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Ivan Radoslavovsky
Timeline: History of Margovya

Radoslavovsky in 2014

Birth: Ivan Iosefovich Radoslavovsky
August 19, 1958 (age 59)
San Fernando, Morinho, Margovya
Spouse: Martina Alakdanovna Lukoreva (m. 1982-1990)
Kara Karlovna Mashkhadovskaya (m. 1994-1999)
Eva Iosifovna Maslennikova (m. 2010-2011)
Lyudmila Antonovna Garbova (m. 2015-present)
Religion: Roman Catholic
Profession: Actor, producer, director, screenwriter

Ivan Iosefovich Radoslavovsky (born August 19, 1958) is a Margovyan actor, director, producer and screenwriter. He is best known as Mark Ostramov in the long-running medical emergency-based television series Paramedics from 1984 to 1994, and as Iriney Tramuv in the Mission Implausible series from 1997 to 2013.

He is also known for his roles in the films Vault (1985), Doofus Academy (1986), Show Me the Body (1991), College Party (1993), The Heist in Sta. Monica (1997), and Black Lights (2009).

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