The  republic of Gabon is a state in Central African. It is a founding member the Central African Regional Organization of Military and Economic Cooperation (CAROMEC)



President M,ba try to use doomsday as exuse to  consoldite more power.  When  M'ba disovled palriment and  named him self sumpreme  leader in novamber   1962  he made alot of  people angry. Thus  in June 1963 he was overthorwn by a pro democary coup. After a  over a year of provisnal govement a new paltiary consiton was passed and ectlionwere held in december 19t 1962 Jean Aubame became prime minster

the Aubame eara..Edit

the sitation in Gabon was quite shaky in 1964. Thier were food shortages due to   lose of trade. Some isolated comminites were taken over by  warlords. Thier  was alsogrowing unrest between  the different eithic groups of gabon. pluse thier was a small population of european  regues who were unwelcomed by the natives Fornatley Prime minister Aubame manged to keep things form falling apart.During the first  part of his reign Aubame passed aguriculure reforms that  did much to  imporve food sequity. Aubame mange to promote harmony in gabon by making charsamitic speaches  that engourges embrancing the things that all gaboness share, respecting  cultural subgoups, and working togetor to achieve a birghter tommorow. All the land Gabon lost to warlords was regained by 1976 though a mixture of dimppolany and  millitary intervetion. duering the 60 and 70's thier a few  roits by eureoapn refuges who felt that they were  mistreated by the Aubame goverment. However Aubame storve hard to treated the eurpeans farily  even  he didn't like europeans because of the terrabile things they did during colinzation. He  tried to stop all roits with minuim voilince and  and  pushinshed all govement officals who had ihumanly treated eurpean refuges. Aubame start an a slightly ambitous induslation program.This prormgram was a modest succes because Aubame gave intives to educated eurpeans to use thier knowgale to with the industaltion. In 1978 Gabon became a fonding meamber of  the Central African Regional Organization of Military and Economic CooperationAubame Retired in 1983

Post Aubame EraEdit

After Aubame retire the  Gaboness social democrtic union's power and puplarity started  to wane to wane a modest bit. the new prime minsiter  had to deal with a small fincall criss starting in 1985.He also  more anti european  and didn't value the  aid that eurpeans gave to eccomic devement programs. This help fed the  eccomic crisis and cause the gabones socal democratic union to lose the modest support they had among the the european commuity. These factors  in combation with a charmist oppisation leader lead to the catholic democarts winiing the ecletion of 1988

Eara of the Catholic Democratis.Edit

The recession end in late 1989. The  calothic democracts were a bit more fiscally consertive then the Gaboness socail democratic Union but they still gave deceant funding to welfare programs.The caltholic democart were espeealy known for supporting culutoral and commuinty programs.The  catholic democarts pursed  close ties with the nationes  south america.The Gaboness  Socail Democartic Union nealy returned to power .in 1996 but the cathlic democart made a colation with the new repulic front. In 1997 Gabon help found the Central African Regional Organization of Millitry and economic cooperation (CAROMEC)

Eara of the New Reuplic Front

The catholic democarts took a modertate during the  ecletion of 2000 because seraval of the parties imporant meambers wound up in the middle of sandels.Thus the New democart front manged to become  the majority party in parliment and were able to form a goverment without the need for a collation with the calthic democarts. The goverment of the New Republic front was marked by mass privaztion and  goverment spending cuts..


By the 2012 there were signs of  most of the  wleath of Gabon's eccomney starting to become concentrated among  the top 5 rich percent of  Gabon. This  hurt the New Republic fornts pouplarity engought so that the Gaboness Socail Democratic union and the Catholic Democarts were able to  form a colation that was just barley able to defeat the New Republic front in the ecletion of 2012. In 2013 Gabon and the rest of Caromec declared war on the Centeral Afican Republic..


Gabon is a parlmetary democary. eceltions are held eyvery 4. Their are 3 major parites in Gabon.

they are the Gaboness Union of Socailism and Democary , The Calthic Democarts and the The New Repblicic Front

Gaboness Union of Socalism and DemocaryEdit

The Gaboness union of socalsim and democary is a center Left socail demcory party. They push a pan afican idenity but allow all people to exerise  cutural attomnty. They  have a negtive view of the french colianal ruel but they treated french  and other eurpean refuges fairly in exchange for skilled french  assiting in goverment industltion project

Catholic Demmocrats Edit

The caltic Democrats are a centerist party. They are anti gay marrige  and abortion and support  relgous fundemental in education,and strong committees. they also suport the welfare state to a degree.

The New Republic FrontEdit

the new republican are a center right party tthat broke off of the cathlic democrat 1986. they are a  anti gay marragi and abortion and  supports tax cuts and privations


Gabon has  a millatry of about  7 thousand soliders. The army is mainly made of voulterers but there is a draff in place.


In the years idementily after the ecoomny of gabon was mainly focused on argaculture.The oil inusty was restared in late 1968. A year latter the govement felt that things had started to stablized so they start a major push to divestiy the eccomny.The eccomic diverition was aided the prescese of  skilled french enginers and workers came to gabon seeking  refuge.  Today Gabon  has  a well devopled texile,chemicals Food prosscing ,cement, soap,steel making and wood products insutry.Gabon aslo has small ,shipbulding glasss, plasitc,train manufacting and pharmcutila sector.The manintin.In 2005 a brizillain comanpy  Andencs ecltrotinics opened up a radio plant near Libervile and a tv plant near Port-Gentil. A small tourism industry has  started to devople in the late 90. Most tourist comes form south nigeria  Khanissia land   Congo and south america.They main tourist acrations include cystral moutain national park  great beaches , saffairs and  fishiing spots

International RelationsEdit

Gabon is a member of the Central African Regional Organization of Millitry and economic cooperation along with Congo Bazzaravile, 5 Equatorial Cities' confederacy, and Kinshasaland They have  good relations with  Brazil, Venuzala,  South Nigeria,  and Cameroon.


The most popular sport in Gabon is football. They  co-host the 2012 African Cup of Nation with Equatorial Guinea.


Rail Work on a railway begin in 1981 with help form Brazil. The mainline  currently runs form  Libreville to Francheville. There is a project to extend the line to Brazzaville is currently  under works . a branch line breaks of  the mainline and heads south to Ndende and another branch heads north to Bitam.


Thier are not many paved roads in Gabon and they are all  in Libervile, Franchevile or Port Gentil ,

water transit.Edit

Gabon has a well devople ferry and cargo barge systyem


The  govemrnet of Gabon has made many  postive eudation polices in the 70's. pirmary shcool eduaction is complory. The Goverment haa  a stipen program that makes sure that 2/3 are of childern fhish high shccool. Thier are 3 univerivies. They are univierty of Gabon  in Libervile , Aubame univiery in   Franchevile and  Ogoogue university  in  Lamabe.


Radio Natonal Gabon runs 4 radio stations. Thier is one privite raido station in the country. Thier  over 15  newspaper published in gabon. their is no TV in Gabon but  broadcast are sheduled to begin in  2017.


Death penaltyEdit

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