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Gavrina Kumilyova
Гаврина Васильевна Кумилёва
Timeline: History of Margovya

Kumilyova in 2011

Senator of the Republic of Margovya
11 October 2005 – 7 December 2013

President: Pristina Leonova (2005-2007)

Gennady Elemat (2007-2013)
Viktoriya Vegova (2013-present)

Representative of the Province of Sta. Susana
6 April 2004 – 6 October 2005

President: Pristina Leonova
Birth: Gavrina Vasilyevna Domovich
22 July 1982 (age 35)
Yubadevsk, Sta. Susana, Margovya
Spouse: None, romantically linked to Lev Arigov
Political party: Margovyan Federalist Party
Religion: Roman Catholic
Profession: Singer, actress, former politician and football player

Gavrina Vasilyevna Kumilyova (née Domovich; Margovyan: Gabriella Basilia Camelia, Russian: Гаврина Васильевна Кумилёва, born 22 July 1982) is a Margovyan singer-actress and former politician and football player. She is a former senator, former Representative of her hometown, Sta. Susana, and is currently the vocalist and drummer of the band Not So Socialist.

Kumilyova also briefly played as a striker for Sta. Conrada Mujeres and notably scored the first goal in a 2-0 victory against Sta. Susana Feminina that won Sta. Conrada the inaugural Copa de las Mujeres Margovianas in 1999.


1982-1997: Early lifeEdit

Kumilyova was born on July 22, 1982, in Yubadevsk, Sta. Susana, Margovya, to Captain (now Admiral) Vasily Domovich and Anya Kumilyova as the second of three children. Her older brother Vasily Vasilyevich (b. July 11, 1979) is also a captain in the Margovyan Navy, while her young brother Abram (b. December 3, 1984) is a self-proclaimed up-and-coming "media producer". Kumilyova uses the surname of her mother as part of a condition of her parents' marriage: all sons resulting from their relationship will bear the father's surname while all daughters will bear their mother's surname.

Because her father was a naval captain, Kumilyova's family was always on the move around Margovya, meaning that she had never been settled in one single place for a long time. This came to an end when she was seven when Anya Kumilyova and Vasily Domovich decided to live separately after Gavrina had complained about always needing to move. Anya took Gavrina and Abram with her while Vasily Vasilyevich remained with his father to learn and follow in his footsteps and join the Navy.

The Kumilyovas ended up settling down in Lubovich, Sta. Conrada. Kumilyova finished her primary and secondary education with Sta. Conrada State University, where she also played for the university's varsity football team, which is affiliated to Sta. Conrada F.C., and was part of the university glee club.

1998: Svolochy ShowdownEdit

Kumilyova decided to audition for Svolochy Showdown after being encouraged by her family. She had wanted to embark on a career as a footballer but claimed that she needed to have another source of income because, according to her, "women's football in Margovya was very heavily ignored at the time when I was playing. This was a time when women and girls who wanted to play football had to work one or two or even three other jobs just so they could earn a fraction of what a low-level guy footballer would be earning in the [Margovyan] Premier League."

Kumilyova auditioned for the 1998 edition of Svolochy Showdown in Lubovich and advanced to the One Judge Judgment segment. She received a score of 9.03 from judge Yulian Markovsky, making her the tenth out of twenty-five contestants to advance to the Contestants' Play Date.

Kumilyova met fellow contestant and The Real Deal frontman Andrey Vizinsky during the Final Countdown segment of the series. Kumilyova admitted that Vizinsky began dating her right from the start of The Final Countdown, but she quickly ended their relationship after she was eliminated from the competition after she and Vizinsky performed what many people have called "the worst rendition of 'Endless Love' ever heard by man". Kumilyova felt that both she and Vizinsky should have been eliminated that night; Vizinsky eventually winning the competition was for her "adding salt to the wounds".

1999: Football careerEdit

Because Sta. Conrada State University's varsity football team was affiliated with Sta. Conrada F.C., Kumilyova was allowed to join the football club's women's division, Sta. Conrada Mujeres, after impressing in the local college league. She featured mostly for the under-21 team where she put in good performances, according to both Luis Benitez and Godofredo, who both handled the under-21s during Kumilyova's time. When Godofredo took over for Benitez as the under-21 manager in January 1999 while recovering from an operation on his ACL after an injury sustained early in the season, he took notice of Kumilyova and took her under his wing, letting her play a succession of games and recommending her to Sta. Conrada Mujeres' manager Terentiy Trofimov, with whom Godofredo played before Trofimov retired in 1998. Kumilyova would end up making five appearances off the bench for the Rosada-Verdes during the 1998-99 season.

Kumilyova made her first and only start for Sta. Conrada Mujeres in the final of the inaugural Copa de las Mujeres Margovianas in 1999; she scored the opener and assisted Dmitriya Shevchova in an eventual 2-0 triumph over Sta. Susana Femenina.

2000-01: Not So Socialist and Revenge Is the AnswerEdit

Gavrina performing

Kumilyova performing "Price of Beauty" with Not So Socialist in 2010

Despite finishing only as a Top 16 contestant in Svolochy Showdown, Tidzhomov Music Records nevertheless decided to sign Kumilyova to a four-year contract in 2000, alongside Svolochy Showdown 1999 Grand Winner Tanya Kalinina. After recording songs together for the label's New Millennium Special with fellow Tidzhomov talent Maria Atolova, the three of them became friends and decided to form a band, which they eventually called Not So Socialist. Kumilyova started out as the drummer for the band alongside her vocalist duties, but after rapper and actor Lev Arigov joined the band in 2002 and took over drum duties from her, Kumilyova is now more often seen as a backup guitarist and sometimes even a bassist.

Kumilyova first attracted notice as an actress when she signed on to play a minor role in the film Revenge is the Answer, which is about the events surrounding the 1994 Arbatskaya State University shooting and its perpetrator, Timofey Ulyanov. In the movie, she plays a girl named Yelena who meets and falls in love with Ulyanov (played by Kumilyova's future Not So Socialist band mate Lev Arigov) after he had committed the shooting. Kumilyova would end up reprising the role in the film's fictionalized sequels Freedom is the Key and Truth is the Savior.

2002-04: Three Girls and A Criminal's ConfessionEdit

Kumilyova and the rest of Not So Socialist became involved in controversy when the special edition of their album The Promiscuous Album was released. The cover of said special edition showed the four members of the band naked behind the letters of the album title. Kumilyova declined to comment on the whole matter, even when it appeared that bandmate Tanya Kalinina supposedly admitted that they were wearing underwear during the photoshoot for the cover, underwear which was subsequently edited out in post.

Kumilyova has served as vocalist for a number of Not So Socialist songs, in following with their personal code of "let everyone sing lead vocals once in a while". Some of the songs that she fronted for Not So Socialist are "Red Shirt, Golden Cannon", "I Burnt Myself on You", "Price of Beauty", "Baby, When You're Ready" and "Lean on Me".

Acting careerEdit

Political careerEdit



Year Title Role Notes
2001 Revenge is the Answer Yelena Ignatiyeva First motion picture project; brief cameo appearance
2003 A Criminal's Confession Carla Anderson Breakout film role
2004 The Interceptors: Movie IV! Maria Antayova
One Plus One Equals Six Raisa Markova
2005 Long Range 3: On the Shining Path Yelizaveta Ruanova
2006 Mr Batalyanov, I Presume Oksana Batalyanova
Freedom is the Key Yelena Ignatiyeva Nominated "Best Actress", 2006 Ciudad del Celebridad Film Festival
2007 Crazy Dancin' 3: Next Generation Marina Gobrovskaya
2009 Three Queens Selina Normalova
2010 We Have to Survive: The Yefrem Dragunov Story Staff Sergeant Yelena Masakova
Love In All Its Forms Faye Brett
2011 Truth is the Savior Yelena Ignatiyeva
The Winning Man Marina Tarova
What Happened in Kherson? Maggie Target
Long Range 5: Uprising Elisa Ruano
2012 Flight 4892 Fatima Ilgamova
Three Girls: In Deep Sh*t Selina Normalova Nominated "Best Female Sidekick", 2012 Comedy Movie Awards
The Interceptors: The Roaring Twenties Alexandra Agrigento
2013 Escape From Muluwheyo Cara Mason
The Old Squad Zarya Rumanova
Vegetables on a Wedding Maria Farukova
2014 An Improbable Love Alex
2015 377 kph 2: Retaliation Yordana "Sexy Joe" Gregoriyevskaya
Three Agents Selina Normalova Cameo appearance
2016 377 kph 3: End of the Road Yordana Grigoriyevskaya
Baseball Is Dead, Long Live Baseball Alice Tyler
The Greatest Team There Never Was Herself


Year(s) Title Role Notes
2001-2004; 2017 Three Girls Selina Normalova Main role
2002 Singer Siblings Markunda Heatherfield Season 2, Episode 2 ("Exesisov")
2005-2007 Mildly Poisonous Anna Bukaterova Main role
2007-2009 Mystical Galina Vormanina Recurring role (Seasons 2-4)
2009-2015 Top Gear Margovya Herself Presenter (Series 1-13)
2011-Present The Living and the Dead Alana Boyd Main role
2012 The Interceptors (2008) Yelena Anikova Season 5, Episodes 3 & 8 ("Nitroglycerin" & "So Be It")
2013 There's the Way, Where's the Will? Herself Season 1, Episode 2 ("Back Off, Selena Gomez"); Season 2, Episode 10 ("Like Mother, Like Son")
2014-Present Arigov & Kumilyova Tonight Herself Host
2015-Present ¿Fue algo que dije? Team captain Spinoff of the British panel show Was It Something I Said?
2018 The Intruders Gabriella Monforte


Svolochy Showdown (1998)Edit

Episode Theme Song choice Original artist Order Result
Audition Auditioner's Choice I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor N/A Advanced
One Judge Judgment Contestant's Choice Wannabe Spice Girls 50 Advanced (9.03)
Contestants' Play Date Coach's Choice Hit Me With Your Best Shot Pat Benatar N/A Passed
Top 20 Personal Choice Eternal Flame Bangles 18 Safe
Top 19 Personal Choice
Bottom 2
Words Get in the Way
You Oughtta Know
Gloria Estefan
Alanis Morisette
Top 18 Same artist as previous performance
Bottom 2
Let Me Go
Gloria Estefan
The Margovyan Oldies
Top 17 Songs from TV series I'll Be There For You, from the 1994 sitcom Friends The Rembrandts 6 Safe
Top 16 Special Duet Edition
Bottom 2
Endless Love (with Andrey Vizinsky)
Total Eclipse of the Heart
Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross
Bonnie Tyler

Solo albumsEdit

  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! (2001)
  • When the Sun Shines Down On Us (2005)
  • Landing (2009)
  • Only Once (2012)
  • Queen of Hearts (2017)

With Not So SocialistEdit

  • Not So Socialist (2001)
  • The Promiscuous Album (2002)
  • 2 (2003)
  • Falling Leaves (2005)
  • Product Misplacement (2009)
  • The Burberrys (2012)
  • Prisoners of Presumption (2014)
  • Victoria Concordia Crescit (2017)