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Early lifeEdit

Laura Chilvers was born in Horsham in 1947, to Dr Sharon Chilvers and carpenter Ralph Chilvers. Her parents were known for left wing political viewpoints since the early 1940's. Laura was more centre right in her attitude. She was 15 years old and off school with the flu when Doomsday occered. She found her self to be in the new state of Sussex.

She became a carpenter in 1965, a first aider in 1968 and plumber in 1972. She joined the country's amateur dramatics sociality in 1978 and became a professional thearter actress in 1984.


Diane Sawyer

Laura Chilvers at the July the 2nd, 1995, Horsham rally.

Andrew Le Vior, Mary Pettit and Laura Chilvers regularly champaign together in Sussex.

Horsham trades unionists Laura Chilvers, Mary Pettit, John Doyle, Andrew Le Vior and Steve Hong were to head the leadership of the pro-democracy Sussex 'Corn Strike' of 1993-94.

Upturned collars were banned on July the 14th as a result of every one 'popping' them on mass in a Horsham rally July the 2nd in protest at the banning of Peter Pan collars. Laura was one of the leaders of this event.

The revolution of May 2nd, 1996, in which she was involved, would see the final over-throwing of the National Presidium of Sussex and the jailing of most of t's members for "tyranny, theft, political hypocrisy and repression of the trades unions".

Life after 1996Edit

Both her parents (Sharon and Ralph Chilvers) died in early 1997 due to old age and underlying heart problems.

Laura Chilvers became the Conservative Sussex National Ledgeco Council leader between 1997 and 2002. She retired from political activity in 2009.

Her charity workEdit

Laura has done much work for underprivileged in Sutton city state, including teaching them maths, English language, gardening, first aiding, carpentry, plumbing and acting skills.

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