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Fyodora Velinina
Timeline: History of Margovya

Velinina in 2012

32nd Education Minister of the Republic of Margovya
11 October 2011 – 8 April 2013

Predecessor: Ruma Sikhovich
Successor: Lev Arigov
President: Gennady Elemat (2011-2013)

Viktoriya Vegova (2013)

26th Budget Minister of Margovya
8 November 1996 – 8 November 2000

Predecessor: Mstislav Rumanov
Successor: Andrey Markovsky
President: Susana Bulshitova (1996-1999)

Ruma Dumayev (2000)

Representative of the Province of Bonjoaya
6 October 1993 – 8 November 1996

President: Susana Bulshitova
Birth: Fyodora Artyomovna Velinina
23 July 1961
Formosov (now Velininsk), Bonjoaya, Margovya
Death: 8 April 2013 (aged 51)
Agrovich, Ikulsk, Margovya
Spouse: Andrey Yulianovich Markovsky (m. 2009-2013, her death)
Political party: Margovyan Distinct Party of Activists
Religion: Roman Catholic
Profession: Actress, comedienne, politician

Fyodora Artyomovna Velinina (Margovyan: Teodora Artemia de Belen, Russian: Фёдора Артёмовна Велинина, July 23, 1961 - April 8, 2013) was a Margovyan actress, comedienne, and politician. She served as the 32nd Education Minister of Margovya from 2011 until 2013, when she was assassinated by political terrorists during their campaign against the newly elected government of then-President Viktoriya Vegova.

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