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Carly Rae Jepsen concert successful CALSONCIOS, Margovya - May 20, 2013 01.22: The one-night only concert of Canadian singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen went successful, selling about 48 million margots worth of tickets. Jepsen performed six songs, including her hit Call Me Maybe. According to an exclusive interview with Margovya Patrol, Jepsen said that it's okay with her that most of the members of the Margovyan Federalist Party did not attend her concert, as she respects the political party's tradition.

Iosef Dimakulanov Memorial Day celebrated in the Senate IKULSK, Margovya - May 19, 2013 19.49: Instead of going to the Carly Rae Jepsen concert, the members of the Senate and the Margovyan Federalist Party spent the night of May 19, 2013 celebrating the Dimakulanov Memorial Day, commemorating the ninth death anniversary of Iosef Dimakulanov, the Father of the Margovyan Federalist Party. Although some of the MFP senators and government officials wished to go to the Jepsen concert, they were all forbidden by MFP General Secretary Gennady Elemat, and even President Viktoriya Vegova was not allowed to go. The celebration was also like a party, with games, dancing, and a live performance by Tidzhomov-Prokofiev-Boevsky, Not so Socialist, and Rafael, Sara and the Bodyguards, who still didn't choose to leave the country until their next stop at the tour on May 23. Most of the politicians under the Margovyan Federalist Party understand why this celebration is more important than Carly Rae Jepsen's concert.

Local government sued for causing heavy traffic TRAMVITUM, Margovya - May 19, 2013 13.26: Several motorists filed cases against the local government of Kramatovsk, Tramvitum. Apparently, the government and traffic agency of the city has been intentionally causing traffic in the streets by placing traffic lights and fixing it to force motorists to wait for one hour when the light is red. Motorists of Kramatovsk just find this irritating, and the main reason why people who live in Tramvitum, even Senators and Representatives who live in Tramvitum are often late for work. Because of this, Tramvitum Governor Izmael Pankavuranov and Tramvitum Chief of Police Faddey Flamanovsky worked together to arrest some members of Kramatovsk government and city police responsible for this, including Kramatovsk Mayor Oksana Dumayeva.

President Vegova congratulates all graduates and graduating students of Batch 2013 IKULSK, Margovya - May 19, 2013 08.57: President Viktoriya Vegova was interviewed by Margovya Patrol for the Iosef Dimakulanov Memorial Day. During the interview, President Vegova talked about how she was not allowed by MFP General Secretary Gennady Elemat to attend the Carly Rae Jepsen concert, the plan on celebrating the Dimakulanov Day commemoration, and the recent inactiveness of political terrorists. She also talked about her upcoming State of the Nation Address on May 27, and congratulates all the senior high school students who have already graduated or about to graduate this academic year, as well as the graduates and graduating college students. "Kudos, Batch 2013", President Vegova said during the interview, "And good luck in pursuing your dreams".

Announcement: Cortesova latest hit reaches number one in the Margovyan Hot 100 DOSTALINSKY, Marogvya - May 18, 2013 22.38: After spending four weeks at number one in the Margovyan Hot 100, the hit songGentleman by Psy was finally dethroned from the number one spot, where it was replaced by Conrada Cortesova's latest hit, Business In My Room, climbing all the way from rank number 52. Cortesova thanks all her fans for "voting" for her song, and promises that she will continue making more "beautiful" songs.

Svolochy Showdown performance week went successful VIKTORIYOVSKAYA, Margovya - May 17, 2013 23.12: The performance week of the hit singing competition Svolochy Showdown went successful this week, with the remaining seventeen finalists performing any song originally sung by male singers (revived or not by female singers). The voting has now started, and will end tomorrow night for the elimination. It is known that this season of Svolochy Showdown had only one successful elimination for the past three weeks that they have been doing the Final Countdown. The only one thing that executive producer Marvik Vulvanov hopes for is that the remaining weeks for the semi-finals go as smoothly as the contest's previous seasons.

Car crash in Ikulsk: 1 dead IKULSK, Margovya - May 17, 2013 14.24: A Yakovich XX SUV crashed into a Yakovich M92 monster truck today in Agrovich, Ikulsk. The driver of the XX, recognized as Faddey Flamanov, aged 26, government employee, was rushed in to the Vice Mayor and Seventy-Three Bodyguards Memorial Hospital in Ikulsk, but was pronounced dead on arrival. The driver of the monster truck, by the name Kiril Orbanov, was arrested and will be jailed for at least ten years.

Thrirty people hospitalized for food poisoning after eating at a local cafeteria: Cafeteria raided and closed by the RBI RATORONCIOS, Margovya - May 17, 2013 11.22: An estimated thirty people were rushed in today at the Ratoroncios State Hospital for food poisoning. Apparently, they have eaten spoiled food at a local cafeteria in Ruma-aya, Ratoroncios. About 11:20 AM, the Republican Bureau of Investigation (RBI) raided the said cafeteria, and proved that the food there really is spoiled, and the workplace is disgusting. The RBI thereby closed the cafeteria, and arrested its owner.

Sugalskaya wins fourth game against Prokofiev; team qualified for the finals SUGALSKAYA, Margovya - May 16, 2013 17.00: The Sugalskaya Gamblers wins against the Prokofiev Veterans in their fifth game in the MBA semi-finals, with the score of 94 against 89, thus scoring four games against one, and proceeding to the finals. The Sugalskaya Gamblers are the second team to make it in the finals, thereby battling the Arbatskaya Monarchs in a series of three games to make it to the next phase.

Colorblind cop accuses driver for beating the red light SUBOKOV, Margovya - May 16, 2013 07.44: An Andropov K-milyov SUV was held back by a cop, who is believed to have been colorblind. Apparently, the driver was accused for beating the red light when the traffic light was actually green. The police officer, who was recognized as Marko Bulagovich, age 34, was advised to see an opthalmologist for his eyesight problems before he can come back to work.

Teacher arrested for giving overnight detention STA. CONRADA, Margovya - May 15, 2013 03.02: A junior high school class was seen by Sta. Conrada provincial police doing 7,000 push-ups inside their classroom in Sta. Conrada State Worshiping Center University at past three in the morning. Apparently, their history teacher, Mrs. Yuliana Parovskaya, gave them overnight detention for failing in a quiz, which is strictly against the law. They started off at five-thirty in the afternoon, got tired from doing push-ups, and to top it all off, their teacher wasn't even there, she was already sleeping comfortably at home in Gobrovgrad, Pontival, and she just installed a personal CCTV camera, which she is going to remove the next morning. A student said that if either one of them stops doing push-ups before 7 in the morning, they are all going to be expelled (for an excuse the teacher is going to make up). Because of this, Margovya Patrol talked to the high school principal, who said that he doesn't even know that the teacher sometimes do that to her students. The police, in partnership with the Republican Bureau of Investigation (RBI), raided the house of Parovskaya, and arrested her of multiple child abuse, violation of the Detention Law, which states that detention should be at maximum until 9 in the evening and should not involve corporal punishments, and of multiple physical torture. Parovskaya will be jailed for between six and twenty-five years while the students are given three free days.

Senate turned into a party house as Irina's birthday is celebrated IKULSK, Margovya - May 14, 2013 18.50: The Margovyan Senate is closed from six PM to twelve AM for the celebration of Senator Irina Adzhitekova's twenty-fourth thirty-fourth birthday today. Not only the senators, but very much the whole Margovyan Federalist Party took part in this celebration, including MFP team and campaign leader Gennady Elemat, Trade Minister Orental Gibitov, Finance Minister Ravil Yanenko, Representatives Tanya Kalinina and Maria Atolova, Vice President Mstislav Pankavuranov, and President Viktoriya Vegova. According to Quintin del Pan representative Tanya Kalinina, WWE superstar Chris Masters, who hasn't left the country yet because he had to watch the Margovyan Wrestling Tournament Finals, was also invited in the party. Senator Irina Adzhitekova, who just turned 24 34 today, was interviewed by Margovya Patrol and talked about her plans of running for a higher position, especially now that this is her fifth and final term as Senator, and it will end on April 2016.

Small man accused of driving underage STA. SUSANA, Margovya - May 14, 2013 09.52: A Yakovich X4 sports car was held back by Sambanapova city police in Sambanapova, Sta. Susana not because of number coding (its plate number is T6L7M2), not because of overspeeding (it was going at only 52 kph), but because the person driving it is "underage", judging by his height of 4 foot 6, and his "immature" facial structure (therefore having his mustache and beard mistaken for a fake one). However, police triple-checked the suspect's ID, license and everything, and discovered that the "suspect" is a nineteen-year-old senior high school student who is about to graduate this coming Friday. However, the kid was still advised to put booster seats in his car, as the Booster Seat Law requires that all children below 4'6" must be seated in booster seats. "No it's not", Senator Irina Adzhitekova said in her birthday interview with Margovya Patrol when she was informed of the law and the incident "The kid was four foot six, and the Law requires only children below four foot five. And the guy's nineteen years of age, no need for him to be baby-fied".

Svolochy Showdown makes grand opening VIKTORIYOVSKAYA, Margovya - May 13, 2013 23.09: The hit singing competition Svolochy Showdown makes a grand opening for this week's countdown, announcing that they are down to seventeen finalists. On the start of the show, several Yakovich cars were presented, as the hosts (Tanya Kalinina and Maria Atolova) are also hosts of the car magazine show Top gear Margovya, and the judge panelists (Ruma Dumayev, Genrikh Antonov and Gennady Elemat) were hosts of the once famous car magazine show Cars of Margovya. The opening performance was made by former Senate President Conrada Cortesova, who performed an interpretative dance of "Careless Whisper" and "Godfrey, LUBO". "I was actually impressed by the performances, except for Cortesova's interpretative dance, which made me puke" Vulvanov told Margovya Patrol in an exclusive interview. "Let's just start this week right, and hopefully the elimination will go properly for the next fifteen weeks".

Announcement: Svolochy Showdown venue back to Viktoriyovskaya DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - May 13, 2013 20.00: Due to decreasing political terrorism attack rates in Viktoriyovskaya, new Svolochy Showdown executive producer Marvik Vulvanov decided to return the venue of the Final Countdown from Sta. Conrada back to Sergei Eisenstein Montage Theater in Remontadov, Viktoriyovskaya. Svolochy Showdown is now down to 17 finalists, after finalist Ramona Bavtistova drops herself out of the show voluntarily after an altercation with the show's former executive producer Yelizaveta Vulvanova.

Exclusive: Monarchs advances to the finals with 4-0 against the Divers ARBATSKAYA, Margovya - May 13, 2013 17.55: Despite missing the "Team Captain" and the MVP Lavrenty Mikhailov, the Arbatskaya Monarchs manages to sweep the Povida Divers off the finals, winning four games against the Divers' 0 after winning in their fourth game with a very close score of 119 against the Divers' 117. According to Monarchs coach Erik Spolstrov, he didn't expect the victory of his team after losing their most valuable player in a severe injury. The Arbatskaya Monarchs is the first team to make it in the finals, and is ready to battle whoever wins second as soon as the second winning team wins their fourth game against their respective opponents.

Exclusive: Battle of the Car Shows! DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - May 13, 2013 09.29: Top Gear Margovyareleased a teaser trailer on its website today, showing TGM presenters Tanya Kalinina, Maria Atolova, and Lev Arigov facing former Cars of Margovya presenters Genrikh Antonov, Gennady Elemat, and Irina Adzhitekova in a battle to determine which car show has the best presenters and cars. Based on what was seen on the trailer, the two sides will apparently race in Minchev hatchbacks built to operate as double-decker cars, the Yakovich WTF ofTop Gear Margovya will race the Yakovich P-iss Off of Cars of Margovya. There is also a mysterious ending to the trailer, when the screen blacks out and the TGM presenters could be heard saying, "Is that really her?" Some fans have already assumed that Gavrina Kumilyova, who was injured in a horrible car accident last week, could be returning to the show in a reduced capacity for this episode.

President Vegova sends delegates to the Philippines IKULSK, Margovya - May 12, 2013 20.13: President Viktoriya Vegova, who promised Philippine President Benigno Aquino III that she will visit the Philippines tomorrow for a grand celebration dinner with the senatorial ticket of the Liberal Party as sign of support to the Philippine political party, cannot come due to "some business" with Vice President Mstislav Pankavuranov. However, the president instead sends Trade Minister Orental Gibitov and Education Minister Lev Arigov to come to the Philippines and have dinner with the LP.

Road clash in Sta. Andrea: 1 dead, 5 injured STA. ANDREA, Margovya - May 12, 2013 01.18: A Yakovich X4 sports car reportedly on their way home from the Rafael, Sara and the Bodyguards concert and going at about 200 kph eastbound along the Northern Margovyan Superhighway in Arevalovsk, Sta. Andrea crashes on a Yakovich M91 monster truck. The incident was much like the car crash of Senator Gavrina Kumilyova last May 7, only that the X4's driver, recognized under the identity of Marko Lumanov, aged 22, third year college student from Pontival State University, died from the crash, and that the driver of the M91 was obviously not Ustin Biyebrov, but another student who was also driving home from the RS&B concert. Five more people were injured, and were hospitalized in Sta. Andrea State Hospital.

Monarchs wins over Divers for the third time in the semi-finals POVIDA, Margovya - May 11, 2013 19.17: The Arbatskaya Monarchs won once again against the Povida Divers in the Margovyan Basketball Association Semi-Finals in their third game, with a score of 114 against the Divers' 90, almost sweeping the opponent off the semi-finals with a score of three games against zero. On Monday, May 13, will be their fourth (and possibly last) game, and Arbatskaya coach Erik Spolatrov continuously prays that the team will at least make it to the finals. "I think it's alright with me if our team doesn't win this season, as long as we beat Povida and make it to the Finals", Spolstrov told Margovya Patrol "Of course I'm still hoping that Mikhailov can recover before the finals start so that the team can once again expect victory".

Margovyan blockbuster movie sees the highest income in one day DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - May 11, 2013 13.44: The newest Margovyan film, A Position Worth Dying For, just premiered yesterday, and for its first 24 hours, garnered a total income of approximately 18.4 million margots, the highest income a Margovyan local film has ever saw in a day. The film, directed by actor/director/former Vice President Iosef Pankavuranov, and which stars Marvik Shevchenko, Antonina Sevileva, Maria Kortesova, Incumbent House Speaker Maria Atolova and Incumbent Vice President Mstislav Pankavuranov, is based on the life story of former Senate President Iosef Dimakulanov, who passed away almost nine years ago, after losing in the National Elections on February 29, 2004 against Pristina Leonova. On 2008, the real-life story was turned into a book, and sold about 26 million copies nationwide.

Manlolokov sports car seized SUGALSKAYA, Margovya - May 11, 2013 03.07: Republican Bureau of Investigation (RBI) agents seized a Yakovich XXX sports car, reportedly owned by investment scam mastermind Ivan Manlolokov, which was abandoned underneath a condominium in Casinovich. RBI Director Yulian Kraymbustrov presented the XXX in a press conference at the RBI office in Casinovich yesterday. According to the invoice recovered inside the car, Manlolokov bought the car from the local Yakovich dealership for 1 million margots and then left the car underneath his condominium building when he fled from Margovya. Director Kraymbustrov hopes that more evidence of Manlolokov's criminal dealings could be found inside the car.

Announcement: Yakovich X5 to be released this September DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - May 10, 2013 19.16: The Yakovich Manufacturing Corporation announced today that the prototype of the newest installment of the 2012 Yakovich X series, the Yakovich X5 Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) has finished production, has been approved by the Ministry of Trade, and will be ready for release on September 21, 2013, after which the car magazine show Top Gear Margovya will premiere its tenth series. With an acceleration from 0 to 100 in 2.8 seconds, a top speed of about 439 kilometers per hour, and a street value of approximately 4.8 million margots, the Yakovich Manufacturing Corporation says that getting a hold of one of these "is a must".

Exclusive: Executive Producer apologizes to Svolochy Showdown finalist STA. CONRADA, Margovya - May 10, 2013 00.02: Because of what happened in Svolochy Showdown tonight, Let's Talk Margovya has decided to fire Yelizaveta Vulvanova as both judge and executive producer of the singing competition. Vulvanova, now feeling bad for Ramona Bavtistova, the finalist she insulted, whose mother is struggling with leukemia and is dying, apologized to the finalist on National Television, as well as to the other finalists and staff of Svolochy Showdown. Vulvanova will be replaced by former President Genrikh Antonov as judge panelist and by her husband Marvik Vulvanov as Svolochy Showdown executive producer.

Exclusive: Svolochy Showdown Judge insults finalist during performance STA. CONRADA, Margovya - May 9, 2013 23.24: The Top 18 Countdown performances of Svolochy Showdown finalists Marvik Trotshev, Vsevolod Ivanov and Ramona Bavtistova was going well, until executive producer and judge panelist Yelizaveta Vulvanova stopped Bavtistova's performance, and insulted the finalist gravely, because of her "amateur" performance, and her "very ugly" outfit. On her performance for this week, Bavtistova sang "On the Wings of Love", but messed up the high-pitched part, the part where Vulvanova stopped the performance and proceeded to insulting the finalist, which included calling her insulting names, and the use of gravely indecent words, most of them were uncensored due to the unpreparedness of the audio crew for what the judge would say. After the ten-minute insult litany, Bavtistova rushed off the stage, crying. On an exclusive interview with Margovya Patrol, Bavtistova announced that she will leave Svolochy Showdown voluntarily, stressing that she will continue pursuing her dream of becoming famous somewhere else where there are no mean judges who criticizes even her personal life and family. Because of this, the nationwide elimination was again pushed back, and the remaining four performers for this week will no longer perform tomorrow. This is the very first season of Svolochy Showdown wherein the elimination was pushed back twice.

Announcement: Jepsen guests in Top Gear Margovya DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - May 9, 2013 13.14: Canadian singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen just arrived in Ciudad del Celebridad International Airport to watch the Margovyan Basketball Association semi-finals today, featuring Rondaya Bulldogs versus the Sampuva Stars. According to Jepsen, she is a certified Bulldogs fan, and she can't miss their game in the semi-finals, and she also "prays" that the team will make it to the finals. The twenty-seven-year-old singer-songwriter will stay in Margovya up until after her one-night only concert on May 19. Jepsen also announced that she will be having a press conference for her concert on May 15, and will be guesting in Top Gear Margovya as the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car on Friday, May 17. She also mentioned that she has heard of Senator and host Gavrina Kumilyova's road accident, and prays for the host's fast recovery.

Car crashes into traffic light post; suspect admits having vision problems RUTAO, Margovya - May 9, 2013 10.54: A Lubovenko LUBO145 accidentally crashes into a traffic light post along Aldava St. in Alepaya, Rutao. To top it off, the collision caused the traffic light post to fall down, damaging an idle Yakovich X4. The suspect, recognized under the identity of Gregoriy Klimov, age 32, a salesperson in MX (Mall Xpress) City Alepaya, admitted that he is suffering with myopia (nearsightedness) and forgot to wear (or bring) his glasses on his way to work. According to Alepaya city police, the traffic light post was already old and fragile, therefore charging Klimov a minimal fine of 1,000 margots.

Exclusive: Biyebrov spotted boarding a plane BONJOAYA, Margovya - May 8, 2013 18.58: Following the discovery of suspended talk show host Ustin Biyebrov being behind Senator Gavrina Kumilyova's accident yesterday, police all over Margovya are now looking for the suspect. However, Bonjoaya provincial police were more surprised to find Biyebrov in the CCTV camera of Andufa International Airport. According to the CCTV footage, Biyebrov was seen boarding on a plane bounded for Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. All that Bonjoaya Chief of Police Yakov Yazenev would say about this was "Vegas?!"

License registration plate production failed POVIDA, Margovya - May 8, 2013 14.22: A malfunction occurred in the production of license registration plates in Povida after manufacturers messed up production of area code 69 license plates, putting the flag of Sta. Conrada in place of the flag of Povida. As a result, Many newly-bought cars from Povida don't have a license plate. According to Margovyan Land Transportation Office, "We'll make it work".

Exclusive: Biyebrov confirmed to have "harassed" Kumilyova's V800 ARKONAYSK, Margovya - May 8, 2013 12.54: A CCTV Camera along the Northern Margovyan Superhighway was reviewed by Arkonaysk provincial police to find out who was driving the Yakovich M91 monster truck that crashed into Senator Gavrina Kumilyova's Yakovich V800 sports car yesterday in Marginalia Pueblito, Arkonaysk. Police were even more surprised to find out that suspended talk show host Ustin Biyebrov really was driving the M91. Various tweets are now scattering all over Margovya with the trend #BiyebrovDidWhatNow?!, some of them were "I can't believe that Biyebrov has already turned over the dark side" from Margovyan Federalist Party General Secretary Gennady Elemat (@HotGuyElemat), and "I can't believe Biyebrov can drive a monster truck" from Quintin del Pan Representative Tanya Kalinina (@TidzhomovProkofiev4evr). Police are now looking all over Margovya to find Biyebrov, and President Viktoriya Vegova promised Kumilyova's family, the Top gear Margovya family, and all Margovyan people that Biyebrov will be found soon enough and will be facing swift Margovyan justice.

Exclusive: Education Minister signed as new Top Gear Margovya presenter DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - May 8, 2013 08.58: Following Top Gear Margovya presenter Gavrina Kumilyova's accident in Arkonaysk a few hours earlier, Top Gear Margovya executive producer Yelizaveta Vulvanova announced that they had signed Education Minister Lev Arigov as an "interim presenter" until such time that Kumilyova recovers enough to return to the show. Arigov, also the drummer of famous band Not So Socialist, expressed great pleasure on his coming to the show. "I've always wanted to host a show," Arigov told Margovya Patrol. "And Top Gear Margovya has given me that opportunity." He joins fellow bandmembers Tanya Kalinina and Maria Atolova on the program.

Breaking News: Senator Kumilyova hospitalized due to road accident ARKONAYSK, Margovya - May 7, 2013 22.49: A Yakovich V800 sports car containing Top Gear Margovya presenter Senator Gavrina Kumilyova crashed into a Yakovich M91 monster truck, and the senator had to be rushed to Arkonaysk State Hospital, where she is now recuperating. According to Top Gear Margovya executive producer Yelizaveta Vulvanova, "To all loyal viewers of Top Gear Margovya, I regret to inform you that one of our hosts, Gavrina Kumilyova, might not be able to make it in the next episode of Top Gear Margovya due to her injuries. Please pray for her fast recovery. Thank you." Police officers and politicians, especially the members of the Margovyan Federalist Party, are investigating the probable motives of whoever crashed into Kumilyova's car, until suspended talk show host Ustin Biyebrov was raised as the most probable suspect. "I mean, look at the past few weeks. That Biyebrov svoloch has been acting more violently towards Kumilyova and all other people", President Viktoriya Vegova said in an exclusive interview with Margovya Patrol. "I think we should just face the fact that Biyebrov may be out for revenge now. I think he may even be Margovya's next political terrorist".

Announcement: Sugalskaya wins over Prokofiev with a close 135-134 PROKOFIEV, Margovya - May 7, 2013 18.57: The Sugalskaya Gamblers wins over the Prokofiev Veterans in the MBA semi-finals, and is the third of eight contenders for this year's MBA Finals. After four quarters and two overtimes, the Gamblers finally won with a very close score of 135 against the Veterans' 134.

MNP Director General announces retirement IKULSK, Margovya - May 7, 2013 11.01: Margovyan National Police Director General Vyacheslav Mandatov officially announces his resignation. After more than twenty years in service, the sixty-nine-year old Director General will soon retire upon his 70th birthday on June 2, 2013. MNP has now two candidates for promotion to Director General, for which the police elections will be conducted on June 2: MNP Deputy Director General Kiril Maryanov, and Bonjoaya Chief of Police Yakov Yazenev. Politicians and Military personnel stated that Maryanov will most likely be the next Director General, since he occupies the position next to the Director General, but Provincial and City police officers all over Margovya stated that Yazenev has been a better example and official than Maryanov, and therefore he is more rightful for the position.

Plane crashes after being attacked by terrorists: 38 dead, 172 injured MARYANOV, Margovya - May 7, 2013 03.14: Margovyan Airlines Flight 6965 crashes after being attacked by several members of the Mikhail Chick Group, killing twenty-two members of the terrorist group and sixteen passengers of the plane, while injuring 172 more passengers. "Wow, after one week or two, they're back!" Maryanov Chief of Police Fyodor Maryanov said in an interview with Margovya Patrol "Looks like we should be careful once again".

Music and Television Commission blacklists TPB hit IKULSK, Margovya - May 6, 2013 23.04: Today, Senator Vyacheslav Klimov was hospitalized and is now recovering at Yobatav Medical Center Arbatskaya, not because of a political terrorist attack, but because of a road crash. Apparently, he was listening to "Road Trip Gone Wrong" by the local band Tidzhomov-Prokofiev-Boevsky (TPB) in a high volume while driving down the Northern Margovyan Expressway, but at the bridge part, when vocalist Roland Tidzhomov shouts the line "Baby on the road!!", the thirty-one-year-old senator started swerving nervously, until he crashes in the Yobatav entrance toll gate, making this the 500th car accident because of the TPB 2008 hit. Because of this, the Music and Television Commission blacklists "Road Trip Gone Wrong", ordered radio stations to delete their playbacks of that song, and and made it inavailable in stores and in the BlowTunes store. "What we need is a soothing music, and not music that makes us cause traffic and accidents", MTC Chairman Maria Yamonova said in an interview with Margovya Patrol "TPB, I hope you have learned your lesson".

Svolochy Showdown Top 18 countdown started today STA. CONRADA, Margovya - May 6, 2013 22.13: After the elimination of Kseniya Randomova last May 4, The first four performers of the Svolochy Showdown Top 18 had their performance today, following the opening performance of the Carbombyan rock band Rafael, Sara and the Bodyguards, who are still in the country to attend more guestings before their upcoming concert on May 11, one of which is the guesting of the band's frontmen, Rafael and Sara, on Top Gear Margovya on Friday, May 10.

Student killed after being beaten up by classmates ALDUVA, Margovya - May 6, 2013 16.11: A student from Alduva State University High School was killed upon after being beaten up by his own classmates. The victim was recognized under the identity of Marko Lumanov, aged 19, a senior high school student who was about three weeks shy to his high school graduation. According to David Markovsky, Lumanov's classmate and best friend, the victim was in the parking lot getting his car when three of his classmates approached him and claimed that they were unable to graduate this year because he refused to let them copy his answers during the final examinations. Lumanov's three vengeful classmates beat him up (one was even using brass knuckles) and left him unconscious. Lumanov was rushed in to Yobatav Medical Center Arbatskaya (YMCA), but was pronounced dead on arrival. Because of this, all universities in Margovya improved their security systems.

Exclusive: Top Gear Margovya releases latest episode trailer DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - May 6, 2013 13.05:Top Gear Margovya released the trailer for its upcoming episode on its website, giving a glimpse of what to expect on May 10. In the trailer, the girls test three armored personnel carriers from different countries and drive them down the Top Gear Margovya test track; Maria reviews a Hummer H3; and Rafael, Sara & the Bodyguards frontmen Rafael dela Cruz and Sara Nashi are the Stars in a Reasonably Priced Car. Just before the trailer ends, Nashi can be seen holding what looks very much like Tanya's guitar in his hand while driving the Toyota Innova, and Gavrina Kumilyova promises that the episode's version of harassing Tanya's guitar will be better than most.

Announcement: 365 Ways to Love You is ending DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - May 6, 2013 12.58: After 16 years of production, with already 349 episodes over 18 seasons released, Marvik Vulvanov, creator of Margovya's longest-running sitcom series 365 Ways to Love You, announced that they have already finished the show's 19th and final season, and will air its final 16 episodes starting Saturday, August 31, 2013. "The whole cast of 365 Ways were sad to hear it as well, but I think we're still lucky to be one of only four sitcoms which were permitted by Make Me Laugh Margovya to exceed the 100-episode limit" Vulvanov told Margovya Patrol "I hope you will support the final 16 episodes of 365 Ways to Love You like how you supported the show from the beginning".

Drug den discovered: 151 arrested, 1,000 metric tons of LSD seized OPULA, Margovya - May 6, 2013 05.54: Another drug den was discovered and raided by Opula provincial police in Shawarmanov, Opula. 151 suspected members of the drug group Reproduced Three Stooges of Blastoise were arrested, and 1,000 metric tons (1,000,000 kilograms) of LSD with a total street value of about 350 billion margots were seized and handed to the government.

Adele concert rocked Ciudad del Celebridad DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - May 6, 2013 00.59: The birthday celebration concert of singer-songwriter Adele was successful, many enjoyed the concert, and many Margovyan fans of Adele took pictures with and autographs of the singer. During the concert, Adele performed 12 songs, almost all of which came from her latest album, 21 (except Chasing Pavements), and featured guest stars such as the local band TPB and Carbombyan band Rafael, Sara and the Bodyguards. Adele's concert sold over 2 million tickets adding up to around 1.71 billion margots, which will be used for charity works.

Car literally drives through a fast-food chain DAVYDOV, Margovya - May 5, 2013 18.14: A Yakovich WW4 SUV literally 'drives through' the Davydov branch of Munch All You Can fast food in Gennadievsk, Davydov after entering the front door and exiting through the kitchen. Fortunately, nobody died in the incident, but the driver, recognized under the identity of Nikita Yalandanov, age 36, who was drunk-driving, was arrested, was fined 500,000 margots, and will be jailed for about three to twelve years.

Announcement: Psy Live! DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - May 5, 2013 12.46: Korean rapper Psy just arrived at the Ciudad del Celebridad International Airport to watch the Adele birthday concert in the Amanda Viktoriyovskaya Theatre later. The Koren rapper announced that he will also have his one-night only concert on Sunday, May 26, 2013 at the Mall of South America Arena in Fama del Rumayevskaya, Calsoncios. Some of Psy's remarkable hits are Gangnam Style and Gentleman.

Svolochy Showdown: From 19 to 18 STA. CONRADA, Margovya - May 4, 2013 23.01: Margovya has voted. The Bottom 2 for the Svolochy Showdown 2013 Top 19 is Kseniya Randomova (with 4.91% of the votes) and Martin Veradov (with a very low 2.68% of the votes). In the Bottom 2 showdown, Randomova performed "I Will Survive", and Veradov performed a shocking high-pitched version of "Through the Fire". On the Judgement time, Veradov got a total of 13 points (4 from Judge Ruma Dumayev, 4 from Judge Yelizaveta Vulvanova, and 5 from Judge Gennady Elemat), while Randomova only got 8 points (3 from Dumayev, 3 from Vulvanova and 2 from Elemat), meaning that Randomova will be going home as the 35th Svolochy Showdown Top 19. Next week, the Top 18 finalists will perform again to see who will be eliminated next Saturday.

Coach Spolstrov: "I will not replace Mikhailov in the team" ARBATSKAYA, Margovya - May 4, 2013 16.02: With the Margovyan Basketball Association Semi-finals starting on Monday and Arbatskaya Monarchs player Lavrenty Mikhailov still recovering from his injuries, which the doctors say that would last for the next three to four months, people are now wondering if Monarchs coach Erik Spolstrov is going to replace Mikhailov in the team, and basketball analysts suggest that he should, since the 18-player lineup and a team captain is required, or else the team will lose badly against the opponent. However, Spolstrov said that he is not going to find another player to replace Mikhailov as the team captain in the Monarchs. "One, I don't think that a player like Mikhailov should be replaced as easily as we don't care about him. Two, We only have 36 hours to do that if we were going to replace him. And three, I believe that the Monarchs can do with only 17 of them, that they do not need to be complete for them to win" Spolstrov told Margovya Patrol "Get well soon, Lavrenty, and wish us all luck in the semi-finals"

Breaking News: Admit One is splitting up DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - May 4, 2013 14.44: After 16 years of existence, 9 albums produced, 16 singles released, 5 worldwide tours and 26 major concerts, Adriyan Baychenko, 1996 Svolochy Showdown Grand Champion and vocalist of the boy band Admit One, just announced at the beginning of the Margovyan Battle of the Bands that the band Admit One is splitting up and is having a farewell concert on Friday, June 21, 2013 at the Sergei Eisenstein Montage Theatre in Remontadov, Viktoriyovskaya. This news shocked people all over Margovya and even band and music critics, since their very last album, I Admitted One, sold over 18 million copies nationwide, and 11 million copies internationally. Music analysts speculate that the possible main reasons of the band's disbandment include rivalry, retirement and sickness. "Of course I love being in the band. I love being with my band mates, my record producer and my fans for the past fifteen years", Baychenko said in an exclusive interview with Margovya Patrol "But, good things like this just don't last forever. I'm going solo now, so I hope you'll still support me".

Exclusive: Senator Kumilyova confronts issues about relationship with Biyebrov DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - May 3, 2013 19.01: Senator and Top Gear Margovya host Gavrina Kumilyova didn't really expect the sudden increase in viewers for today's Top Gear Margovya episode, as she still needs to confront issues concerning her relationship with suspended talk show host Ustin Biyebrov. On today's episode of Top Gear Margovya, Kumilyova apologized to everyone for what happened this week, and admits that Biyebrov really wants her, but in a desperate way. "Suddenly, he's turned Cortesova-like (politicians' other term for desperation), and I don't like it", Kumilyova told Margovya Patrol. "I guess we can stay friends, but I will never go out on a date with him".

Top Gear Margovya running gag loved by media critics DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - May 3, 2013 18.41: Media and television critics think that what draws more and more viewers to Top Gear Margovya is the show's most recurring running gag, which hosts Gavrina Kumilyova and Maria Atolova dub as "Harassing Tanya's Guitar", which includes 57 (and counting) hilarious ways of smashing host Tanya's guitar. In today's episode, host Maria Atolova placed Kalinina's guitar in the Top Gear Margovya track while today's Star in a Reasonably Priced Car Chris Masters drove in the Toyota Innova and ran over it. "I think that's why the viewers are continuing to love Top Gear Margovya" a media critic told Margovya Patrol "Keep doing that, and they'll love the show even more"

Exclusive: Top Gear Margovya breaks viewership record again DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - May 3, 2013 18.35: Top Gear Margovya has done it again! Breaking last week's record of twenty-seven million viewers, today's episode, dubbed "Which Yakovich?" by the producers, was watched by an estimated thirty-two million viewers, five million more than the previous record. "We're not really sure what drew people's attention to us today," host Gavrina Kumilyova told Margovyan Patrol in an exclusive interview. "It could be because of the Yakovichs, it could because of Chris Masters, or it could be because they want to see Tanya's reactions while interviewing him." Chris Masters, today's Star in a Reasonably Priced Car, was interviewed by Tanya Kalinina (obviously) and he talked about his wrestling career, his opinion on wrestling's future in Margovya, and his newly-acquired Yakovich WWE sports car, which was displayed on stage and even ran a lap around the Top Gear Track. Masters' time in the Reasonably Priced Car (a Toyota Innova) was 1:41.91, the second-fastest lap time in the Innova yet. The fastest time ever was set by the Pimp (TGM's version of the Stig), who did it in 1:41.88. Also, the hosts determined that the Yakovich X sports car was the best sports car ever created by Yakovich.

Cab scam busted: Suspect arrested TRAMVITUM, Margovya - May 3, 2013 16.45: A cab passenger reports her cab driver after charging her 18,000 margots for a ten-kilometer ride from Putanina del Norte, Viktoriyovskaya to Lumanovich, Tramvitum, which normally costs only about 210 margots. According to Tramvitum police, the cab had a plate number of H5G3Y9, with provincial code 25 (Provincial code for Pontival), and is colored green, instead of yellow, meaning that the cab is a private vehicle, and not a real cab (it even is a Yakovich X4 sports car), and it doesn't even have a cab meter installed. The cab driver, recognized under the identity of Kiril Makarov, a office worker at Pontival Food Corporation who recently got fired and is now looking for a new sideline. Makarov was arrested, and will now be jailed for between two and six years.

Queruva Builders disqualified for the semi-finals DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - May 3, 2013 13.32: A video was sent to the Margovyan Basketball Association containing the "victory celebration party" of the Queruva Builders, following the injury accident of Arbatskaya Monarchs player Lavrenty Mikhailov yesterday, implying that injuring the MBA superstar was the team's plan all along. Since Queruva is placed sixteenth in the standings, they are disqualified from entering the finals, and the MBA terminated the coach of the team, and the newly-assigned coach will now have a player try-out.

Announcement: MBA Semi-Finals starts on Monday DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - May 3, 2013 13.13: The semi-finals of the 45th Margovyan Basketball Associstion tournament will begin on Monday, May 6, as the opening games will be between the Arbatskaya Monarchs and Povida Divers, who placed first and ninth in this season, respectively, and between the Agpayev Heroes and the Sta. Conrada Worshipers, who placed second and tenth in this season, respectively. However, Monarchs coach Erik Spolstrov said in an interview with Margovya Patrol that the team may not make it in the grand finals because the team's MVP, Lavrenty Mikhailov is still recovering from his injuries. MBA and even NBA stars are now praying for Mikhailov's fast recovery.

Family of hit-and run victim drops charges filed against suspect VIKTORIYOVSKAYA, Margovya - May 3, 2013 11.41: The mother of Lavrenty Izamov, the six-year-old kid who was killed in a hit-and-run yesterday, decided to drop the charges filed against Marvik Ansilov, the 19-year-old senior high school student who ran the poor kid over. It was known that the boy's father filed charges against Ansilov yesterday after the incident. "I think we would have been terrible parents to our son if we let anger conquer us and continued filing charges against the poor student" Izamov's mother told Margovya Patrol "I know that what he did to our son was wrong, but we still don't have the right to ruin the boy's life. I know it was an accident, and I think our only son, wherever he is now, will be happy to know that we have forgiven the guy who did it to him". Meanwhile, the parents of Ansilov are glad about the decision of Izamov's parents and got the chance to thank them personally.

Top Gear Margovya promises "best episode yet" DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - May 3, 2013 10.56: Top Gear Margovya promises its loyal viewers "the best episode yet," as hosts Gavrina Kumilyova, Tanya Kalinina, and Maria Atolova go on a quest to find the best Yakovich sports car ever produced. Their journey will take them to all corners of the Margovyan Republic, all in the pursuit of sports car heaven. A few changes from the program had to be made, however, as today's supposed Star in a Reasonably Priced Car, former President Baba Filitov, was injured in a terrorist attack last April 23 and is therefore incapable of driving a car. Luckily, the show was able to find another star in the form of WWE superstar Chris "The Masterpiece" Masters, who happened to be in the country to watch the Margovyan Wrestling Tournament. Rumors are that his Yakovich WWE will be seen onscreen, and that one of the girls fainted upon the news that Masters will be the new SIARPC. We're not telling who. It's Tanya.

Hit and run in Viktoriyovskaya: 6-year-old child dead VIKTORIYOVSKAYA, Margovya - May 2, 2013 22.46: A six-year-old child by the name Lavrenty Izamov was declared dead on arrival at the Sergei Eisenstein Memorial Hospital after getting ran over by a drunk student driver in front of the actual house of President Viktoriya Vegova in Remontadov, Viktoriyovskaya. The suspect was recognized under then identity of Marvik Ansilov, age 19, a senior high school student in Sergei Eisenstein Film Academy, who is about four weeks shy to his high school graduation. Apparently, Ansilov was going home drunk after a party with his friends celebrating the end of the final exams when he didn't notice the little boy crossing the street. The student may or may not be charged with reckless imprudence resulting in homicide and may or may not be jailed for twelve to twenty-four years, since he is a graduating student, but since the child's parents are vengeful and aggressive, they decided to file charges against Ansilov. "Students like that svoloch shouldn't be treated like that just because he's a graduating student or something" Izamov's father told Margovya Patrol, "We lost our child because of him, so he must lose his chance of attending college because of us".

Senatorial conclave candidacy slot full IKULSK, Margovya - May 2, 2013 18.06: The slot for candidacy for the October 11, 2014 Senatorial conclave is already full, as the second senator already filed his candidacy to the House of Justices. It is known that on April 14, Senator Roland Tidzhomov already filed his candidacy as representative for the Margovyan Federalist Party. The other senator who filed his candidacy for Senate President is Senator Ervin Sikhovich, a senator who's about to finish his second term as senator on October 2014. It is known that on the 2010 Senatorial conclave, Sikhovich ran against Senator Arya Nukova, but lost in a score of 21 against 6. Political analysts are now criticizing this candidacy of Sikhovich's, since his term is about to end on October 6, 2014, and if he doesn't renew his term as senator, he can't run for Senate President. However, on the recent Senatorial survey, Sikhovich got a satisfaction rating of only 28%, so he might not make it in the elections on 2014.

Breaking News: Basketball player breaks his leg ARBATSKAYA, Margovya - May 2, 2013 17.44: The Arbatskaya Monarchs win again in their final game for this season, this time against the Queruva Builders, with the score 122-91, but this might be the last game for the career of Lavrenty Mikhailov, age 26, a professional player of the MBA and five-time MVP awardee, after he literally breaks his leg during the fourth quarter, with five minutes and thirty-eight seconds remaining, much like US NCAA player Kevin Ware's injury last March 31. Mikhailov is now resting and recovering from his injuries in Yobatav Medical Center Arbatskaya (YMCA). Monarchs players, coach and fans are now praying for the fast recovery of Mikhailov, as the finals is next week, and Mikhailov is mostly behind the team's success for this season.

Announcement: Rafael, Sara and the Bodyguards in Conrada Cortesova Live! DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - May 2, 2013 13.01: Carbombyan rock band Rafael, Sara and the Bodyguards has arrived in Dostalinsky International Airport from Miami, Florida, USA to have an early press conference for their upcoming concert on May 11. The press conference will still be on Thursday, May 9, but the band announced that they will have a few appearances on some of the shows in Margovya, including Conrada Cortesova Live! on Saturday, May 4, an opening performance in Svolochy Showdown before the Top 18 on Monday, May 6, and as the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car in Top Gear Margovya on Friday, May 10. "Yeah, it'll be a really busy week for us", the band told Margovya Patrol "But I think it will be worth it after we see how our fans love us".

Nausea epidemic in Sta. Conrada: 405 hospitalized STA. CONRADA, Margovya - May 2, 2013 07.54: An epidemic of nausea, an involuntary urge to vomit, has been declared in Sta. Conrada State Worshiping CenterUniversity High School right after the flag ceremony. Fortunately, no deaths have been recorded, but a total of 374 students and 31 faculty members were hospitalized and are now uncomfortably vomiting. According to the principal of the university's high school department, the playback of the province's local hymn, "Narito Ako", was accidentally deleted at the last minute before the flag ceremony, so the audio-visual department used their backup playback of the local hymn, which happened to be the 2004 rendition of Conrada Cortesova, who became governor of the province, and that was the hypothetical reason why students and teachers started having nausea and throwing up. Because of this, other academies and universities in Sta. Conrada gave them two copies of the original playback of "Narito Ako".

Alduva International Airport bombed: 48 dead, 221 injured ALDUVA, Margovya - May 2, 2013 04.49: A suicide bombing occurred inside the Alduva International Airport today. The suspect, recognized as Yelena Qurimova, aged 20, a repeat tenth grader of Arbatskaya State University High School who became a member of the terror group William's Avengers, was killed along with forty-seven other people while 221 others were injured and were rushed in to Alduva State Hospital. Police declared this a failed political terrorism, as the flight that contained President Viktoriya Vegova, which was supposed to land on Alduva International Airport, made an emergency landing in Prokofiev International Airport because of the plane engine not functioning normally.

Shootout in the NMS: 1 dead, 9 injured; heavy traffic volume experienced ALDUVA, Margovya - May 2, 2013 00.21: Four people shot a Yakovich XX sports car while traveling along the Northern Margovyan Superhighway. According to investigators, the suspects were trying to cross the expressway to the other side, but they saw the XX speeding and nearly running them over, so they shot the person driving it. The Yakovich XX was successful to run the suspects over, but it only killed one of the suspects: Venyamin Tetrakovich, aged 31, suspected member of the drug group Reproduced Three Stooges of Blastoise. Nine more people were injured, including the driver of the XX sports car, who was recognized under the identity of Ravil Vegov, age 19, senior high school student from Arbatskaya State University, who is about four weeks shy to his graduation from high school. According to Alduva Chief of Police Edgard Yakovich, the suspects are drug addicts and are trying to prove that they can do anything, including crossing a busy expressway. The incident caused heavy traffic in the expressway, as vehicles from a span of about 6 kilometers cannot move due to severe traffic.

Exclusive: Yarinich-Madiganov wedding coming soon! IKULSK, Margovya - May 1, 2013 22.07: Chief Justice Zarya Yarinich announced today that she will soon be wed to her long-time boyfriend Jim Madiganov after almost four years of dating. She announced that the wedding will be held in the Sta. Conrada Parish of Desperation Reconciliation on Sunday, June 23, 2013. The Chief Justice didn't mention who the guests of honor will be, as she was aware of the ongoing political terrorism in the country.

Exclusive: President Vegova speaks about Kumilyova-Biyebrov status IKULSK, Margovya - May 1, 2013 20.50: Due to recent controversies brought about by the rumored ongoing relationship between Senator Gavrina Kumilyova and suspended talk show host Ustin Biyebrov, Margovya Patrol asked President Viktoriya Vegova about this matter in an interview with her regarding her upcoming State of the Nation Address on Monday, May 27, 2013. "Honestly, I don't like what's going on between Biyebrov and Senator Kumilyova" President Vegova told Margovya Patrol. "The whole of Margovya can't deny that Biyebrov has acted more violently towards media ever since this issue started growing, so I will tell you the truth: Yesterday, during former President Bulshitova's birthday celebration, I saw Biyebrov drag Senator Kumilyova towards a dark closet, saying that this will be a perfect time for them to 'make out', but Gavrina kept on trying to free herself from Biyebrov's grip. Biyebrov wants Gavrina to be his girlfriend so desperately, but Gavrina doesn't want to".

Announcement: Adele has arrived for her concert DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - May 1, 2013 19.19: Margovyan Airlines Flight Number 13206 containing American singer-songwriter Adele has just arrived today at the Dostalinsky International Airport. It was announced April 14 that Adele will be having her birthday concert here in Margovya on her exact birthday, May 5, at the Amanda Viktoriyovskaya Theatre in Ciudad del Celebridad. The twenty-four-year-old singer-songwriter will be staying at Hotel Dostalinsky until May 6, after her concert. Before proceeding to the press conference for her concert, Adele announced that she will be guesting in the popular TV broadcast show iRina tomorrow night and have a performance. "Yeah, I'm so excited" Adele told Margovya Patrol. "Both for iRina and for the concert. I realized that my fans here in Margovya really love me, so I love them as well". Adele is a very famous singer-songwriter of this generation, and her songs are loved by most people all over the world. Some of her remarkable hits are Someone Like YouRolling in the DeepChasing Pavements, and the ever popular Set Fire to the Rain.

New record: Arbatskaya Monarchs get their 100th win in a row! STA. CONRADA, Margovya - May 1, 2013 14.45: The Arbatskaya Monarchs beat the Sta. Conrada Worshipers today with a score of 106-69 in their penultimate (second to the last) game for this season in the Margovyan Basketball Association (MBA), marking their one hundredth straight win in the MBA, a record that no team in Margovya has ever broken. The record for most wins in a row was previously held by the Sugalskaya Gamblers, which was 82 wins in a row in the 2004-2005 season, before they were beaten by the Arbatskaya Monarchs in their next game with the score 109-108. The Arbatskaya Monarchs are currently placed first in this season's standings, with 119 wins and 10 losses, followed by the Agpayev Heroes with 112 wins and 17 losses.

Announcement: Rafael, Sara and the Bodyguards concert sold out! DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - May 1, 2013 12.38: Ten days before the one-night only concert of the Carbombyan boy band Rafael, Sara and the Bodyguards, the tickets are already sold out, according to Ticket Lubo Commission manager Boris Dimalov. "Our tickets are already sold out" Dimalov told Margovya Patrol. "I guess most people all over the nation really love Rafael, Sara and the Bodyguards. Meanwhile, the RS&B expresses their gratitude to all Margovyans for selling out the concert, and for expressing their support for the band.

Drug shipment held back by police STA. ANDREA, Margovya - May 1, 2013 03.07: A suspicious-looking truck was held back by Sta. Andrea police upon taking the Artedov exit in the Northern Margovyan Superhighway. The truck contained 3 metric tons of MSD LSD and has a street value of nearly 3.8 billion margots. The driver of the truck, recognized under the identity of Andreya Ruminova, age 41, suspected member of the drug group Reproduced Three Stooges of Blastoise, was arrested, fined 350,000 margots, and will be jailed for between four and sixteen years.

Bonjoaya provincial police officers arrested after victimizing Chief of police son for corruption BONJOAYA, Margovya - April 30, 2013 23.19: Three officers of the Bonjoaya provincial police were arrested after victimizing Boris Yazenev, son of Bonjoaya Chief of Police Yakov Yazenev, of corruption. Apparently, the corrupt officials saw the younger Yazenev having a phone conversation with his girlfriend inside his car. The police officers "saw" this conversation as "phone sex", so they arrested Yazenev, unaware that he is the son of their boss, and, seeing that their victim is rich, they charged him 150,000 margots for "having phone sex". However, the younger Yazenev declined to pay the corrupt officials the asked amount, so they took him to Camp Andufa, the Bonjoaya provincial police headquarters, and presented him to Chief of police Yakov Yazenev. Recognizing Boris as his son, Yazenev dismissed him, and arrested the corrupt police officers.

Chickenpox outbreak in Laduva declared POVIDA, Margovya - April 30, 2013 21.44: The Ministry of Health and Public Safety officially declared a state of emergency in the city of Laduva in Povida after the St. Makar's Medical Center and other hospitals in the city reported over 395 cases of the disease. The outbreak was mostly localized in the Filitovskaya district of Laduva, and the Apatavsk LXIX sub-platoon has been given permission to seal off the area. Health Minister Hafimwahlid Talnaev urged the people of Laduva to remain in their homes and hold off on their travel plans for a while, at least until the outbreak has run its course. Authorities suspect that the outbreak may have been engineered by political terrorists, as the first set of people afflicted by the disease worked at the Laduva Post Office.Yes, we still have a post office. "We believe that the outbreak is of natural origin," Talnaev told the media, "but if we find out that someone caused this, we will not stop until he or she is brought before Margovyan justice."

Bulshitova, Cortesova supposed to be on downed flight ARBATSKAYA, Margovya - April 30, 2013 20.16: Investigators discovered that former President Susana Bulshitova and former Senate President Conrada Cortesova were supposed to be on Margovyan Airlines Flight 6569, but did not make it due to heavy traffic on the way to Andufa Domestic Airport. "Conrada and I were supposed to be in Filipiniana for a charity event," Bulshitova told Margovyan Patrol during her birthday interview when she was informed of this development. "But I suppose fate has intervened and prevented our deaths." Cortesova, still confined in Sta. Conrada Worshiping Medical Hospital, told Margovyan Patrol that they "were very lucky, no?" Despite their joy at surviving the crash, they still expressed their condolences and sympathy with the victims of Flight 6569.

Kumilyova and Biyebrov again spotted in Bulshitova birthday celebration IKULSK, Margovya - April 30, 2013 19.04: Just like the 64th birthday celebration of former Vice President Anatoly Baychenko yesterday, the 68th birthday celebration of former President Susana Bulshitova was also witnessed by various celebrities and politicians, including all living former Presidents of the country, and Incumbent President Viktoriya Vegova, together with Vice President Mstislav Pankavuranov. But what surprised Margovya Patrol the most was the arrival of Ustin Biyebrov, again, together with Senator Gavrina Kumilyova. Not so Socialist co-members Tanya Kalinina and Maria Atolova confirmed with Margovya Patrol that Kumilyova and Biyebrov are having a relationship, but again, Senator Kumilyova denies about her having a relation with Biyebrov.

Svolochy Showdown increases ratings with Kalinina and Atolova as hosts DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - April 30, 2013 12.26: The 35th season of the hit singing competition Svolochy Showdown instantly and surprisingly increased in ratings from 12.2 to a very high 29.5% last night right after host Ustin Biyebrov was suspended from the show and was replaced by former House Speaker Tanya Kalinina and Incumbent House Speaker Maria Atolova. "Well, we didn't expect that but thanks for watching Svolochy Showdown", Atolova said in an interview with Margovya Patrol "No, I don't think we are better hosts than Ustin, maybe the contestants just showed off better this week than last week".

Sub-platoon prepares for deployment DEL QUIEV DEL NORTE, Margovya - April 30, 2013 04.15: 222 soldiers and officers from the Kotedovsk XXX sub-platoon will be deployed to Somalia as part of the Margovyan contingent in the United Nations Operation in Somalia III (UNOSOM III), the third such UN peacekeeping operation in Somalia. Sub-platoon leader Captain Ustin Amriyev declined to comment on the sub-platoon's mission in Somalia, citing security reasons preventing his disclosure. "All I can really say is that we'll be keeping the peace for the three months that we will be there," he said. Because of concerns about political terrorism, the plane taking the sub-platoon soldiers had been thoroughly inspected for bombs, and members of the Kotovsk IV sub-platoon provided additional security.

Senator almost killed in a road rampage QUINTIN DEL PAN, Margovya - April 29, 2013 23.14: A monster truck smashed a Yakovich V900 sports car upon taking the Alakdanovich exit in the Northern Margovyan Superhighway. The V900 belonged to Senator Boris Sorbariyev, who was trying to catch up to the birthday party of former Vice President Anatoly Baychenko. The thirty-one-year-old senator was rushed in to the Pontival State Hospital, and is now recovering. Former House Speaker Tanya Kalinina, who was also catching up to Former Vice President Baychenko's birthday party and saw the incident, stated in an interview with Margovya Patrol that the crash would have actually killed Sorbariyev if it weren't for his newly-installed remote-control steel seatbelt. Because of this, most politicians have now decided to order remote control steel seatbelts for their Yakovich sports cars.

Svolochy Showdown hosts and finalists extends support and reaches out to Bansutina's family STA. CONRADA, Margovya - April 29, 2013 21.33: A note was sent to new Svolochy Showdown hosts Tanya Kalinina and Maria Atolova from the mother of Top 20 finalist Konrada Bansutina, the contestant who fainted during her performance on April 25, saying that Bansutina died of heart failure yesterday at the Sta. Conrada Worshiping Medical Hospital. The hosts and finalists of the 35th season of the hit singing competition gives their condolences to the family of the late finalist, and each of the first four performers for the day performed songs of Conrada Cortesova, who appeared to be the idol of Bansutina.

Exclusive: Biyebrov suspended for almost running over Margovya Patrol reporter DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - April 29, 2013 20.44: Ustin Biyebrov, host of his own talk show Ustin Biyebrov Live! and host of the singing competition Svolochy Showdown, was suspended from both of his shows after almost running over Margovya Patrol reporter Roland Duranov at former Vice President Anatoly Baychenko's birthday party. "I'm sorry, okay" Biyebrov said in an interview with Margovya Patrol "I was just mad at that reporter trying to expose us as a couple when we are actually not". Biyebrov will be replaced by Top Gear Margovya Hosts, former House Speaker Tanya Kalinina and Incumbent House Speaker Maria Atolova in Svolochy Showdown, which is now down to the Top 19.

Campus shootout: 42 dead, 202 injured, suspects arrested STA. CONRADA, Margovya - April 29, 2013 19.02: 23 men believed to be members of the Mikhail Chick Group attacked the Sta. Conrada State Worshiping Center University, killing two security guards, three janitors, twenty-three students and three faculty members. However, eleven of the suspects were killed during the attack, and 202 more people, including six of the suspects, 175 students, twenty faculty members, and the college dean, were injured and confined to Sta. Conrada Worshiping Medical Hospital. The remaining six suspects were arrested by Sta. Conrada provincial police. Sta. Conrada chief of police Andrey Lubovsky agreed to Viktoriyovskaya Police Chief Stanimir Vegov's statement that the Mikhail Chick Group's attacks are now being more random and less sophisticated, and he added "I feel bad for them, wasting their lives retaliating the death of an infamous criminal who once wasted his life avenging his loss in the Senatorial Elections".

Senator Kumilyova and Ustin Biyebrov spotted in birthday party PONTIVAL, Margovya - April 29, 2013 18.52: Margovya Patrol was invited to the 64th birthday party of Former Vice President Anatoly Baychenko to take pictures and video clips of political figures who attended the party. The party was star-studded, and included the bands Admit One, TPB, Not so Socialist, and even the Carbombyan rock band Rafael, Sara and the Bodyguards, who stopped by Margovya before continuing on with their tour. Also spotted in the party are political couple Fanniya and Gennady Elemat, President Viktoria Vegova and Vice President Mstislav Pankavuranov, and of course, Baychenko's best friend, former President Baba Filitov, who had just recovered from his injuries, but one more thing surprised Margovya Patrol: a Yakovich U-LUBO sports car parked right beside a reporter and almost ran him over. The U-LUBO contained Senator Gavrina Kumilyova and talk show host Ustin Biyebrov, holding hands while walking to the Former Vice President's house. "How rude of that svoloch (meaning scum or a**hole, referring to Biyebrov) to park his not so expensive sports car, he almost killed me!", reporter Roland Duranov told Margovya Patrol "I think that poor excuse of a talk show host has became 200% more rude and more boastful now that he's dating a senator".

Former Senate President states counter-attack to Viktoriyovskaya Chief of Police DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - April 29, 2013 12.05: Former Senate President Conrada Cortesova granted an interview with Margovya Patrol after recovering from her injuries. It is known that on Saturday, April 27, during her talk show Conrada Cortesova Live!, Cortesova was badly injured after a political terrorist blew the set up. During the interview, Cortesova stated a counter-attack on Viktoriyovskaya chief of police Stanimir Vegov's statement about the pharmacy raid last night, saying "I might be desperate, but at least I'm not old", probably criticizing Chief Vegov's age, which is 64. Moreover, Cortesova thanked her guest last Saturday, Carly Rae Jepsen, for praying for her, and said that she will definitely come to Jepsen's concert on May 19, as the singer-songwriter left her a VIP ticket while she was in the hospital.

Speeding driver caught after a high-speed chase in the NMS ARBATSKAYA, Margovya - April 29, 2013 03.02: A Yakovich WW2 sports car was involved in a high-speed chase by Arbatskaya police across the NMS from the expressway's east end point in Yobatav, Arbatskaya to its west end point all the way in Marginalia Pueblito, Arkonaysk. According to Arbatskaya Chief of police Genrikh Lebedev, the driver of the WW2 sports car was hard to catch, since he was driving at 370 kph, more than twice the speed limit of 175 kph, and he went straight across the 749-km long expressway, and refused to take any one of the 101 exits in the expressway. However, Arbatskaya and Arkonaysk police managed to catch the speeding maniac after he got past the west end toll gate in Marginalia Pueblito, Arkonaysk, after two hours and twelve minutes of high-speed chasing. According to the suspect, who was recognized under the identity of Aleksei Fraternov, age 24, a fourth year repeater college student from Arbatskaya State University, he was trying to beat a Guiness World Record of fastest 750-km traveler, which was originally two hours and twenty-three minutes. After a minute, the Guiness World Records team arrived and recognized Fraternov's travel as a new record. Arbatskaya and Arkonaysk police agreed not to arrest Fraternov, as long as they are included in the Guiness World Records portrait.

Russian tourist shot outside hospital ARBATSKAYA, Margovya - April 28, 2013 23.32: A Russian national was shot outside the Yobatav Medical Center Arbatskaya (YMCA) by an unknown man using a Browning M1911 pistol. The Russian, identified as Valentin Valentinov, 29, of Cherkessk, was walking to his hotel when the unknown man opened fire on him right in front of the YMCA. Because he was shot right in front of the hospital, doctors were able to tend to him immediately, and he is now in stable condition. The bullet that hit him actually hit the iPhone in his pocket, and were it not for the device, the bullet would have gone through his heart and killed him. Police have raised the possibility that it was a political terrorist attack, as Valentinov looks like Boris Yazenev, son of Bonjoaya Police Chief Yakov Yazenev, who is an outspoken opponents of Margovya's political terrorists. It is known that Mikhail Dostalinski placed Yazenev on his target list before he was captured on April 23.

Pharmacy raided: 1 dead, 5 injured, 12,005 margots stolen VIKTORIYOVSKAYA, Margovya - April 28, 2013 23.01: 6 men believed to be members of the terrorist group Mikhail Chick Group attacked the Botanikavovich Generica Pharmacy branch in Remontadov, injuring 4 employees and the only security guard. The guard was able to shoot one of the attackers, but was helpless to stop the others from stealing all the money from the pharmacy. The dead terrorist was identified as Yerman Akselinski, 35, a suspected member of Mikhail Dostalinski's inner circle which is now running his groups' terror activities. Viktoriyovskaya police chief Stanimir Vegov said that Akselinski's death should be a severe blow to Dostalinski' organization, whose attacks are becoming more random and less sophisticated as time passes. An estimated 12,000 margots were stolen from the pharmacy by the terrorists, according to the cashiers. They also reported that before leaving, one of the terrorists picked up a 5-margot coin on the ground, which adds up to the 12,005 margots reported stolen. "They must be desperate," Chief Vegov told Margovyan Patrol. "Like a certain someone who made a certain senate a hellish one."

Road accident in the NMS: 1 dead, 36 injured; hostage drama stopped STA. CONRADA, Margovya - April 28, 2013 22.41: A Yakovich W25 sports car reportedly going at around 305 kph along shoulder lane westbound along the Northern Margovyan Superhighway in Godfriyevskaya, Sta. Conrada bumped into a parked Margovyan Rabbit Bus carrying 50 passengers, where there is an ongoing hostage drama. Ironically, the hostage taker was killed during the crash, recognized as Martin Balkovich, aged 31, a suspected member of the terror group William's Avengers. Thirty-six more people were injured, including the driver of the Yakovich sports car, recognized under the identity of Lavrenty Galanov, age 18, student from Sta. Conrada State Worshiping Center University High School.

Police officers caught gambling inside headquarters AGPAYEV, Margovya - April 28, 2013 17.44: Five police officers of the Agpayev provincial police were caught playing a game of poker inside the Agpayev police headquarters, where they are assigned. Agpayev chief of police Maksim Nukov ordered immediately terminated the officers, saying "Ah, police nowadays, making the police headquarters a gambling center".

Announcement: WWE superstar guesting in Top Gear Margovya DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - April 28, 2013 13.03: American wrestler Chris "The Masterpiece" Masters just arrived in Ciudad del Celebridad International Airport to watch the Margovyan Wrestling Tournament live later at the Amanda Viktoriyovskaya Theatre in Ciudad del Celebridad, Dostalinsky. The WWE superstar also announced his guesting in Top Gear Margovya this Friday, for which he will feature his newly-acquired Yakovich WWE sports car. Former House Speaker Tanya Kalinina, host of the car review show, fainted in excitement upon hearing the announcement.

Announcement: Carly Rae Jepsen Live! DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - April 28, 2013 12.51: Canadian singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen officially made an announcement on Margovya Patrol that she will be having a one-night only concert on Sunday, May 19, 2013 at the Mall of South America (MOSA) Arena in Fama del Rumayevskaya, Calsoncios. Before making the announcement, Jepsen made an appearance in the Conrada Cortesova Live! talk show, wherein several political terrorists bombed the studio, confining host Conrada Cortesova in the Sta. Conrada Worshiping Medical Hospital. "Get well soon, Conrada, and please come to my concert", Jepsen said in an interview with Margovya Patrol.

Margovyan Rabbit terminal bombed: 73 dead, 152 injured DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - April 28, 2013 02.01: The Margovyan Rabbit terminal in Ciudad del Celebridad was attacked by a suicide bomber, killing 73 people and injuring 152 others. The suicide bomber was identified through CCTV footage and eyewitness accounts as Alexa Quarumova, 19. Quarumova was a consistent repeat student in Calsoncios State University High School before disappearing and becoming a member of the terror group William's Boys. In a video sent to Margovyan Patrol, new political terrorist Vasilisa Yeguntseva announced that the attack was only the beginning of her new terror campaign. "No more attacks on politicians," she said. "Just good old-fashioned terrorism." Authorities declined to comment on Yeguntseva's plans.

Plane bombing attempt foiled STA. CONRADA, Margovya - April 27, 2013 23.33: Air Sta. Conrada Flight 69 was prevented from taking off from Vulvanovskaya International Airport after investigators had learned that a bomb disguised as a remote-controlled car had been loaded onboard. The bomb, carrying one pound of explosives determined to be a blend of C4 and RDX, would have completely obliterated the plane and killed everyone onboard, including the vice mayor of Vulvanovskaya, Yelizaveta Vulvanova. She declined to be interviewed after the incident.

Shootout in checkpoint: 3 dead, 9 injured ARBATSKAYA, Margovya - April 27, 2013 22.06: A Yakovich WWE sports car containing eight students from Arbatskaya State University was shot by suspected political terrorists passing off as police officers in a checkpoint between Yobatav, Arbatskaya and Yalonov, Prokofiev. Two suspects, recognized under the identities of Faddey Tramvitov, aged 50, and Kseniya Tramvitova, aged 37, suspected members of Tramvitum Political Bandits (TPB, not to be confused with the political boy band of the same initials), and one student, the driver of the Yakovich WWE sports car, recognized under the identity of Ravil Nemenov, aged 22, were killed while nine more people were injured and were confined in Yobatav Medical Center Arbatskaya (YMCA) in Yobatav, Arbatskaya. According to Yobatav city police, political terrorism is behind this, since the killed student was the brother of Incumbent Bonjoaya Governor Nikolai Nemenov, and one of the passengers was fifth grader Aleksei Elemat, son of former President Gennady Elemat.

Exclusive: Senator Kumilyova linked to Ustin Biyebrov ARKONAYSK, Margovya - April 27, 2013 13.48: A Yakovich U-LUBO sports car was seen parked on the shoulder lane westbound along the Northern Margovyan Superhighway, near the expressway's west end point in Marginalia Pueblito, Arkonaysk. The Yakovich U-LUBO contained Senator Gavrina Kumilyova and talk show host Ustin Biyebrov reportedly "making out". On an interview in the Celeb Contoversies talk show, Senator Kumilyova clarified that she and Biyebrov are just good friends, and they are not having a romantic relationship. Svetlana Lanuva, the host of the Svetlana Lanuva talk show, who witnessed the growth of the relationship between President Viktoriya Vegova and Vice President Mstislav Pankavuranov, commented about Senator Kumilyova's statement, saying "Oh, really?"

Plane crashes on Army platoon barracks: 17 dead, 149 injured VIKTORIYOVSKAYA, Margovya - April 27, 2013 07.49: A Margovyan Airlines plane crashes on the barracks of Elematsk platoon of the Margovyan Army in Remontadov, Viktoriyovskaya, killing sixteen passengers and the pilot of the plane, while the co-pilot, fifty-eight more passengers from the plane, nine officers and eighty-one cadets from the Elematsk XVIII sub-platoon were injured and were confined in Amanda Viktoriyovskaya Memorial Hospital. President Viktoriya Vegova expresses support to the victims of the plane crash, and for the Elematsk XVIII subplatoon.

Police officer arrested for charging money from student drivers for no apparent reason ABUKOV, Margovya - April 26, 2013 22.46: A police officer by the name Lavrenty Mayamanov was caught on video holding back a Yakovich X sports car for "number coding violation" (his plate number was H6J8L1, and on Fridays, plates that start with U-Y are under number coding). The driver of the sports car was recognized under the identity of Marko Ledanov, age 23, college student at Sta. Conrada State Worshipping Center University. According to Ledanov, he was charged 100,000 margots by police officer Mayamanov. Because of this, Mayamanov was terminated from his job, was arrested, and will be jailed for eighteen months to three years.

Political girl fight witnessed on national television DOSTALINKY, Margovya - April 26, 2013 21.01: The filing of candidacy for the position of Senate President for the 2014 senatorial conclave is due on May 27, 2013 and so far, one senator has filed his candidacy, Roland Tidzhomov of the Margovyan Federalist Party. Thus, only one senator will be allowed to file his/her candidacy. However, two senators, Yelena Vyzhinsky and Yelena Porsenko, both from the Socialist Party of Margovya are arguing about who should file her candidacy for President of the House Majority. Today, on the Ustin Biyebrov Live! talk show, during the segment "Let's watch those svolochy fight", Vyzhinsky and Porsenko were seen fighting with each other, both verbally and physically, as at the end of the segment, they are seen beating each other up. Because of this, Government Commissioner Faddey Yaranov decided to disqualify both of the senators and prohibit them from filing their candidacy for Senate President.

Top Gear Margovya hits highest viewership record DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - April 26, 2013 18.29: Top Gear Margovya, the Margovyan franchise of the critically acclaimed TV series Top Gear, received its highest numbers of viewers yet today, with over twenty-seven million people watching today's episode, which featured Vice President Mstislav Pankavuranov as the Politician in a Reasonably Priced Car. During his interview with host Senator Gavrina Kumilyova, Pankavuranov talked about his collection of Yakovich cars, his relationship with President Viktoriya Vegova, the burning of his family's hacienda earlier this week, and his future plans in government, including the possibility of running for president. He said that if the Margovyan Federalist Party will choose a candidate other than him to run for president, he would gladly run for vice president again. Pankavuranov drove around the Top Gear Margovya test track in 1:45.3. Top Gear Margovya, hosted by Not So Socialist bandmembers Tanya Kalinina, Gavrina Kumilyova, and Maria Atolova, is broadcast every Friday from 17.30 to 18.30.

New political terrorist announces her revenge plot IKULSK, Margovya - April 26, 2013 17.52: A video clip was sent to Margovya Patrol today, and the video shows the newest political terrorist, Vasilina Yeguntsova of the political terrorist group William's Boys, announcing her attack for the retaliation of the death of William Do and the capture of Mikhail Dostalinski. All that Bonjoaya chief of police Yakov Yazenev could say about this was "Oh no, not again".

Plane crashes on drug den: 52 dead, 108 injured, 300,000 kg of drugs seized PONTIVAL, Margovya - April 26, 2013 15.05: Margovyan Airlines Flight 8806 bound for Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, crashes on a suspected drug den on Havaianas, Pontival, killing the pilot, co-pilot, twenty-three passengers of the plane, and twenty-seven people in the drug den, and one hundred eight more people were injured, and about 300,000 kg of illegal drugs that are worth approximately 120 billion margots are seized by the police and handed over to the Margovyan Government.

Senior apprehended for speeding VIKTORIYOVSKAYA, Margovya - April 26, 2013 12.56: Police patrolling the Southern Margovyan Superhighway were in a pursuit of a Yakovich W75 sports car which have been reportedly going at around 320 kph. The police managed to capture the violator upon taking Remontadov exit. The suspect was recognized under the identity of Mikhail Pavlov, age 76, from Kabadav, Janduva. Pavlov has been arrested for overspeeding, and will be jailed for between thirty days and three months.

Journalist arrested after publishing biased poll survey ARKONAYSK, Margovya - April 26, 2013 06.41: A local journalist by the name Ravil Mandarayov was arrested after publishing a poll survey on the fifty most important and respectable Margovyan figures of all time. The said poll survey had the Father of Margovyan Revolution Vasily Agpayev placed on the fourteenth spot, former President Juan Maryanov on the twenty-second spot, and former President Gennady Elemat on the thirty-third spot. However, it had former President Susana Bulshitova on the twentieth spot, former Senate President Conrada Cortesova on the ninth spot, political terrorist Mikhail Dostalinski on the sixth spot, late political terrorist William Do on the second spot, and Mandarayov himself on the first spot. Mandarayov was arrested for publishing biased articles, fraud and libel, and will be jailed for six to twelve years.

Traffic enforcer arrested after being caught collecting money from traffic violators IKANUA, Margovya - April 26, 2013 00.02: A traffic enforcer by the name David Gayamanov was arrested after being caught on video collecting money from a woman whom he caught beating the red light. The woman turned out to be Senator Yuliya Koneva, who was in a big hurry to get to a party in Tidzhomov Oriental. Gayamanov was arrested and will be jailed for three to twelve months.

Sex den discovered: over 600 arrested STA. CONRADA, Margovya - April 25, 2013 22.22: A sex den in Godfriyevskaya, Sta. Conrada was discovered by the Sta. Conrada police. A total of 669 people were arrested, and the owner of the den, Kiril Putanin, was fined 500,000 margots, and will be jailed for two to six years.

Local bombing in Lumanovich: 7 dead, 23 injured TRAMVITUM, Margovya - April 25, 2013 21.48: A bombing attack in the Lumanovich branch of Banco Margovyano in Lumanovich, Tramvitum was executed, killing four security guards, two members of the attacking group and one employee, while twenty-three more people were injured. The leading suspect for this attack is the local terrorist group Tramvitum Political Bandits (TPB). A total of approximately 180,000 margots were stolen by the terrorist group, which they will, according to Tramvitum chief of police Faddey Guadinov, use for future political attacks and bombings.

Svolochy Showdown finalist faints during performance STA. CONRADA, Margovya - April 25, 2013 21.06: Konrada Bansutina, age 16, from Kantutingrad, Sta. Conrada, finalist for the Top 20 countdown of Svolochy Showdown, fainted during her performance of the song "Careless Whisper". The finalist was immediately confined to Sta. Conrada Worshipping Medical Hospital, where she is now recovering. Meanwhile, Svolochy Showdown host Ustin Biyebrov announced that the management is dropping Bansutina from the contest, and there will be no elimination this saturday. The remaining nineteen finalists will be performing again next week.

Filitov family: News that Baba died isn't true PONTIVAL, Margovya - April 24, 2013 20.00: Family of former President Baba Filitov speaks about the news circulating that the former President died due to the depth of his injuries. Anatoly, the former president's son, stated in an interview with Margovya Patrol that the story on Filitov's death isn't true, and that updates about the former President's health will only be announced by the family and friends of Filitov. As we can recall, the former first family were terrorized yesterday during the wedding of former presidential son Anatoly Filitov.

Earthquake in Animnapuva; terror attacks busted ARTESENAS, Margovya - April 24, 2013 19.14: A magnitude 5.8 earthquake striked the whole of Animnapuva, Artesenas, destroying the warehouse which turned out to be the official hideout of the terrorist group Mikhail Chick group. As soon as the earthquake ended, Artesenas police captured the members of the terrorist group, managing to arrest 468 of its members.

Road rampage along NMS: 13 dead, 26 injured ARBATSKAYA, Margovya - April 24, 2013 18.08: A road rampage involving five Yakovich sports cars of different models and two V700 AUV's broke out along the Northern Margovyan Superhighway just before the expressway's end point in Yobatav, Arbatskaya. Two passengers from the AUV's, four passengers from the sports cars and the drivers of each vehicles involved died on the spot, while twenty-six more people were injured, including three spectators. Police are now investigating the case, and are suspecting that political terrorism is behind all of this, since one of the drivers of the Yakovich V700 AUV was recognized as a member of the terrorist group William's Avengers, and one of the sports car drivers looked exactly like House Speaker Maria Atolova.

Margovyan Rabbit Bus held hostage: 5 dead, 31 injured; hostage taker arrested STA. CONRADA, Margovya - April 24, 2013 00.08: A Margovyan Rabbit Bus carrying 48 passengers and traveling eastbound along the Northern Margovyan Expressway was held hostage by Pavel Seranovsky, a police officer from Bonjoaya who recently got fired, upon taking Godfriyevskaya exit. Four passengers and the bus driver were killed during the hostage drama, while thirty-one more passengers were injured. After twenty minutes, Sta. Conrada police arrived in the scene, capturing Seranovsky. Meanwhile, the injured passengers were confined to Sta. Conrada Worshipping Medical Hospital, where they are now recovering.

Mad driver shoots student during an altercation; suspect arrested and jailed PAROVSKY, Margovya - April 23, 2013 20.48: Gavril Kirilov, aged 19, a senior high school student in Tramvitum State University, was driving home to Elematsk, Artesenas, when he encountered a drunk driver bumping into him. After an altercation with Ilya Nakainomov, age 37, a construction worker in Calduva who recently got fired and was driving home drunk, Kirilov was shot by Nakainomov. He was rushed to Parovsky State Hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival. Meanwhile, Nakainomov was captured by Parovsky police in an attempt to escape, was arrested for drunk driving and murder, and will be jailed until court trial.

Margovyan community prays for the fast recovery of former President Filitov IKULSK, Margovya - April 23, 2013 19.57: In an interview with Margovya Patrol, President Viktoriya Vegova announces support to the family of former President Baba Filitov and the Margovyan community in praying for the fast recovery of the former president. Vegova also promised justice for the family of Yelena Arbatskaya, bride of the former president's son, who got killed during the attack.

Political wedding rained by bullets: 17 dead, 49 injured PONTIVAL, Margovya - April 23, 2013 19.06: Three terrorists from the terrorist group William's Avengers, a terrorist group apparently inspired by the 2012 film "The Avengers" which was formed to retaliate the death of Vilyelmo Dumayev (a.k.a. William Do), attacked the Christian Virtues Parish in Gobrovgrad, Pontival during the wedding of Anatoly Filitov, son of Former President Baba Filitov, and Yelena Arbatskaya. A total of seventeen people were killed in the attack, including eleven spectators, one member of the attacking group, the minister of the wedding, three altar servers, and the bride. A total of 49 people were injured, including President Baba Filitov himself. The remaining two suspects were arrested by the Pontival police.

Representative-critics file impeachment complaint against Chief Justice; Justice Minister laughs about this IKULSK, Margovya - April 23, 2013 18.47: Ikanua Representative Vladislav Siraanov, Tramvitum Representative Katrina Delanuva, and Sta. Conrada Representative Kiril Gaganovsky filed an impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Zarya Yarinich, presenting a video of her "making out" with Justice Minister Jim Madiganov. Siraanov claimed that Yarinich is doing this to hit on Madiganov, who is ranked tenth in the richest people in Margovya, for cash. Delanuva added to this statement, saying that Yarinich shall be jailed and put to death by the Margovyan government. However, on an interview with Margovya Patrol, Madiganov laughed about this, and said that he and Yarinich are boyfriend-girlfriend, officially making the announcement on National Television on June 23, 2009. In addition, he announced their upcoming wedding on 2014. Meanwhile, because of this, Siraanov, Delanuva and Gaganovsky were ordered by House Speaker Maria Atolova to step down from their position, were arrested and will be jailed for between eighteen months and three years, or until court trial.

Mandatory drug testing conducted in all schools in Margovya, as ordered by president IKULSK, Margovya - April 23, 2013 15.38: Due to the capture of the three high school teachers from Notre Dame of Margovya high school in a drug raid in Opula yesterday, President Viktoriya Vegova ordered all schools in the whole of Margovya to conduct a mandatory drug testing on both students and faculty members. This is to ensure safety in every school in Margovya, and to prevent drug syndicates, addiction, crime and violence to emerge.

Investment Company closes after collecting over 900 million margots from customers SUGALSKAYA, Margovya - April 23, 2013 15.22: The Manlolokov Investment Corporation, an investment company in Sugalskaya who promised customers to return 1 million margots to customers who invested 100,000 margots after 75 days, closes 75 days after its opening. The company's founder, Ivan Manlolokov, was spotted by Sugalskaya police board an airplane bound for Los Angeles, California, USA under the pseudonym Luis Guillermo. US Ambassador Calvin Jones and Margovyan Ambassador to US Iosef Grodonov are now teaming up to find Manlolokov and surrender him to Margovyan custody.

Arms shipment held back by the police BONJOAYA, Margovya - April 23, 2013 14.15: All passengers of Margovyan Airlines Flight 6969 were held back by Bonjoaya police before leaving the Andufa International Airport after the police discovered that the flight contained illegal weapons and explosives bound for the captured members of William's Boys in Rondaya. Police officers were more surprised to find out that political terrorist Mikhail Dostalinski and some members of the Mikhail Chick Group were among the passengers of Flight 6969. All that Bonjoaya chief of police Yakov Yazenev could say about this was "Nice try, Grigoriyevich".

Announcement: Rafael, Sara and the Bodyguards, Live! IKULSK, Margovya - April 23, 2013 12.50: On an interview with Margovya Patrol, Carbombyan rock band Rafael, Sara and the Bodyguards (also known for their initials RS&B, not to be confused with the local terrorist group of the same name) announced that they are having a one night only concert on Saturday, May 11, 2013, at the Amanda Viktoriyovskaya Theatre in Ciudad del Celebridad, Dostalinsky, as a part of their four-month World Tour from April to August 2013. Rafael, Sara and the Bodyguards have been famous in all parts of the world since 1995. Some of their remarkable hits are Serenade My Love300Godfrey LUBOAt 10, and Lesbi.

Woman killed in freak traffic accident STA. CONRADA, Margovya - April 23, 2013 05.30: A woman was killed in a freak traffic accident in Godfriyevskaya when four trucks smashed into her car on all sides. Worse, the truck drivers fired a total of 120 bullets into the wreckage of the car. The victim was identified as Darya Nukova, 32, of Godfriyevskaya, Sta. Conrada. Police suspect that she was not the real target of the terrorists because of her many similarities to Senate President Arya Nukova, including name, birthday, birthplace, looks, and even the model and color of her Yakovich sports car. Senate President Nukova was deeply saddened by the tragedy, as Darya Nukova had been a close friend of hers. "I will do everything to make sure Darya's killers face swift Margovyan justice," she promised Nukova's family and the Margovyan people on Margovyan Patrol.

Plans to burn presidential house discovered in raid IKULSK, Margovya - April 23, 2013 00.13: Margovyan police raided a drug/prostitution den in Ikulsk in an effort to find illegal drugs, but instead found something more disturbing. The den was being used by the terror group Margovyan Socialist Destroyers, Eradicators, and Executioners (MSDEE) to plot an attack on the home of President Viktoriya Vegova. The plans involved loading a cloud-seeding plane with flammable chemicals then, when the plane had deposited its load over Vegova's house, the pilot would literally set fire to the rain. The plan appears to be a rip-off of the burning of Hacienda Pankavuranov, and was apparently inspired by Adele's single "Set Fire to the Rain," which is a very popular song in Margovya. Vegova said in an interview with Margovyan Patrol, "It may have sounded stupid, but it was very possible to do and it could have worked."

Theft in local cafeteria: 6 dead, 27 injured, 150,000 margots stolen CALSONCIOS, Margovya - April 22, 2013 22.04: Four members from the Mikhail Chick Group, two members of William's Boys, two members of William's Other Boys, and eleven from the Remontadov Socialists and Bandits (RS&B) attacked the local branch of Soft Jazz Cafe in Pantiyevich, Calsoncios, killing one security guard and five of the invaders, and injuring five staff workers, eight invaders, and fourteen customers. An estimated 150,000 margots were stolen, which, according to branch manager Gennady Rikatov, the terrorists will use for launching an all-out revenge attack after the capture of 437 of the members of William's Boys.

Terrorist group hideout discovered and attacked: 38 dead, 50 injured, 437 arrested RONDAYA, Margovya - April 22, 2013 21.38: Rondaya police raid a suspicious-looking warehouse in Ibitingrad, Rondaya, which turned out to be the official hideout of the nation's leading terrorist group William's Boys. During the attack on the said hideout, twenty-six from the terrorist group, including the leader, Karina Trotyevskaya, and twelve police officers, died in the attack, while thitry-one other members of the terrorist group, eighteen police officers and one spectator were injured. After the attack, the police managed to arrest 406 members of William's Boys who surrendered, plus the thirty-one who got injured during the attack, although according to Rondaya chief of police Yerman Lukanov, many of the members of the terrorist group have escaped during the attack, and are probably about to launch a revenge attack.

Road crash and explosion in SMS: 7 dead, 14 injured ARBATSKAYA, Margovya - April 22, 2013 16.48: A suspicious-looking truck reportedly going at about 245 kph east bound along the Southern Margovyan Superhighway was discovered by the police to have contained firearms and explosives. Arbatskaya police started to chase the truck along the expressway, until the truck took the Filipiniana exit and crashed into a Yakovich V900 sports car and exploded. The explosion killed seven people, including: the driver of the truck, who was recognized under the identity of Andreya Rubidova, aged 23, a suspected member of the terrorist group William's Boys; the driver of the Yakovich V900, his two passengers, and three police officers. Fourteen people were injured, including twelve police officers and two spectators. Arbatskaya police investigated the case and found out that the truck was on its way to the forty-six million margot mansion of Senator Roland Tidzhomov in Filipiniana to bomb and terrorize it.

Svolochy Showdown Final Countdown Venue will be moved this season, according to host IKULSK, Margovya - April 22, 2013 16.02: The Top 20 of this season's batch of Svolochy Showdown will be having their Final Countdown today, and will run for the next nineteen weeks, as only one contestant per week will be eliminated via nationwide vote. However, Svolochy Showdown host Ustin Biyebrov announced in an interview with Margovya Patrol that this year's semi-finals will be held in Godfriyevskaya, Sta. Conrada, instead of the usual venue in Remontadov, Viktoriyovskaya. This is due to the ongoing terrorism brought about by the terrorist group Remontadov Socialists and Bandits (RS&B) in pursuit of Incumbent President Viktoriya Vegova, a native of Remontadov.

Crash between airplane and bus: 51 dead, 60 injured: ARBATSKAYA, Margovya - April 22, 2013 15.59: Another Margovya Airlines airplane, this time flying from Andufa to Filipiniana, was bombed by a boy-girl pair from both Mikhail Chick Group and William's Boys in retaliation for the death of William Do. The two suicide bombers were killed instantly when they detonated their bombs, which also tore a hole in the plane's fuselage. As the pilots of Flight 6569 tried to land their plane in Filipiniana Domestic Airport, the engines lost power and crashed onto a busy highway, smashing into a Margovyan Rabbit bus in the process. Nineteen more people on the plane were killed, while thirty bus passengers died. 60 people in both vehicles were injured. Senator Roland Tidzhomov, a native of Filipiniana, ordered an immediate investigation into the groups responsible for the bombing.

Shootout in Quintin del Pan: 3 dead, 12 injured, 250,000 margots stolen QUINTIN DEL PAN, Margovya - April 22, 2013 08.51: Thirteen girls from the terrorist group William's Boys attacked the Alakdanovich branch of the Rural Bank of Quintin del Pan, killing the three guards watching over the bank and injuring two employees and ten customers. The branch manager, a Pavel Arbatsky of Sugalskaya Province, was told to open the vault and give the terrorists everything inside, which amounted to 250,000 margots. In an interview with Margovya Patrol, he said that the terrorists planned to use the money to purchase more weapons and explosives for a third wave of revenge attacks in the name of William Do. The terrorists/thieves also left a picture of House of Representatives Speaker Tanya Kalinina, a native of Alakdanovich, which had been used as target paper.  Police believe the threat is related to Kalinina's seizing of Do's offshore accounts, which provide most of the funding of Do's terrorist groups.

Do offshore accounts discovered, frozen, seized IKULSK, Margovya - April 22, 2013 09.30: Tanya Kalinina, Speaker of the House of Representatives and the head of the Congressional Anti-Corruption Committee, announced today that they had discovered two offshore bank accounts in the Cayman Islands owned by the late political terrorist William Do. The two accounts were created under the pseudonyms Guillermo Don't and Jose Velarde respectively, and are worth an estimated $300 million each. Kalinina believed that these accounts were where Do acquired the funds for his terrorist activities, and ordered the accounts frozen and the money in them seized. As soon as the $600 million in both accounts are turned over to the Margovyan government, it will be used to fund rebuilding projects and programs to help the victims of Do's terrorist attacks.

Hacienda Pankavuranov burned to the ground by terrorists BONJOAYA, Margovya - April 22, 2013 07.35: Political terrorists set fire to Hacienda Pankavuranov, the 6,000-hectare sugar plantation owned by the Pankavuranov family today. An estimated 10 million margots worth of sugarcane was destroyed by the fire, as well as the fifty million margot mansion of the Pankavuranovs on the property. Faddey Pankavuranov, a cousin of Vice President Mstislav Pankavuranov, was at the mansion when the terrorists attacked, and he helped save the many people working in both the house and the plantation. "Whoever did this must be trying to kill my cousin," he told Margovya Patrol in an exclusive interview. "Although he wasn't directly responsible for Vilyelmo Dumayev's death, the family member of every politician has now become a valid target for his terrorist friends." Bonjoaya police chief Yakov Yazenev promised to hunt down and kill the perpetrators of the fire.

Dostalinsky announces beginning of second wave of terror attacks IKULSK, Margovya - April 22, 2013 06.05: An unmarked envelope containing a single memory card was sent to Margovyan Patrol's head office today, and the memory card contained a single video file of political terrorist Mikhail Dostalinski surrounded by his cronies. On the video, Dostalinski announced the start of the second wave of terrorist attacks initiated to avenge the death of William Do. He also marked Yakov Yazenev, Bonjoaya Chief of Police on the top of his target list. All Yazenev would say about this was, "Bring it on, Grigoriyevich."

Drug den busted in Shawarmanov City Village OPULA, Margovya - April 22, 2013 04.05: Shawarmanov city police raided a suspected drug den in the Shawarmanov City Village in Shawarmanov City, Opula. Three suspects were arrested by the police, namely: Gennady Galanov, age 38; Yvet Polikarpova, age 36; and Denis Saplagiyov, age 37. The suspects are high school teachers at Notre Dame of Greater Margovya in Margovya City, Arbatskaya, and suspected members of the drug group Three Stooges of Blastoise, whose leader is former First Gentleman Anton Kumlidov, a.k.a. Congressman Blastoise Pichay.

Massive traffic in NMS caused by road accident PONTIVAL, Margovya - April 22, 2013 03.50: A road accident involving ten sports cars suspected to be having a race in the Northern Margovyan Superhighway has caused vehicles along a length of about 7 km from the accident site. Fortunately, only two people died from the accident: Iosef Ravilov, aged 17, and Ravil Ivanov, aged 19, high school students from Godfriyevskaya City High School. The other people involved in the crash were injured and confined to Margovyan Triangle Hospital in Gobrovgrad, Pontival. Yuri Gabronov, age 18, a survivor in the crash, speaks about the accident, stating that they were having a friendly bet on who can get to their destination in Filipiniana, Arbatskaya first.

Exclusive: President Vegova confirms relationship with Vice President Pankavuranov and speaks about the Viktoriyovskaya shootout DOSTALINSKY, Margovya - April 21, 2013, 23.08: In an interview on the Svetlana Lanuva talk show, President Viktoriya Vegova confirms that she and Vice President Mistislav Pankavuranov are in a relationship together. This was proven true after they kiss right before the show ended. Alongside the interview, President Vegova speaks about the shootout in Viktoriyovskaya, Viktoriyovskaya an hour ago, stating that she hired a suicidal actor and actress to pretend as her and Vice President Pankavuranov in an attempt to kill the leader of the RS&B terrorist group, which went successfully.

Shootout breaks in Viktoriyovskaya: 1 dead, 9 injured VIKTORIYOVSKAYA, Margovya - April 21, 2013 22.05: A massive shootout in the checkpoint at the border of Viktoriyovskaya City and Remontadov in the province of Viktoriyovskaya broke after a terrorist shoots a Yakovich V700 AUV entering Remontadov, which was believed to be of the exact same model, color and plate number as the vehicle that usually contains President Viktoriya Vegova and Vice President Mistislav Pankavuranov. Fortunately, only one died from the incident: Viktor Tratyevenko, aged 36, suspected leader of the terrorist group Remontadov Socialists and Bandits (RS&B). According to the investigation made by Viktoriyovskaya City and Remontadov police, the terrorist group was behind this shootout, in an attempt to assassinate President Vegova.

Massive bombing in Quirovsk: 58 dead, 172 injured; President Vegova declares state of emergency QUERUVA, Margovya - April 21, 2013 16.48: A press conference in the Queruva Minority Building in Quirovsk, Queruva was bombed, affecting the neighboring building, Queruva State University, killing 58 people, at least 40 of them are municipal leaders in the whole of the Queruvan province. 172 people were injured, most of them are students of Queruva State University. The injured victims were confined in Queruva State Hospital. Police investigate the crime scene, and one terrorist group was presented as suspect: Mikhail Chick Group, an all-boy-group headed and founded by former Vice President and political terrorist Mikhail Dostalinski in an attempt to avenge William Do's death. Dostalinski stated a counter-attack on Bonjoaya police chief Yakov Yazenev's statement in an interview, saying "William's death wasn't the end of political violence; it was just the beginning of its regime". Meanwhile, President Viktoriya Vegova declares state of emergency in Quirovsk, Queruva an hour after the bombing.

Arms shipment bound for political terrorists captured in Andufa BONJOAYA, Margovya - April 21, 2013 14.21: Margovyan police intercepted a suspicious looking truck from Andufa International Airport headed for Banananovich and discovered that it was carrying over a thousand Indian and Israeli-made weapons bound for the political terrorist group William's Boys, which, ironically, is made up of all girls. While the driver, twenty-four year-old Maria Tretyakovskaya refused to divulge the headquarters of William's Boys, she said that the weapons will be used to avenge the death of William Do, a.k.a. Vilyelmo Dumayev, who established William's Boys and was the leading political terrorist in Margovya before his death; and that her group will do "anything and everything possible" to retrieve the weapons for their planned revenge attacks. "We will do everything in our power to keep the captured weapons out of any would-be terrorists out there," Bonjoaya police chief Yakov Yazenev said in an interview. "The era of political violence is at an end, and all political terrorists should learn to accept that."

Plane lands safely in Ikulsk after airborne emergency IKULSK, Margovya - April 21, 2013 02.40: Margovya Airlines Flight 1290, from San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, Argentina, to Ikulsk, landed safely in Ikulsk International Airport after experiencing an explosive decompression that left fifty-nine people injured. Police are looking at the terrorism angle, as the wives and husbands of a few influential mayors which shall not be named were onboard the flight, attending an undisclosed event in San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca. At least three terrorist groups are seen as suspects: William's Boys, the ironically-named all-girls terror group founded by William Do, William's Other Boys, the splinter group founded by boys in protests of Do creating an all-girl group but calling them "Boys", and the Remontadov Socialists and Bandits, or RS&B for short (not to be confused with the Carbombyan band of the same initials), who have a deep hatred for current president Viktoriya Vegova, but no known reason why they hate her.

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