The islamic state of makka and madinah is a theocratic islamic caliphate in the Middle East. It broke away from Saudi Arabia in 1979 after the makka rebellion. The caliph is currently abdullah Ben sattam al walidi, who was enthroned in 2012.

Flag of Makkah and madinah

1979 RebellionEdit

The islamic state came to be after a rebellion against the Saud family in 1979. Many tribes of differing sects of Islam rebelled. But then each tribe fought over who should rule Saudi Arabia. Each tribe took over a piece of what was once saudi land. The al walidi tribe took makka and medina, the two holiest cities in Islam.

Invasion of AsirEdit

In 1983 the new emir of Asir saif al Islam made Asir a democratic nation. This angered the other former saudi states and Asir was invaded. However Makka and Medina were on the Asiri side. The conflict ended a month later with a ceasefire.

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