The Federation of Indiana and Illnois is an Danvile s based survivor state. It is one of the poorst nations in the American alliance

History Edit


Indani got hit hard on doomsday.It lost Indianapolis, South Bend Bunker hill airfoce base the indaina mutions plant evansvile and gary. (The gary bomb only leaked radtion , Illonis got off lighter. Most of the bombs in illonis failed to denoted. only the one taraing Rockford the rock island arsenal and a few on the out skirts of chigo went blew up.

Post doomsdayy

States Edit


captial largest citty spring field


captial largst city fort wayne


caprial and largest city muniche

federa; distist

Captial Danvile


capital urbana largestcity champagin

wahsbas captial blomington

Economy Edit

The eccomny is most agracultaure. The main agricultural staple is corn. pmupkin wheat dary and soy and pork are also big crops. There are is some industry like , a steel mill and glass facoties in munice and breweries and magnet wire facites. Indania Illonis also has an excentl bio fuel industy In the past the federation has been the target of investment by companies I based in ohio and pensyvania.

Sport Edit

The national Sport is Basketball Edit

International relationships Edit

Indiana Illonis has is a meamber of the American Allanice. They have poor realtions with michagan do to michagan conquering land that they claim. There claims over west and south illonis led to frosty realtions with forogtioan and st louis

Poltics Edit

Indaina Illonis is a federal republic. . The two main parites are center right federalist and the center left progess

Recently, unification with the rest of the American Alliance has become a hot topic of debate.Edit

Ecllticity Edit

Ecltrity was restored in 1996

Public Transportation Edit



Constion of the Federal Railroad began in 1988 and end in 2010


only 2% of Indiana illonis citzens own cars but the naiton has a helathy networ of taxi and bus compaies

Media Edit

Radio returned in 1995. The national newspaper is the federal hearld

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