Ieronim Antonovich
The Interceptors character
Gregoriy Umalin as Ieronim Antonovich, 2008
First appearance The Interceptors:
"The Ieronymus Antonovus Conspiracy" (18.01-03)
June 27, 1987
Last appearance The Interceptors (2008):
"The Only Certain Freedom..." (08.10)
August 9, 2015
Created by Yulian Markovsky
Portrayed by Gregoriy Umalin
Full name Ieronim Bogumilovich Antonovich
Nickname(s) Ieronim, Gerry, Geronimo, Antonovich
Aliases Ieronymus Antonovus
Hieronymus Antonius
Gender Male
Occupation Field Commander of Field Operatives, Office of Analytical Services, Office of the President, South American Confederation (former)
Title Special Agent of the Republican Bureau of Investigation (former)
Family Bogumil Antonovich (father)
Marfa Antonovich (mother)
Algimantas Antonovich (brother)
Vytautas Antonovich (brother)
Ona Antonovich (sister)
Spouse Bogdana Queruva (ex-wife, deceased)
Religion Roman Catholic
Nationality Lithuanian-Margovyan

Ieronim Bogumilovich Antonovich (Lithuanian: Jeronimas Antonovicius, Margovyan: Geronimo Amadeo Antonio) is a fictional character created by Yulian Markovsky and portrayed by Gregoriy Umalin in the long-running television series The Interceptors and its 2008 iteration. Umalin made his franchise debut in The Interceptors' season 18 opener "The Ieronymus Antonovus Conspiracy". He also starred as a series regular for the 2008 series from series 1 to series 8.

Character backgroundEdit

Antonovich is the son of Lithuanian immigrants Bogumilas and Marta Antonovicius. After successfully receiving Margovyan citizenship, they legally changed their names to Bogumil and Marfa Antonovich. Ieronim is the youngest of four siblings and the only one to be born in Margovya; his brothers and sisters were all born in Lithuania before their family immigrated.

When Ieronim is first introduced to the series, he is shown to have a talent for making and taking money from the most surprising sources, which is why he is hired by the Arbatskaya City Interceptors to become their Extortionist. Ieronim rises through the team's ranks before leaving in 1993. Since Gregoriy Umalin's departure from the classic Interceptors series was unprecedented, Ieronim was implied to have resigned between the events of the episodes "Honorable Resignation" (24.29) and "New Faces" (25.01) of the series. He comes back to the team and becomes their leader, the Interceptor, between 2001 and 2002, after which he returned to his original post as Extortionist after the role-switching that took place in The Interceptors' Third Movie. Ieronim held on to the post until he decided to retire from the Task Force Interceptors after the events of Final Strike. In series 1 of the 2008 Interceptors, Ieronim agrees to form a task force for the RBI based on the Arbatskaya City Interceptors at the request of the Bureau's director, Eva Soryanova.

Ieronim is revealed to have been married to Bogdana Queruva, a bank teller whom Ieronim saved from a hostage taker at the cost of paralyzing her from the waist down, only for them to get divorced due to the nature of their relationship. Ieronim and Bogdana reconcile with each other and Ieronim even proposes to Bogdana once again, only for the latter to be killed by Arkady Arbatsky. This sets Ieronim on a personal course of revenge against Arbatsky, whom he finally kills during the Siege of Sucre. Ieronim announces his retirement from the Interceptors for good at the end of series 8.


The InterceptorsEdit

The Interceptors film seriesEdit

The Interceptors (2008)Edit

At the start of the new Interceptors series, Antonovich is revealed to still be living in the same apartment in Arbatskaya City despite getting over 100 pounds of silver bullion as part of his reward for doing and finishing the "Potosi job" with the rest of Task Force Interceptors. Ieronim is considering early retirement from the Arbatskaya City PD when he is approached by Director Eva Soryanova of the Republican Bureau of Investigation to head a new "deniable operations" unit patterned on Arbatskaya City PD's Task Force Interceptors. Ieronim accepts the offer and sets out to recruit new members of the team that would fit into the roles of the old Interceptors. His first recruits are Gavriil Galichevsky, an old friend of Ieronim's in the RBI, and the cyber-vigilante duo of Yelena Questramova and Izmail Berovsky.