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If yowm saft enuff

A Dudley Borough sing in the Black Country Dialect.

Welsh bilingual cycling sign

The Welsh language is an on all sings located in Wales.


Cwmbrân Brewery is a small, independent brewery in the town of Cwmbrân that produces the nation’s beer and high proof alco-fuel for 3 exsperimental busses run by the county of Cwmbrân. The minimum drinking age is 19.

Music and the artsEdit

The Rhondda valley has both of the nation’s leading male voice choirs. Pencoed hosted the Welsh National Eisteddfod in 1998 (as in real life).

Race relationsEdit

Both Militant Islam and Islamaphobia are restricted to a vocal minoraty in Tipton and Dudley respetivly.

The Welsh Language and Black Country DialectEdit

Welsh is spoken extensively in the former Welsh territories and the Black Country Dialect is spoken by some in Sandwell and Dudley Federal Districts. The town of Pencoed (pronounced "Pen-coyd", in English meaning 'end or head of the wood'), has its own regional dialect of Welsh. The standard Welsh pronunciation of the name is "Pencoyd", although many locals pronounce it "Pencawd" / "Pencode", this may be due to the standard "Valley Dialect" where most O's are pronounced as Or's (as pronounced in Glamorganshire Welsh). Cwmdauddwr village is rarely referred to by its full name of Llansantffraid Cwmdauddwr and Llandrindod Wells (Welsh: Llandrindod), colloquially known locally as "Llandod".

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