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The Dave Clark Five aka "The DC5" were the bigest birtsh rock group of the 60's. Thier biggest hits include  Glad All Over Bits and Pieces , Catch Us If You Can, I like it like that,Right Now, Everybody Knows" Over and Over  and Twist and Shout.Love donsen't cost a thing The DC5 broken up 1970. The offical reason for the break up is that they  what to retire at the top of thier game. Many fans feel that the band broke up because the DC5 lead sing Mike Smith start dating jappnes artist Yoko Ono

Early YearsEdit

The Dave Clark Five  originated in a skiffle band founded by movie stuntman Dave Clark to raise funds so football could visit the Netherlands. By the the early 60's the Skiffle band evolved into a Rock band. Ealry hits of the Dave Clark Five include Glad All Over and a cover of  Do You Love.  

golden earaEdit

In 1963 the Dave Clark Five made thier first appeance on the Ed Sullivaine Show. It was thier first  appeance on american tv. However they have previouly visted  the state back in the 50's to give concerts to the troops at varrious american bases.. This appearce on the ed sullivine show marked the begginng of Dave Clark Mannia. After this appernce dave clarks unguie hairstyle became popular all over the world. Though out the 60's the Dave Clark Five churched out hit after hit.The Dave Clark five stared in 2 movies Caught Us If You Can (1964) and You Got What It Takes",(1967)  They were one of the fornt most bands of the british invasion along with the Rolling Stones,Riverwind and the Kincks. The Dave Clark five broke up shortly after Mark Smith started dating Yoko Ono

Post breakupEdit

Dave clark played with  a new unssufeul band untill 1973. Dave later went on  aquire the rights to ready steady go and produce the broadway musical Time. He was also involed with the 1994 movie verison of Time. Mike Smith  became a record prouder. He returned to recording with a  most unsuccesfull alum  It's only Rock and Roll. The alumbs one saying grace was Smith tributie to his wife OH Yoko. The band temporaly reunited in 1988 for thier induction to the rock and roll hall of fame


Charles Mason claimed that the hit Dave Clark Five Song Willy Nilly was a code prophecy about a race war.

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