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Leeds Middleton railway geograph org uk 1018397(cleaned up)

A loco and 3 carriages secretly photographed in a Hay-on-Wye army tunnel.

Rusty rails - - 224671

A disused army depot near the Hey-on-Wye Army depot.

Banbury's Railtrack box car 1

A secretly taken image of the flat-car and goods wagon that are shuttled between Hay-on-Wye's covert army depot and Ross-on-Wye every Monday for still unknown reasons.

OTL 2000 sideing near Gloucester

Disused army sidings near Hey-on-Wye Army depot.

The Federal Republic's lightly armed forces consist of 44,000 recruits and 34,000 reservists. Most armed forces equipment consists of remaining former British army supplies augmented with some smuggled in Dutch, Croatian, Albanian, Ukranian and on occasion Bosnian Serb weaponry.

Most of the arms are safely stored in the hidden and mostly subterranean Hay-on-Wye Hill Army Depot, in the hills 5km west of Hay-on-Wye.

The DepotEdit

The subterranean Hay-on-Wye Hill Army Depot, in the hills 5km west of Hay-on-Wye.

There are 3 surface sidings and 6 (or 8 according to rumours) 0.5km tunnels, that are reportedly rarely used. It is said that they also smell of rotting eggs.

The surface part of the depot is fairly small, very mysterious, heavily guarded, and ultra-covert .

The railway lineEdit

Hay-on-Wye's covert army depot is connected to Ross-on-Wye and Hereford on a custom made army railway, which was built in 2002 with Croatian help.

A nearby maintenance flatcar and federal army goods wagon have been shuttled between Hay-on-Wye's covert army depot and Ross-on-Wye’s minor industrial estate on a custom built army railway every Monday since 2003 for still unknown reasons.

The Federal government suggested in 2003 and is now seriously planning to rebuild the Hereford to Hey-on-Wye (via Witney-on-Wye) and will possibly even existed it to Pontrilas in time.

Ministers and officalsEdit

The Defence and Homeland Security Minister is the Federal Conservative MP for Halesowen, Steve Wells.

The current Defence Procurement Minister is the Federal Labour MP for Redditch South, Maria Learetta Cordova.

The Joint Chief Staff is Marshal Philip Marston and his deputy is General Tammy Ajuwe.

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