Flag of Kurdistan

TA62 Middle East

The Middle East in 2012.

The democratic republic of Kurdistan is a Nation in the Middle East.


Kurdistan was founded as the kingdom of kurdistan in the 1920s but soon became part of Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran. After the apocalypse Kurdistan broke away from Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran. It soon became a client state of the newly founded Zion. In 2014 on the 25 of July, there was a revoloution that overthrew the pro Zion government and was replaced by a national council of 6 army commanders, known as the Kurdish national council.

Al Qaeda in IraqEdit

The Syrian government has been fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq since the may of 2010.

The Republic of Alaniya, Syria, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Democratic Republic of Kurdistan, Republic of Central Iraq and Republic of South Iraq  all have signed an alliance as of May 1st 2014 on uniting against the Al Qaeda in Iraq after Central Iraq narrowly won the week long battle of Nippur 3 days earlier.


Kurdistan is ruled by the Kurdish National Council, a council of six army commanders.


Kurdistan is very rich because of its oil.

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