After the US agreement to recognise ISIS, Israel was furious. The government ordered a WMD attack immediately.

Nuclear Edit

The first Nuclear attacks were on:


  • Haditha: 1x 1-megaton bomb 12,000 casualties
  • T-17 road: 2x 10-kiloton missile 133,000 casualties
  • Rawa: 1x Nuclear AAM: Misfiring, crashed in town but did not explode. 1 casualty
  • Rutba: 10x 100 kiloton and 3x 100-megaton missile. 12,000,000 casualties
  • Bagdhad: 1x 100,000,000 Heptaton bomb: Planned attack. Could possibly have killed 1,000,000,000 people if dropped. “Total destruction zone could have stretched from Serbia to South Africa.
  • Mosul: 2000 Megaton bomb. 200,000,000 casualties.
  • Dockyards across the country: 22x 1-megaton, 3x 5-megaton, 1,000,000 casualties.
  • USA
  • New York: 1000-Heptaton bomb. 300,000,000 casualties.

Chemical Edit

Nerve gas Edit

  • Ramadi: 12,000, casualties


  • Al-Bukmal: 2000 casualties
  • Al-Safir: 100 casualties


  • Damascus: 10 Casualties, 100,000 affected


Unknown site: 109 casualties. Analysts speculate that this target was a military barracks in Yemen.

Biological Edit

WRS-213239584958483489483943: 1,000,000 casualties.

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