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Lev Arigov
Timeline: History of Margovya

Arigov in 2011

33rd Minister of Education of the Republic of Margovya
8 April 2013 – 7 December 2013

Predecessor: Fyodora Velinina
Successor: Trofim Pavlov
President: Viktoriya Vegova

Representative of the Province of Teneriyov
6 April 2010 – 6 October 2011

President: Gennady Elemat

Mayor of Teklavsk, Teneriyov
6 October 2008 – 6 April 2010

President: Gennady Elemat

Mayor of Ulyanovsk, Teneriyov
6 April 2007 – 6 October 2008

President: Gennady Elemat
Birth: Lev Vladimirovich Arigov
28 August 1981 (age 36)
Ulyanovsk, Teneriyov, Margovya
Spouse: None, romantically linked to Gavrina Kumilyova
Political party: Margovyan Federalist Party
Religion: Roman Catholic
Profession: Politician, actor, singer, rapper, drummer (Not So Socialist)

Lev Vladimirovich Arigov (Margovyan: Leon Baldomero Argos, Russian: Лев Владимирович Аригов, born 28 August 1981) is a Margovyan singer and politician. He is a former Minister of Education of the Republic of Margovya, and is also notable as one of Margovya's best rappers. He is also the drummer for the band Not So Socialist.


Early lifeEdit

Arigov was born on 28 August 1981 in the town of Ulyanovsk, Teneriyov to local politicians Vladimir Arigov and Viktoriya Arigova. He has an older sister, Samara Tilnova (b. 10 December 1976), also a prominent Teneriyov politician.

From elementary until high school, Arigov studied at the Ilya Ulyanov Memorial School, which in his time was the only school serving his hometown Ulyanovsk. He went to Teneriyov State University, studying for a degree in psychology, before deciding to halt his studies and focus on his career.

Acting and singing careerEdit

Arigov first made a name for himself when he entered Svolochy Showdown in 1996 and sang renditions of popular songs like Black or White, Beat It, and Bad. His rendition of the then-popular song Kaleidoscope World by Francis Magalona got him third place in the 1996 season of Svolochy Showdown. He was beaten by fellow future pop stars Viktoriya Vegova and Adriyan Baychenko.

Immediately after his run in Svolochy Showdown, Arigov began playing bit parts in Margovyan movies and television series, before his big break finally came in 1999, when he played Trujillo the Quechuan messenger of General Gianlorenzo San Pietro in the critically acclaimed film Siege of Santa Perpetua, about the defense of the eponymous town against a massive Colombian army during the 1826-29 Margovia-Gran Colombia War. In 2000, he was recognized has Margovya's "Best Upcoming Actor" for his role as Major Alejandro Arevalo in the award-winning film Iquitos, about the invasion of the city of the same name in the 1830-32 Margovia-Peru War. On 2002, he was awarded "Best Actor" in the 26th Ciudad del Celebridad Film Festival for his role as Timofey Ulyanov in the internationally acclaimed film Revenge is the Answer, about the infamous Arbatskaya State University Shootout in 1994.

Some of Arigov's earliest associated acts were Orental Gibitov and Hafimwahlid Talnaev, and in 1997 they formed the comedy trio known as The Unlikely Friends. Their humor usually involved their disparate backgrounds (Arigov from a black political family, Gibitov from an old-money family descended from British royalty, and Talnaev from a refugee Chechen Muslim family), and although their routines caused some controversy in Margovya, their comedy trio remains popular to this day.

In 2007, Arigov got together with Vyacheslav Klimov, Ravil Yanenko, Boris Sorbariyev, and Georgiy Dostalinsky and formed R&B vocal group Colorful Men. Their cover version of On Bended Knee earned them the Best Cover Version award at the 2008 Margovyan Music Awards.

Not So SocialistEdit

Arigov first worked with future fellow bandmembers Gavrina Kumilyova, Tanya Kalinina, and Maria Atolova in 2001, when he played recurring character Kornel "Koriy" Bakstrov in the TV series Three Girls. There, he displayed his talent for playing the drums. This attracted the attention of the three, and soon he became the official drummer of Not So Socialist, assisting Kumilyova in the role.

The four of them became very good friends, and had successful singing and acting careers together. They won the "Best Band" award at the 2005 Margovyan Music Festival, and their fourth album Falling Leaves won the "Best Album" award at the same event.

In Not So Socialist's acting debut as a group, Lev once again played Bakstrov in the 2009 movie continuation of Three Girls, titled Three Queens. There, his character helps the three titular women steal a dead drug lord's money from his cronies. He reprises the role the 2012 sequel Three Girls: In Deep Sh*t, although his role there is much more limited as his political duties prevent him from fully participating in filming.

Political careerEdit


Solo albumsEdit

  • A Svoloch And His Showdown (1997)
  • The Fastest Mouth in the South (2002)
  • Concerned Countryman (2005)
  • Political Messages (2009)
  • More Political Messages 2: Ain't No Stoppin' Me Now (2012)
  • Black Lenin (2014)
  • e=mc2 (2017)

With Not So SocialistEdit

  • Not So Socialist (2001)
  • The Promiscuous Album (2002)
  • 2 (2003)
  • Falling Leaves (2005)
  • Product Misplacement (2010)
  • The Burberrys (2012)
  • Prisoners of Presumption (2014)
  • Victoria Concordia Crescit (2017)

Svolochy ShowdownEdit

Episode Theme Song Choice Original Artist Order Result
Audition Auditioner's Choice Don't Stop Me Now Teddyevsky N/A Advanced
One Judge Judgment Contestant's Choice I Know You Got Soul Gregoriy Tramvitumov 33 Advanced
Contestant's Playdate Coach's Choice Beat It Michael Jackson N/A Passed
Top 20 Personal Choice Born to Be Riled Gilbert Gorkov 16 Safe
Top 19 Personal Choice On Bended Knee Boyz II Men 4 Safe
Top 18 Personal Choice It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) R.E.M. 15 Safe
Top 17 Male Original Singer/s Driven to Distraction Anton Kumlidov 12 Safe
Top 16 Female Original Singer/s Like a Virgin Madonna 15 Safe
Top 15 Duets While I Live Irina Adzhitekova and Gregoriy Umalin 10 Safe
Top 14 Dance Johnny B. Goode Chuck Berry 10 Safe
Top 13 1970's song My Sharona The Knack 12,2 Saved
Top 12 Whitney Houston I Have Nothing Whitney Houston 9,1 Saved
Top 11 Local song Why Must We Be Separated? Yegor del Quiev, covered by Dmitri Prashko 5,2 Saved
Top 10 Singles From a Past Winner Don't Stop Conrada Cortesova 3 Safe
Top 9 Susana Bulshitova Good Thing It Wasn't My Ex Susana Bulshitova 5 Safe
Top 8 Band Songs With a Smile Eraserheads 4 Safe
Top 7 Rock songs Doo Bi Doo Apo Hiking Society 2 Safe
Top 6 Songs from Movies You Are My Love (from the 1995 movie A File Away) Ravil Pankavuranov 1 Safe
Top 5 Judge's Choice Bad Michael Jackson 2 Safe
Songs from the 90's Remember the Time Michael Jackson 2
Top 4 Drawing Lots Black or White Michael Jackson 3 Safe
High-Pitched Songs Heart to Heart Kenny Loggins 1
Top 3 Apo Hiking Society Yakap Sa Dilim Apo Hiking Society 2 Eliminated
Any song Before 1985 Eye of the Tiger Survivor 2
Personal Choice Kaleidoscope World Francis Magalona 2,2



Year Film Role Notes
1997 Mystery in Dostalinsky Young Abram Vasilevsky First motion picture project
Three Unlikely Friends: The Movie Yulian Gergovin
1998 The Secret Life of Roman Kharchenko Ruma Digaranov
1999 Siege of Santa Perpetua Trujillo Saenz Won 1999 "Best New Actor", Andrey Aksumov Film Awards
2000 Iquitos Alejandro Arevalo Won "Best Upcoming Actor", Leonid Pankavuranov Film Awards
2001 Karageorgiyev: The Movie Oyushminald Karageorgiyev/Yulian Kuznetsov Movie version of the critically-acclaimed TV series The Karageorgiyevs
Revenge is the Answer Timofey Ulyanov Won "Best Actor", Ciudad del Celebridad Film Festival
2002 The Interceptors: Movie II Pavel Gabarov
2003 The Interceptors' Third Movie Interceptor Pavel Gabarov
A Criminal's Confession Kevin Green
Once in a Lifetime Chance Borislav Karburetrov
2004 One Plus One Equals Six Dmitry Dygalo
2006 Freedom is the Key Timofey Ulyanov/Major de Mercenarios Timoteo Llanes About Ulyanov's escape from Margovya and becoming a mercenary commander in Muluwheyo
2007 Crazy Dancin' 3: Next Generation Timofey Kamchatsky
The Carbombyan Job Rob
  • Nominated "Best Supporting Actor", 2007 Honorary Awards For Movies
  • Won "Best Supporting Actor Under Action", 2007 Let's Talk Margovya Awards
  • Won "Best Supporting Actor Under Comedy", 2007 Let's Talk Margovya Awards
La Revolucion de Margovya Kiril Morenov
  • Nominated "Best Supporting Actor", 2007 Amanda Viktoriyovskaya Film and Television Awards<
  • Won "Best Supporting Actor Under Action", 2007 Latin-American Film Festival
2009 Fall of the Piranhas Ross Mattingly About the 1996 Pontival Piranhas air crash
Three Queens Kornel "Koriy" Bakstrov Nominated "Best Actor", Ciudad del Celebridad Film Festival
2010 We Have to Survive: The Yefrem Dragunov Story Staff Sergeant Fyodor Malenkov
Love In All Its Forms David Banks
Britannic Donald Gold Won "Best Love Team's Comeback", 2010 Amanda Viktoriyovskaya Film and Television Awards with Klaudia Glaser
2011 The Winning Man Miroslav Miloshevsky
What Happened in Kherson? Lonny Chambers
Truth is the Savior Timofey Ulyanov Part three of the Ulyanov Trilogy
2012 Flight 4892 Igor Mashkhadovsky About the crash of Margovyan Airlines Flight 4892
Three Girls: In Deep Sh*t Koriy Bakstrov
2013 Vegetables on a Wedding Lavrenty Fedorenko
Buddy Cop Movie God's Gift Chimboukweze
2014 377 kph Aleksandr Vodovich
The Martyrdom of Sta. Conrada Nicanor de Madrid
2015 377 kph 2: Retaliation Aleksandr Vodovich
Three Agents Koriy Bakstrov
The Karageorgiyevs: The Next Chapter Oyushminald Karageorgiyev/Yulian Kuznetsov
2016 The Greatest Team There Never Was Himself
2017 377 kph 4: The Last Ride Aleksandr Vodovich


Year(s) Title Role Notes
1999-2002 The Karageorgiyevs Oyushminald Karageorgiyev/Yulian Kuznetsov Main role (seasons 9-11)
2001-2004; 2017 Three Girls Kornil "Koriy" Bakstrov Recurring role (seasons 1-2), main role (seasons 3-4)
2002 Miss Ugly Timofey Porsenko Season 4, Episode 5 ("Depths of Beauty")
2004 Big Balls Humphrey Cortes Season 3, Episode 18 ("Kiss My Clitoris")
2005-2008 My Love From Above Khristo "The Big Black" Nakhimov Main role
2011-Present ¿Te mentiría yo? Host Spinoff of the British panel show Would I Lie to You?
2012 The Interceptors: The Roaring Twenties Lester Ivory TV movie
2012-Present The Living and the Dead Sean Magnussen Recurring role (season 2), main role (seasons 3-4)
2013-2015 Top Gear Margovya Himself Presenter (Series 9-13)
2013-2018 La encuesta dice... Host Spinoff of the British panel show 8 Out of 10 Cats
2013-2014 There's the Way, Where's the Will? Himself Season 1, Episode 2 ("Back Off, Selena Gomez"); Season 2, Episode 10 ("Like Mother, Like Son")
2014-Present Arigov & Kumilyova Tonight Himself Host
2015-2018 ¿Fue algo que dije? Host Spinoff of the British panel show Was It Something I Said?
2018 The Intruders Leon Napolitano