Middle Eastern Crisis

The Middle East in 2012.

The Free republic of Taberestan is a nation in the southern caspian region.



Flag of tabarestan.

Taberestan was once just a region in Iran.

After the revaloution-

In 1968 due to the failing Iranian government, Mohammad Rasoul Gilani founded the free Taberestan army. It won a lot of support from the people. The army sieged many towns and the important city of Rasht. The iraninan army reacted by staging attacks on The region and soon the bloody Taberestan war began. The war ended in 1969 with the free Taberestan army winning and declaring the Free Republic of Taberestan.

Head of stateEdit

The current president is Hassan Gilani, Mohammad rasoul Gilanis son. He was elected in 2011.


They have good diplomatic relations with Jordan and the moderate states in the former Iraq. They have strong relations with the USA.


A weeklynews pamphlet has been in circulation since 1989. It has a local FM radio station that broadcasts for 2 hours a day since 1990.

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