German Olafovich Orfanov
Timeline: History of Margovya
Birth: 14 March 1968 (age 49)
Greendrop, New Marginalia, Margovya
Spouse: Antonina Kedrovna Petrova (m. 1999-present)
Religion: Russian Orthodox
Profession: Producer, writer, director

German Orfanov (born March 14, 1968) is a Margovyan television producer and writer most famous for helming the 2008 iteration of Interceptors.

Early lifeEdit

he came to live in England in 1972 with Olaf (father) Maria (Mother). in search of a better life, a year later he attended school in London were he learned English. and began to develop an interest in television at age ten in 1984 he left school as a leaving present his parents bought him a ZX spectrum which he used to right a screenplay which he entered a competition and won.

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