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Republic of Greater Zion
הרפובליקה של ציון גדול
Timeline: 1962: The Apocalypse

OTL equivalent: OTL Israel, 90% of the Sinai Peninsula, about 60% of Lebanon and about 10% of Syria.
Flag of Israel TA 62 Coat of arms of Greater Zion
TA62 Middle East
The Republic of Greater Zion is in the darkest blue.

קדימה לציון! (Hebrew)
("Forward to Zion!")

Anthem: "Hatikvah (The Hope; הַתִּקְוָה)"
Capital: West Jerusalem
Largest city: Tel Aviv-Jaffa
Other cities: Tyer, Beirut, Haifa, Gaza, East Jerusalem, Ashdod, Ashkelon and Damascus.
Hebrew and Arabic
  others: Kurdish
Jewish and Sunni Islam.
  others: Syrian and Melkite/Melchite, Orthodox and Maronite Christianity
Ethnic groups:
Jews, Palestinian Arabs and Syrian Arabs
  others: Kurds and Lebanese Arabs
Type of government: Partial democracy
  government: Knesset
Prime minister:
Population: 17,500,000 
Established: 1963
Independence: 1963
Currency: Shekel
Time zone: GMT +2
  summer: No
Organizations: Several bilateral treaties, of a close nature with Greece, Kurdistan and Cyprus.
% Literacy: 99.95%
Number of military personnel: 358,545


Greater Zion is a religious minded semi-democratic parliamentary state in the Middle East.



Targets in IsraelEdit

  1. Ben Gurion International Airport (Hebrew: נְמַל הַתְּעוּפָה בֵּן גּוּרְיוֹן‎, Nemal HaTe'ūfa Ben Gurion, Arabic: مَطَار بِن غُورْيُون أَلدُّوَلِيّ‎ Maṭār Bin Ghūrīūn ad-Duwaliyy) civil airport- 1x 15kt (did not go off) and 1x 1kt.
  2. Ben Gurion International Airport (Hebrew: נְמַל הַתְּעוּפָה בֵּן גּוּרְיוֹן‎, Nemal HaTe'ūfa Ben Gurion, Arabic: مَطَار بِن غُورْيُون أَلدُّوَلِيّ‎ Maṭār Bin Ghūrīūn ad-Duwaliyy) airforce base- 1x 15kt (did not go off).
  3. Haifa (Hebrew: חֵיפָה Heifa , Hebrew pronunciation: [χeiˈfa]; Arabic: حيفا‎ Ḥayfā ) Naval base- 1x 15kt (did not go off).
  4. Haifa civil port- 1x 15Kt (did not go off) and 1x 1kt.
  5. The Knesset- 1x 1kt (did not go off).
  6. Ein Shemer Airfield- 1x 15kt (did not go off).
  7. Tel Aviv city center- 1x 15kt (did not go off).
  8. Tel Nof Air Base- 1x 15kt (did not go off).


  1. Damascus 1x 15Kt (did not go off) 
  2. Damascus airport 1x 1Kt 
  3. Latakia 1x 15kt (did not go off)
  4. Latakia port 1x 15kt
  5. Tartus 1x 15kt (did not go off)
  6. Tartus port 1x 15kt
  7. Tartus navy base 1x 15kt
  8. Aleppo 1x 15Kt (did not go off)

After DoomsdayEdit

Zionism takes offEdit


The rise and fall of P.L.O.-Fatah, the P.F.L.P. and of the P.F.L.P.-G.C.Edit

First ContactEdit

This was with Lebanon in earrly 1964.


1970 The Avivim school bus massacreEdit

The Maronite Christian rebellion in LebanonEdit

Helping the Syrian and Melkite/Melchite churchEdit


The war with eastern LebanonEdit

Help from the Druze militia menEdit

The rise and fall of HezbollahEdit



The 2006-2007 war with SyriaEdit

Present dayEdit

The rise and fall of HamasEdit

2014 Muslim riotsEdit

Majority muslim cities in Greater Zion like Beirut, Rafah, El-Arīsh, the remnant part of Tartus, the remnant part of Latakia, Aleppo, Damascus, Sidon, Tyre, Baalbek, Gaza City, Acre and Nazareth are breaking out in riots, in fact it gets so serious they need help from allies and they even need tanks. Raffa's municipal leader Mayor Sa'ad Zoarub was a leading figure in the protest movement.


The KnessetEdit

The covert Beirut Resistance Council election of 2012Edit

The Amal Movement (or Hope Movement in English, Arabic: حركة أمل‎ Ḥarakat ʾAmal) got 30% of the vote and


The United Republic of Ohio, Jordan, Cyprus, Kurdistan, Albania, Al Kufra and Greece are Zion's leading trade partners. A free trade deal was made with them in 2005.


Bezeq (Hebrew: בזק‎) is the largest telecommunications group in Zion. Phone services were gradually restored between 1970 and 1975. The occupied Arab lands were added to the system between 1985 and 1995. Gaza City's phones were working in 1989, but cut off in 2002 as a security measure after a spate of car bombings in Ashdod by Gaza based Hamas militants.


Despite still limited natural resources, intensive development of the agricultural and industrial sectors over the past decades (backed up with the generous usage of slaves from the occupied Beqaa Valley) has made Zion largely self-sufficient in food production other than in grains and beef. Due to rain, hail and sleet; the coastal and mountain cities have plentiful sources of water for agriculture. Mediterranean fruits and crops are dominant, such as: peach, olives, apples, citrus, dates, grapes, vegetables, strawberry and peppers.

Coal and iron miningEdit

In 1986 Jewish and Kurdish surveyors also discovered large iron ore deposits in the vicinity of Tadmur. The city of Tadmur suffers as a major target for raids by the ex-Syria's F.S.A rebel fighters.

Oil and GasEdit

Tadmur in the former Syria at center for Syria's phosphate mining and natural gas industries. Production started in 1971.


Zion is a world leader in telecommunications equipment, medicens and pocket calculators.


Zion is a leading country in the development of solar energy, water conservation and geothermal energy.



Israel Broadcasting Authority (often referred to as the IBA; Hebrew: רָשׁוּת השׁידוּר‎, Rashùt Ha-Shidúr) is Israel's state broadcasting network. Haarutz Ha-Rishon (or "Ha-Televizia Ha-israelit" - "The Israeli Television" prior to 1992) is the national TV station. TV and Radio services were restored between 1985 and 1995.

The auntranapur David Goldstine had also created a minor Telaviv-Jaffa radio and television company called Radio-Television Telaviv-Jaffa in 2008.


  • Youth Radio- A banned Syrian Arabic service.
  • Damascus Radio- A banned Syrian Arabic service.
  • Voice of People- A banned Syrian Arabic service.
  • Voice of Free Syria- A banned Syrian Arabic service, run by the F.S.A. in Homs and Hamma. It is heard in Damascus as well.
  • Maronite life- It has general Maronite talk and cultural programming.
  • Kol Yisrael Israel Radio International broadcasts regionally in English, Italian, French, Persian, Bukhori, Yiddish, Spanish, Maghrebi Arabic, Georgian, Amharic, Tigrinya, Ladino, Hungarian, Romanian, and Russian.
  • Reshet Aleph ("Network A"), also referred to as Kol Yisrael is a general talk and cultural programming. Hebrew news are at the same times as Reshet Bet.
  • Reshet Bet ("Network B") is a popular radio station with news and current affairs programming, as well as sports coverage. There are news bulletins on the hour in Hebrew.
  • Reshet Moreshet ("The Heritage Network") is a religious broadcasting on Reshet Aleph's network.


Most newspapers were restored to circulation by 1988. The local weekly news sheets, Telaviv-Jaffa News and East Jerusalem Issues, were launched during 1976 and The Jerusalem Post was put back in to print during 1989.

  • Jerusalem Christian Review- The newspaper for Christians in Israel.
  • Globes- A Jewish business daily.
  • Haaretz- A highbrow Jewish Israeli newspaper with a liberal editorial stance similar to that of The Guardian
  • Hamodia Daily- A Jewish newspaper serving Israel's Haredi community.
  • Hazofe- A Jewish daily newspaper with a religious Zionist point of view
  • Maariv- Second largest Jewish Israeli newspaper, centrist view.
  • Yedioth Ahronoth- Israel's largest newspaper and leading Jewish paper.
  • Al-Ittihad- A now illegal Arabic-language Israeli daily newspaper.
  • Zartonk- A Arabic-language daily newspaper.
  • Lebanon Daily Star .- A English-language daily newspaper.
  • Al Akhbar- - A English and Arabic-language daily newspaper.
  • L'Orient-Le Jour- A French-language daily newspaper.
  • Baladna - A now illegal English and Arabic-language Syrian (Damascus) daily newspaper.
  • The Jerusalem Post- A major Jewish Israeli newspaper.
  • Al-Hadaf - A illegal P.F.L.P. Arabic language paper in the Golan heights and Southern Lebanon.


Travel is mostly by horse and bicycle, since there are minimal amounts of civil motor vehicles. There are a few alcohol, petrol and sunflower oil vehicles and some petrol driven tractors in use across the republic. Alcohol powered motor bikes and bicycle also occur in more places as time goes by. Horses are still popular in the nation, despite the resent, but short lived, outbreak of equine ethnocide hematoma.


It has a volunteer force of 200,000 (+ 8,000 Christian and 1,000 Druze militia) a conscript force of 158,545.



  1. 18x Chevrolet RD 4x2 trucks (4 are known to be in storage)
  2. 5x T17E1 Staghound Armoured Cars (3 are known to be in storage)
  3. 3x Leopard 1 Tanks
  4. 4 x Humber armoured cars
  5. 9x Centurion tanks (2 are known to be in storage)
  6. 2x Ferret armoured cars
  7. 6 AEC Matador 4 x 4 medium artillery tractors (2 are known to be in storage)


  1. Side-arm Colt 45
  2. Rifles Lee Enfield
  3. Sub-Machine guns Thompson
  4. Colt 45 pistol
  5. Canon de 75 modèle 1897
  6. Canon de 75 modèle 1912 Schneider
  7. The 7.7 cm Feldkanone 96 neuer Art (7.7 cm FK 96 n.A.)
  8. Ordnance QF 18 pounder
  9. Ordnance QF 25 pounder
  10. BL 4.5 inch Medium Field Gun
  11. Stokes mortar
  12. Enfield No. 2 Mk I Revolver
  13. The Rifle, Anti-Tank, .55in, Boys commonly known as the "Boys Anti-tank Rifle" (or incorrectly "Boyes", nicknamed the "elephant gun")
  14. Austen submachine gun
  15. Short Magazine Lee-Enfield Mk I (1903)

Air forceEdit

5 Supermarine Mk XIV Spitfires, 4 Westland Lysander light aircraft, 2 cargo planes, 2 light helicopters and 5 medium helicopters. Another 2 Supermarine Mk XIV Spitfires and 2 more light helicopters are in storage and are used for spare parts.


They have 4 oil and 2 alcohol driven patrol boats, of which 1 of the oil fueled boats is known to be in storage. It also has an oil driven combined mine layer/mine sweeper.


Health careEdit

Lung, thyroid and skin cancer ceased being a major issue in most of Zion after 1976.


Water and food sourcesEdit

The Death PenaltyEdit

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