tidzhomov
Writer(s) Not So Socialist
Not So Socialist singles chronology
"Things I Hate About You"

"Chocolate" is a song performed by Margovyan band Not So Socialist. It was released in December 2009 as the second single from their album Product Misplacement. The band's official website had this statement on the song: "Forrest Gump was right: life is like a box of chocolates, and you never know what you're going to get. So what if life gives you the sight of The One with someone else? Might as well just eat all that chocolate you were planning to give to The One!"

The single's cover is a picture of a Kit Kat that had been bitten, revealing what appears to be the face of Jesus on the wafers.


The song compares chocolate to the trust invested by a person in a relationship, and how, like when chocolate melts, broken trust is hard to mend and fix, and is eventually a futile job. Toblerone is mentioned in the song, and a half-eaten Kit Kat bar features on the single cover.

The band's cover of Faber Drive's Tongue Tied" was originally a hidden track that played two minutes after the last track on the single CD, but subsequent releases had had the cover officially listed on the single. Therefore, the first few singles CDs with "Tongue Tied" as a hidden track is now a sought-after collector's item. This started the band "tradition" of including their covers of other songs as additional tracks on their single releases.


The video starts with Lev Arigov, lead singer of Not So Socialist for this song, sitting down on a park bench with a pink heart-shaped box under his arm. He opens the box to reveal the various chocolates inside, and as he begins to eat the chocolate, the band begins to play on the parking lot beside the park. The video then shifts between the band and Arigov, who had driven his date out to the park in the girl's car, and while looking for something in the trunk, he chances upon the box of chocolates. He notices that his name is not the one written as being the one who gave the box, and in his sadness, he takes the box, leaves the girl behind, and walks to the park bench where the video started. Once he eats the last of the chocolates, Arigov boards a taxi, setting up the beginning of the music video of the next song, "Lonely".

Track listingEdit

CD single
  1. Chocolate (Single Edit) - 3:38
  2. Chocolate (Spanish Version) - 3:49
  3. Chocolate (Official Remix) - 3:14
  4. Tongue Tied (Cover by Not So Socialist of the song by Faber Drive) - 3:31
Margovyan 7" Vinyl
  1. Chocolate
  2. Tongue Tied
Margovyan DVD
  1. Chocolate (Video) - 4:01
  2. Making of the Chocolate Video - 13:22
  3. Chocolate (Album version) - 3:38
  4. Tongue Tied (Bonus track) - 3:31

Credits and personnelEdit

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