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Conrada Cortesova
Timeline: History of Margovya

Cortesova in 2012

7th Governor of Sta. Conrada
6 October 2002 – 6 April 2004

Predecessor: Ruma Ambayov
Successor: Arya Nukova
President: Genrikh Antonov

13th Senate President of the Republic of Margovya
11 April 1992 – 31 December 1999

Predecessor: Pavel Konev
Successor: Konrad Andropov
President: Susana Bulshitova

Senator of the Republic of Margovya
6 October 1990 – 31 December 1999

President: Baba Filitov (1990-1992)

Susana Bulshitova (1992-1999)

Representative of Sta. Conrada
6 April 1986 – 6 October 1990

President: Baba Filitov
Birth: Konrad Konradovich Kortesov
11 January 1957 (age 61)
QuintinDelPan Flag Beata Conrada (now Province of Sta. Conrada), Quintin del Pan, Margovya
Spouse: Rev. Fr. Jose Roldan Caberio, O.P. (m. 1990-1994, his ordination as priest)

Godofredo (m. 1995-present)

Political party: Margovyan Distinct Party of Activists
Religion: Roman Catholic
Profession: Politician, Singer, Actor/Actress, Talk Show Host

Conrada Conradovna Cortesova (Margovyan: Conrada Conrada Cortes, Russian: Конрада Конрадовна Кортесова, born Konrad Konradovich Kortesov, 11 January 1957) is a Margovyan actress and former politician. She was a former Senate President, Governor of Sta. Conrada, and representative of the said province. She also established the well-known Pink Hellish Senate, which became very controversial and ultimately led to her impeachment along with then-President Susana Bulshitova in 1999.

On 1989, Kortesov confessed on National Television that he is gay. The next year, 1990, he underwent a sex change in Australia, and came back to Margovya on September 2, 1990, one day before the 1990 Senatorial Elections, as Conrada Conradovna Cortesova. She officially became the 13th President of the Senate of Margovya after being appointed by President Susana Bulshitova on April 11, 1992. She spent another term as Senate President after winning the senatorial conclave on October 11, 1996 against Senator Genrikh Antonov with a score of 20 against 9. One senator was absent, Senator Iosef Dimakulanov.


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Cortesova, before his sexual realignment, in Ikulsk, 1987

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Year Title Role Notes
1971 Love You Like a Private Part Young Simon Lukorev First motion picture project
1975 Vulva-rama Aleksei Lamdovich Breakout project
My Only Man Lavrenty Nukov
1976 My Teacher's a Rapist Marko Muranov
High School Pet Peeves Kiril Gagov
Vegetables on a Wedding Marko Ratapov/Maria Ratapova First gay role
1977 F*ck Daniil Fraternov
Sex in Mind XVIII Boyfriend # 18 "Vasily"
Cum For Me Anatoly Gramopov
1978 Just Dance Marvik Barbovich
Thinking of You Viktor Nanovsky First in a series of gay roles
1979 Rockin' '79 Marko Lubovich
PCB Vyacheslav Androvich
Stay My Baby Yevgeniy Antonov
1980 The Ball Anton Yakovich
End of the World Khristo Lubovich
1981 PCB: Tighter and Harder Vyacheslav Androvich Nominated "Worst Actor, 1981 Margovyan Golden Raspberry Awards
Sex in Mind XXII: Final Taste of Cum Boyfriend # 18 "Vasily"
Sixteen Inches Long None (director) First film ever directed; won "Worst Director", 1981 Margovyan Golden Raspberry Awards
Making Love at a Wrong Place, in a Wrong time, with a Wrong Person Erich Honecker
1982 Sexy and Seductive Zydrunas Garbovsky
Oh My F*ckin' God! Faddey Markovsky
Come and Get It Gavril Kumilyov
Penis Attack Marko Atolov
We Can't Stop Faddey Kalinin
1983 Dear Heartbreaker Yakov Lukorev
Wrecking Ball Faddey Kalinin Won "Worst Porn Star", 1983 Margovyan Golden Raspberry Awards
1984 Bed of Cum Maksim Kalinin
PCB: Ten Times the Solder Vyacheslav Androvich
Ray of the Abyss Leonid Dumayev
1985 Bold Font Raum Hadonov
1986 Kiril's Testimony Kiril Yakubov
Over my Severed Penis Zydrunas Dimakulanov
Dawn is Breaking Timofey Dambaluvanov
1987 Take my Organ Ravil Murov
Smuggled Contraceptives Dmitri Yulianovsky
1988 Married in Ikulsk Gennady Timofeyenko
Great Flaming Balls Antay Queruvsky
1989 Sadomasochistic Business Rostislav Androvich
Crown of Penis Genrikh Antonov
1990 Elections Kiril Markovich
Blow Jab Fadia Farova First film role as Conrada Cortesova
1991 Inside Job Irina Markova
1992 Deep Into Oblivion Maria Rumanova
Keep it Down Fadia Serova
1993 Difference Between Fifteen and Fifty Antonina Gaganovskaya
1998 One Sex at a Time Irina Karlova
1999 Over at Arbatskaya None (director)
Great Flaming Balls 2 Antayeva Queruvskaya
Proverbs: You Believe In It? Conrada "Mamser" Cortes-Caberio
2000 Titanium Old Rosela Bukaterova
2001 Karageorgiyev: The Movie Antonina Andreyeva/Nina Andrews
2003 Once in a Lifetime Chance Maria Kuramova
2004 One Plus One Equals Six Ivana Dilvanova
2005 Long Range 3: On the Shining Path Conrada Medvedeva
2009 In the Holy City The Pilgrim
2010 We Have to Survive: The Yefrem Dragunov Story Sub-Captain Ustina Zabrova
2011 Long Range 5: Uprising Conrada Medvedeva
2012 The Interceptors: Revenge of the Fem-Cop Fifth Interceptor; Varcashivekaukas
2013 Twilight of the Interceptor Fifth Interceptor
The Interceptor: The Movie Fifth Interceptor
2014 The Six Interceptors Fifth Interceptor
The Martyrdom of Sta. Conrada Conrada Riviera de Mercado/Sta. Conrada
2015 377 kph 2: Retaliation Fatima Volkova
The Karageorgiyevs: The Next Chapter Nina Andrews
2016 377 kph 3: End of the Road Fatima Volkova
The Greatest Team There Never Was Herself
2017 The Interceptors: Philippine Civil War Leila de Lima
377 kph 4: The Last Ride Fatima Volkova