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Commune of Winchester
Timeline: 1962: The Apocalypse

OTL equivalent: Central Hampshire
Flag of Hampshire [[Image:.|80px|Coat of Arms]]
Flag Coat of Arms
England DD62
Location of Commune of Winchester
Capital: Winchester
Largest city: Winchester
Other cities: Stockbridge, Peatersfield (Hants) and East Meon (Hants), Micheldever

Andover, Alton and Overton (Hants). Bullington

Language: Standardised UK English
Religion: 90% Church of England, 5% Roman Catholic and 5% atheist.
Ethnic groups:
  others: Westcontrymen
Type of government: Constitutional Republic
  government: Parish council
Mayor: Anthony Hacker
Deputy Mayor: Cathy Lise Sharp
Population: est. 122,500 (2011) 
Independence: 1963
Annexation: to Sussex
  date: 2001 as a devolved region
Currency: Sussex pound for outside trade and Barter domestically.
Organizations: Southern Union
% Literacy: 92%
Number of military personnel: 85


The Commune of Winchester is a democratic UK survivor nation based in Hampshire.


Missile and bomb strikes were at-

Also see- WP Targets in the UK and Ireland.

After DoomsdayEdit

The people fled from Andover and Winchester towards Alton and the north of Winchester RDC, where a group of surviving parish councillor and cops regained control of the panicky mobs. he nuclear winter lasted between October 1962 and March 1963. A nuclear summer then lasted between April 1963 and September 1965. Radiation from other places would cause trouble for a long time. A severe famine and a cholera outbreak hit the town, killing many people during 1965 and most of 1966. A typhoid plague struck in 1967. The nation would struggle with various raids by the surrounding tribesmen from Hampshire and Berkshire.

First ContactEdit

Contact was made with Winchester by Sussex, the I.O.W. and West Wiltshire in 1973.

Present DayEdit

Winchester was absorbed and became a devolved province of Sussex in the May of 2000. The Commune is flourishing due to an upturn in trade with Sussex, a new bread export industry has begun and there is a steadily higher farm out put each year.

Bad weatherEdit

  1. The 1976 heat wave and drought killed 2.
  2. The floods of April 2006 killed 2.
  3. The heat wave of Early 2007 killed 1.
  4. The rainstorm and floods of mid 2007 killed 5.
  5. the hurricane of mid 2009 killed 2 .
  6. The winter of 2009-10 was the worst in 50 years killing 2.
  7. The rainstorms of early in the June of 2012 killed 1.


The armed forces abandoned the use of bows and swords in favour of rifles and pistols in 2005. The army is a volunteer force of 35 and a conscript force of 50.


Horses are still popular in the nation, despite the resent, but short lived, outbreak of equine ethnocide hematoma.

Waterworks and food sources Edit


It is agrarian by nature largely dependent on agriculture, forestry and selling looted metal from the ruins of nearby towns.


Posters a nailed up as and when nessasery by the local authorities.


Thyroid and skin cancers are no longer major issues, and are markedly less than they were before 1986.

The artsEdit

Death peaniltyEdit

It has never had, used, condoned or wanted one. They regard capital punishment as evil.

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