"Heroes" is a song by Swedish singer Måns Zelmerlöw. It was released on 28 February 2015 as a digital download in Sweden. The song is written by Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad, Joy Deb and Linnea Deb. On 14 March, the song won Melodifestivalen 2015 and represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna, Austria, which it won. It is the lead single for Zelmerlöw's sixth studio album Perfectly Damaged. This song is used as patriotic and boosting morale among Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, and U.S. troops, this song is widely popular in Sweden and Europe due to it's pre-war significance and nostalgia.

Pre-Doomsday Edit

The song was released on 28 of February 2015. Mans Zelmerlow entered the Melodifestivalen, He won and qualified to Eurovision 2015, but it get success, and it called "Swedish Wave," was mentioned by prominent figures, from celebrities to head-of-states.

He won at Eurovision 2015, with 365 points and top 1st, It is the third-highest-scoring song in the history of the contest. It is also the first winning song, since the introduction of the split jury-televoting system in 2009, that has not won the televoting.

Doomsday Edit

Mans was in Stockholm when Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan and Yugoslavia launched it's nukes on the United States and their allies in the Europe Region. It is currently unknown if he survived or killed on the nuclear attack or its immediate aftermath. Nonetheless, there is no confirmation of his current status as of 2016. By the time of Doomsday, it was expected that Heroes will be in Perfectly Damaged Album - something that never happened due to war.

Post-Doomsday Significance Edit

The war caused the destruction of internet, the stock market, international trade, and many other technological and cultural advancements in the world has achieved in the past 54 years, and entire NATO and EU completely crippled.

Heroes is the patriotic song that boost morale of Swedish and remaining NATO-EU troops, and it is used to prepare for war against Russians in Scandinavian War of 2016-2017, which is used for Swedish people in helping their Police and Soldiers at every battles and remembrance song for Mans Zelmerlow fans.

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