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In this version of the world, the counties of Worcestershire, Herefordshire, the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley and the Metropolitan Borough of Sandwell became disgruntled and declared UDI from the UK in 1995. Part of Wales and Shropshire then joined what would be later known as The Federal Republic of Greater Herefordshire and Worcestershire (AKA- Herefordshire and Worcestershire, The Federation of Mercia-Morgannwg, The Federation of Mercia-Glamorgan, the Anglo-Welsh federation or The Federal Republic) .

It has a chequered multi-political and multi-cultural background that has led to the creation of 9 rival names, 3 rival mottos, 3 rival anthems, 8 rival flags, a rival coats of arms and a rival logo. All are used domestically, but only the official ones (in bold text) are used abroad.

The nation's nameEdit

  1. The Federal Republic of Greater Herefordshire and Worcestershire (as of circa 2000).
  2. The Federal Republic of Herefordshire and Worcestershire (offical untill the union with the Welsh SSR in 1997).
  3. The Federal Republic of Mercia (as of circa 2007).
  4. Herefordshire and Worcestershire.
  5. Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Morgannwg.
  6. Mercia and Morgannwg
  7. The Federation of Mercia-Morgannwg (not offical after circa 2000).
  8. The Federation of Mercia-Glamorgan (not offical after circa 2000).
  9. the Anglo-Welsh federation or The Federal Republic (not offical after circa 2000).
  10. The Federal Republic (the shortened form).


  1. For Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Wales and freedom!
  2. A Ddioddefws A Orfu (Welsh:He Who suffered, conquered).
  3. Cymru am Byth (English: Wales Forever)!
  4. Smethwick will never fall!
  5. Life begins in Ludlow.


  1. The Hereford cow stamped on the Union Jack.
  2. Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau (English:Land of My Fathers).
  3. I love Wednesbury and Pleck.
  4. The Anthem of the Federal Republic.
  5. Worcester, it's hot stuff!


Emblems, coats of arms, insignia, motiefs, badges and logosEdit

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