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Genrikh Dmitriyevich Antonov
Генрих Дмитриевич Антонов
Timeline: History of Margovya

Antonov on 2001

18th President of the Republic of Margovya
6 April 2001 – 6 April 2004

Predecessor: Ruma Dumayev
Successor: Pristina Leonova
Vice President: Pristina Leonova

Senator of the Republic of Margovya
6 October 1981 – 6 October 1999

President: Vladislav Sikhovich (1981-1983)

Susana Bulshitova (1983-1986; 1992-1999)
Baba Filitov (1986-1992)

Birth: 12 October 1948 (age 68)
QuintinDelPan Flag Latinovich, Quintin del Pan, Margovya
Spouse: Yuliya Nikolayevna Rondayeva
Political party: Socialist Party of Margovya
Religion: Roman Catholic
Profession: politician

Genrikh Dmitriyevich Antonov (Margovyan: Enrique Demetrio Antonio, Russian: Генрих Дмитриевич Антонов, born 12 October 1948) is a Margovyan Politician. He was a former President of the state, a former Senator, and son of former President Dmitri Antonov. He was recorded the only person to have served six full terms as senator.

Antonov won the March 5, 2001 presidential elections, and was sworn in as the 18th president of Margovya on April 6, 2001. After serving a full term as president, he was succeeded by his Vice President, Pristina Leonova.

Aside from his political career, Antonov was also notable for his roles in numerous films during the second half of the twentieth century, particularly sex-centered or pornographic films. On 1979, he was given the title "King of Margovyan Pornography", after his performance in the film PCB (1979). He was also best known for the films where he starred alongside Conrada Cortesova, such as Vegetables on a Wedding (1976), PCB (1979), Stay My Baby (1979), Sixteen Inches Long (1981). Penis Attack (1982), We Can't Stop (1982), and Wrecking Ball (1983).

Birth and early lifeEdit

Genrikh Antonov was born in Latinovich, Quintin del Pan, Margovya on October 12, 1948 to former President Dmitri Antonov (March 17, 1912-January 24, 1970), and former Povida Governor Juana Queruva (July 1, 1919-August 23, 1968). Antonov had ten siblings: three elder brothers: 1960's rock legend Anton Antonov (b. 1937), Gregoriy (1939-1977), and Ravil (b. 1941); two elder sisters: Kseniya (b. 1943), former Quintin del Pan Governor Maria Antonova (1946-2012); four younger brothers: former Sta. Conrada Mayor Marvik Antonov (b. 1949), Lev (b. 1954), Gavril (b. 1957), and Andrey (b. 1960); and one younger sister: former Latinovich Mayor Svetlana Antonova (b. 1968).

Antonov attended college in Quintin del Pan state university, where he took political science as his course, having graduated on 1971. After two years, he pursued his law degree, and graduated on 1978.

Political careerEdit

Senator (1981-99)Edit

After graduating from law on 1978, Antonov decided to follow his parents' and sister's footsteps and entered politics. He ran for the September 4, 1978 senatorial elections, but ended up on the sixteenth spot (only fifteen senators are elected per election). However, Antonov tried the senate again on September 7, 1981, where he finished in second, trailing behind former president Susana Bulshitova.

Antonov spent the next eighteen years on the senate, writing laws, while running for National Elections on 1983, 1986 and 1989 (Vice President, Vice President, President, respectively) but consistently losing. On 1992, he didn't run for any higher position, as the rivalry between the MFP was growing, and he didn't want to meddle. However, on April 11, 1992, he was one of the thirty senators who witnessed the inauguration of the Pink Hellish Senate.

During the Pink Hellish Senate, Antonov continued making and co-creating orders and laws. On October 11, 1996, Antonov competed against Senate President Conrada Cortesova on the majority conclave, but lost with a score of 9 against Cortesova's 20. One senator was absent, Senator Iosef Dimakulanov. After losing against Cortesova, Antonov spent his sixth and last term presenting complaints against Cortesova, but most politicians and political analysts stated that Antonov was "going crazy", which was, according to them, the reason why he lost in the 1998 Presidential Elections against President Susana Bulshitova, and, finally, why he placed twenty-sixth on the 1999 Senatorial Elections.

Post-senatorship and pre-presidency (1999-2001)Edit

On January 2, 2000, after the inauguration of his political critic and opponent Ruma Dumayev, Antonov spoke on the Ustin Biyebrov Live! talk show, giving negative comments about the impeachment of both Bulshitova and Cortesova, which occurred after he had left office as senator. This gave way for his candidacy on the 2001 presidential elections.

Antonov won the elections on March 5, 2001 against President Dumayev with a total vote of 11,096,402, winning with a large margin over Dumayev's 5,091,068. On April 6, 2001, Antonov was sworn in as the eighteenth president of the Republic of Margovya.

Presidency (2001-04)Edit

Post-Presidency (2004-present)Edit

Acting CareerEdit

Personal LifeEdit



Year Title Role Notes
1956 Fifty Years Younger Lavrenty Malenkov (5 year-old) First motion picture project
1960 School in the Middle Kiril Maryanov
1961 Puberty Marko Koslanov
School in the Middle 2: Revenge of the High-Low Gang Kiril Maryanov
1962 The Apocalypse Iosef Rabatsky
1963 Love Means Sex Simon Barbarov
1965 Charity Cans Marvik Alekseyevsky
4:42 Marko Labradov
1966 Kissing in the Rain Lavrenty Gagov
Mask of Time Lev Marinov
School in the Middle 3: Five Years Later Kiril Maryanov
Mr. Batalyanov, I Presume Kiril Dzhuskumov
1967 Good Thing It Wasn't My Ex Anton Poloviov
Made in Argentina Julio Garcia
Beautiful Night Iosef Markovsky
1968 Gorgeous Simon Balkonovich
1969 Sex in Mind X Boyfriend # 10 "Marko"
Cucumber and Cabbage Oleg Markovich
Come Back and Let Love Happen Aleksei Garobov
Whisper Carelessly Mikhail Mendayov
1970 Sixty-Nine Ways to Achieve a Good Erection Pavel Kirilov
Raining on the Bed Marko Lukorev
1971 Love You Like a Private Part Simon Lukorev
Time Check Ravil Gaganovsky
PMS Aleksei Tantalonev
1972 Bullsh*t Leonid Markovich
Martial Arts Fernan Markovsky
1973 Disco Ball Genrikh Pankavuranov
It's in a Hole Yulian Brobashev
The Breakfast Combo Leonid Rambuv
1974 69 Minutes or More Lavrenty Gaganovsky
Erection Going On Yakov "Jack Ole" Ulyanov
1975 Vulva-rama Rurik Lamdovich
Confessions of a Sex-Obsessed Doctor Dr. Ismail Olanov Won "Best Adult Film Actor", 1975 Honorary Awards For Movies
1976 Vegetables on a Wedding Lavrenty Fedorenko Won "Best Actor", 1st Margovyan Adult Film Awards
1977 Cum For Me Aleksei Gagovy
Taste My Junk Kiril Payumov Won "Best Actor", 2nd Margovyan Adult Film Awards
1978 Libertadores Iosef Arbatsky
I Wanna Taste the *ss of Somebody Kiril Yakovich
Three Kings Leonid Ilgamov Won "Best Actor", 3rd Margovyan Adult Film Awards
1979 PCB Martin Ravilovsky Hailed "King of Margovyan Pornography"
Gangsters Ruslan Dimakulanov
Stay My Baby Oleg Markovsky Won "Best Actor", 4th Margovyan Adult Film Awards
1980 The Ball Boris Frapov
Three Kings and a Big Bag of Eggs Leonid Ilgamov
  • Won "Best Comedy Actor", 1980 Honorary Awards For Movies
  • Won "Best Adult Film Actor", 1980 Honorary Awards For Movies
  • Won "Best Actor", 5th Margovyan Adult Film Awards
  • Nominated "Best Actor Under Adult Film", 53rd Academy Awards
1981 PCB: Tighter and Harder Martin Ravilovsky
Three Kings: The Final Strike Leonid Ilgamov Won "Best Actor Under Action", 1981 Latin-American Film Festival
Sex in Mind XXII: Final Taste of Cum Boyfriend # 10 "Marko"
Sixteen Inches Long Abram Gagov Nominated "Worst Actor", 1981 Margovyan Golden Raspberry Awards
Making Love at a Wrong Place, in a Wrong Time, with a Wrong Person Leonid Brezhnev
  • Won "Best Film Comeback", 1981 Honorary Awards For Movies
  • Won "Best Actor", 1981 Honorary Awards For Movies
  • Won "Best Actor", 6th Margovyan Adult Film Awards
  • Nominated "Best Actor Under Adult Film", 54th Academy Awards
1982 Bedroom Bonanza Aleksei Kumlidov
Make Me an Erection Vladislav Garbovich
Can't Be Tamed Vasily Domovich
Penis Attack Yefrem Andropov
We Can't Stop Faddey Markovsky
  • Won "Best Actor", 1982 Honorary Awards For Movies
  • Won "Best Actor", 7th Margovyan Adult Film Awards
  • Won "Best Actor Under Adult Film", 55th Academy Awards
1983 See Me, Feel Me Marvik Tidzhomov
Wrecking Ball Faddey Markovsky Won "Best Actor", 8th Margovyan Adult Film Awards
1984 Bed of Cum Denis Sorbariyev
PCB: Ten Times the Solder Martin Ravilovsky Won "Best Actor", 9th Margovyan Adult Film Awards
1985 Hands Up Kiril Ulyanov
Bold Font Andrey Maryanov
Eighty-Five Oleg Ravilovsky
  • Won "Best Comedy Actor", 1985 Honorary Awards For Movies
  • Won "Best Pornographic Actor", 1985 Honorary Awards For Movies
  • Won "Best Actor", 10th Margovyan Adult Film Awards
  • Nominated "Best Actor", 58th Academy Awards
1986 Over My Severed Penis None (director) First film ever directed
When It All Goes Down Andrey Markovsky Won "Best Actor", 11th Margovyan Adult Film Awards
1987 Take My Organ Andrey Gaganovsky
Karlovskaya None (director)
Smuggled Contraceptives Vyacheslav Glamovich; director
  • Won "Best Director", 1987 Honorary Awards For Movies
  • Won "Best Actor Under Pornography", 1987 Honorary Awards For Movies
  • Won "Best Actor Under Comedy". 1987 Honorary Awards For Movies
  • Won "Best Director", 12th Ciudad del Celebridad Film Festival
  • Won "Best Actor", 12th Ciudad del Celebridad Film Festival
  • Won "Best Actor", 12th Margovyan Adult Film Awards
  • Won "Best Director", 12th Margovyan Adult Film Awards
  • Won "Best Actor", 1987 Latin-American Film Festival
  • Won "Best Actor", 60th Academy Awards
  • Nominated "Best Director", 60th Academy Awards
1988 Text Message Gavril Olanov
Karlovskaya 2 None (director)
Great Flaming Balls Ruma Cantotuv
One in a Million Kiril Parovsky Won "Best Actor", 13th Margovyan Adult Film Awards
1989 Sadomasochistic Business Mistislav Subokov Won "Best Actor", 14th Margovyan Adult Film Awards
Crown of Penis None Character reference (played by Konrad Kortesov
Long Range Logan Jimenez
1990 Blow Jab Maksim Maryanov Won "Best Supporting Actor", 15th Margovyan Adult Film Festival
1990 I'm a Rapist Marko Halayanovich
  • Won "Best Actor", 1990 Honorary Awards For Movies
  • Won "Best Actor", 15th Ciudad del Celebridad Film Festival
  • Won "Best Actor", 15th Margovyan Adult Film Awards
  • Won "Best Actor", 1990 Comedy Awards
  • Won "Best Actor", 1990 Latin-American Film Festival
  • Nominated "Best Actor", 63rd Academy Awards
1992 Keep It Down Maksim Markovsky
  • Won "Best Comeback", 1992 Honorary Awards For Movies
  • Won "Best Actor", 1992 Honorary Awards For Movies
  • Won "Best Film Comeback", 17th Margovyan Adult Film Awards
  • Won "Best Actor", 17th Margovyan Adult Film Awards
  • Nominated "Best Actor", 65th Academy Awards
1998 27 Ilya Lesenko
1999 Great Flaming Balls 2 Ruma Cantotuv
2001 Karageorgiyev: The Movie Ruma Denisovsky/"Macarios"
2002 Long Range 2: The Incan's Revenge Logan Jimenez
2010 We Have to Survive: The Yefrem Dragunov Story Lieutenant Colonel Maksim Politovsky
2011 The Carthaginian Hannibal Senkov
2013 Lunokhod Ruslan Gavrilovsky
2014 The Interceptors: No Place for Heroes Gennady Talnaev
2016 The Informers Konrad Deresser
2017 The Interceptors: Philippine Civil War Tito Sotto

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