Greatest Hits, Chapter One
Compilation album by The Real Deal
Released January 12, 2006
Recorded 1998-2005
Genre Post-grunge, alternative, hard rock, hardcore metal, punk rock
Length 79:59
Label Tidzhomov
Producer Denis Tidzhomov, Andrey Vizinsky
The Real Deal chronology
Solar Eclipse
Greatest Hits, Chapter One
Two Steps to Paradise

Greatest Hits, Chapter One is the first greatest hits compilation album by Margovyan rock band The Real Deal. It contains the band's greatest hits among the singles they have released from their first four studio albums, The Real Deal, Twenty oh-oh, Scream and Shout, and Solar Eclipse. It also contained two previously unreleased songs both released as singles, both of which had their own time at the top of the Margovyan Top 100 in 2006.

It would take another four studio albums before a second greatest hits album was released, entitled Greatest Hits: Chapter Two, containing songs from Solar Eclipse until 27. Their third greatest hits album, The Essential Real Deal, was released in 2016, containing 27 songs from The Real Deal until The Cover Up. Twelve of the previously released singles from Essential were granted a digital remastered re-release, all of which were on this album.


Concept, music and song choiceEdit

Release and artworkEdit

Critical receptionEdit


Track listingEdit

No. TitleOriginal release Length
1. "You Suck"  The Real Deal 5:12
2. "25"  Twenty oh-oh 5:02
3. "Have You Ever"  Solar Eclipse 4:52
4. "Year-end Jam"  Twenty oh-oh 5:21
5. "Scream and Shout"  Scream and Shout 5:37
6. "Road's End"  The Real Deal 3:54
7. "Kiss (feat. Orental Gibitov)"  Scream and Shout 5:51
8. "Three Good Friends"  Scream and Shout 5:14
9. "Solar Eclipse (feat. Adriyan Baychenko)"  Solar Eclipse 5:51
10. "Heaven"  Solar Eclipse 4:15
11. "Party Like It's 1999"  Twenty oh-oh 5:03
12. "Sound Asleep"  Scream and Shout 4:41
13. "January 24th"  Scream and Shout 7:02
14. "Lost in the Sea"  The Real Deal 3:48
15. "Go"  Previously unreleased 4:27
16. "Save Me"  Previously unreleased 3:49
Total length:

Credits and personnelEdit

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