Kazimir Vorkovsky
The Interceptors (2008 series) character
Trofim Pavlov as Kazimir Vorkovsky in the episode "Chasing Nukes" (2013)
First appearance The Interceptors (2008):
"Chasing Nukes" (06.02)
June 9, 2013
Created by German Orfanov
Portrayed by Trofim Pavlov
Full name Kazimir Lavrentiyevich Vorkovsky
Nickname(s) Kazya, Vorky, Mr. Death
Aliases The Lover
Gender Male
Occupation Field operative (Office of Analytical Services)
Title Supervisory Special Agent of the Republican Bureau of Investigation
Family Lavrentiy Vorkovsky (father)
Anya Vorkovskaya (mother)
Kazimir Kazimirovich Vorkovsky (son)
Georgiy Vorkovsky (son)
Spouse Andzhela Vorkovskaya (divorced)
Religion Atheist
Nationality Margovyan

Kazimir Lavrentiyevich Vorkovsky (Margovyan: Casimiro Lorenzo Kevorkian) is a fictional character created by German Orfanov and portrayed by Trofim Pavlov in the 2008 iteration of the long-running Interceptors series.

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