The following is a list of the episodes of the Margovyan comedy panel show ¿Te mentiría yo?, which was first broadcast on 19 August 2011. As of 2016, 100 episodes have been broadcast across ten series, not including special shows.

All episodes are approximately 30 minutes long and feature team captains Dmitriya Shevchova and Olga Grisenko, accompanied by two celebrity guests each. The series has been hosted by Lev Arigov in its entirety except for the final episode of series 11 when he was replaced by Mikhail Pankavuranov after Arigov was injured while filming season 5 of Three Girls.

Episode listEdit

The colored backgrounds denote the result of each episode:

   - indicates Dmitriya's team won
   - indicates Olga's team won
   - indicates the episode ended in a draw
Bold type - indicates Lev's Liar of the Week (used from series 5 onwards)

Series 1Edit

Episode First broadcast Dmitriya's team Olga's team Scores
01x01 19 August 2011 Mikhail Kutuzov and Hafimwahlid Talnaev Gavrina Kumilyova and Orental Gibitov 9–9
01x02 26 August 2011 Mark Tramvitumov and Fyodora Velinina Karl Rambuvich and Iosef Pankavuranov 8–9
01x03 2 September 2011 Rostislav Abramov and Mark Vizinsky Boris Birsakov and Simon Shevchenko 10–7
01x04 9 September 2011 Boris Sorbariyev and Nikolai Nemenov Iosef Birsakov and Polikarp Chakulakov 8–2
01x05 16 September 2011 Tanya Kalinina and Yuliya Koneva Yelena Vyzhinsky and Yelena Porsenko 5–7
01x06 23 September 2011 Ervin Sikhovich and Samara Tilnova Ustin Kubasov and Kseniya Kalinina 4–5
01x07 30 September 2011 Adriyan Baychenko and Anatoly Baychenko Karl Khristenko and Borislava Khristenko 11-7
01x08 7 October 2011 Ruma Dumayev and Genrikh Antonov Andrea G. and Faddey Pankavuranov 5–6
01x09 14 October 2011 Raisa Korovina and Ilya Petrovich Dorofeo Martinov and Klaudia Glaser 12-10
01x10 21 October 2011 Godofredo and Conrada Cortesova Ivan Maryanov and Konrad Maryanov 7–7

Series 2Edit

Episode First broadcast Dmitriya's team Olga's team Scores
02x01 17 February 2012 Gavrina Kumilyova and Maria Atolova Klara Viktorova and Vladislava Gorkova 4–2
02x02 24 February 2012 Pavel Orkov and Martin Movchovsky Trofim Pavlov and Arbat Chomsky 3–2
02x03 2 March 2012 Kazimir Ulabrov and Mark Politov Lyudmila Petrova and Mikhail Pankavuranov 3-1
02x04 9 March 2012 Emilya Ulyanova and Vasily Vasilyevich Domovich German Orfanov and Gavril Remontadov 5-4
02x05 16 March 2012 Vasilisa Yeguntseva and Yelena Vyzhinsky Gregoriy Umalin and Vasily Borisov 1-3
02x06 23 March 2012 Matvey Rasapinsky and Irina Rasapinskaya Tanya Kalinina and Dmitri Kalinin 2-2
02x07 30 March 2012 Yelizaveta Vulvanova and Ravil Yanenko Mstislav Pankavuranov and Orental Gibitov 3-4
02x08 6 April 2012 Dmitri Atolov and Irina Shevchenko Yaroslav Anastasiuk and Genrikh Antonov 3-3
02x09 13 April 2012 Yekaterina Fedorova and Kiril Tramvitumov Georgiy Dostalinsky and Azamat Kumlidov 3-2
02x10 20 April 2012 Godofredo and Dzhamila Tarapova Kara Mashkhadovskaya and Ivan Maryanov 2-2

Series 3Edit

Episode First broadcast Dmitriya's team Olga's team Scores
03x01 17 August 2012 Viktoriya Vegova and Svetlana Vegova Hafimwahlid Talnaev and Ustin Kubasov 1-3
03x02 24 August 2012 Mikhail Kutuzov and Irina Shevchenko Ilya Orlovsky and Boris Birsakov 4-3
03x03 31 August 2012 Arya Nukova and Georgiy Dostalinsky Mikhail Brankov and Andzhela Antonova 4-3
03x04 7 September 2012 Klara Viktorova and Borislava Porsenko Lyudmila Petrova and Susana Bulshitova 3-5
03x05 14 September 2012 Vasily Borisov and Khristo Morozov Mark Zhuzhev and Ivan Prokofiev 4-1
03x06 21 September 2012 Orental Gibitov and Mark Vizinsky Ivan Radoslavovsky and Anastasiy Barfolomeyev 3-2
03x07 28 September 2012 Yelena Porsenko and Zarya Yarinich Gavril Remontadov and Hafimwahlid Talnaev 4-2
03x08 5 October 2012 Ervin Sikhovich and Genrikh Antonov Irina Adzhitekova and Tungburshan Shungarhanbayev 2-2
03x09 12 October 2012 Vasilisa Yeguntseva and Gavrina Kumilyova Konrad Maryanov and Amanda Negotova 3-2
03x10 19 October 2012 Ivan Maryanov and Gleb Maryanov Timofey Ulyanov and Ruma Dumayev 2-4

Series 4Edit

Episode First broadcast Dmitriya's team Olga's team Scores
04x01 15 February 2013 Oksana Atolova and Nikita Kalinin Roland Tidzhomov and Pyotr Borodin 2-3
04x02 22 February 2013 Yuliya Koneva and Gavrina Kumilyova Milena Quebadieva and Mara Shchpalova 1-4
04x03 1 March 2013 Matvey Rasapinsky and Mark Zhuzhev Terentiy Murov and Galina Politova 4-2
04x04 8 March 2013 Radoslava Orentalova and Hafimwahlid Talnaev Fadia Serova and Baba Filitov 1-3
04x05 15 March 2013 Dorofeo Martinov and Rostislav Abramov Andzhela Antonova and Irina Berezovskaya 0-4
04x06 22 March 2013 Borislava Porsenko and Zydrunas Tamolevicius Jamal Lamitalovsky and Maria Atolova 4-0
04x07 29 March 2013 Faddey Pankavuranov and Mstislav Pankavuranov Vasily Vasilyevich Domovich and Gavrina Kumilyova 2-4
04x08 5 April 2013 Karl Barayev and Andrey Orlov Fyodora Velinina and Vladislav Sikhovich 1-3
04x09 12 April 2013 Timofey Ulyanov and Mark Tramvitumov Zarya Yarinich and Andrea G. 3-2
04x10 19 April 2013 Elsa Farber and Vladimir Malenkov Nikolai Nemenov and Godofredo 1-4

Series 5Edit

Episode First broadcast Dmitriya's team Olga's team Scores
05x00 7 February 2014 Compilation episode - "The Best and Unseen Truths, Lies and Everything in Between So Far" N/A
05x01 14 February 2014 Viktor Boevsky and Gregoriy Umalin Mikhail Kutuzov and Kazimir Ulabrov 3-2
05x02 21 February 2014 Arya Nukova and Gavril Remontadov Raisa Korovina and Yuliya Koneva 3-4
05x03 28 February 2014 Pyotr Borodin and Matvey Rasapinsky David Semipalatin and Radoslava Orentalova 2-3
05x04 7 March 2014 Mara Shchpalova and Terentiy Murov Gavrina Kumilyova and Yefrem Dragunov 3-3
05x05 14 March 2014 Irina Berezovskaya and Gleb Maryanov Simon Shevchenko and Emilya Ulyanova 4-1
05x06 21 March 2014 Ilya Petrovich and Boris Nukorev Orental Gibitov and Jamal Lamitalovsky 1-4
05x07 28 March 2014 Irina Adzhitekova and Klara Viktorova Irina Pavlyuchenko and Bisera Haralampieva 2-3
05x08 4 April 2014 Svetlana Ivanova and Roland Tidzhomov Mstislav Pankavuranov and Ervin Sikhovich 2-3
05x09 11 April 2014 Vasily Borisov and Iosef Pankavuranov Maria Atolova and Tanya Kalinina 4-1
05x10 18 April 2014 Yuri Ashchenko and Godofredo Yekaterina Fedorova and Dzhamila Tarapova 4-2

Series 6Edit

Episode First broadcast Dmitriya's team Olga's team Scores
06x01 15 August 2014 Yakov Yurievsky and Yakov Yazenev Ilya Petrovich and Ilya Orlovsky 2-3
06x02 22 August 2014 Terentiy Murov and Terentiy Nakhimov Irina Adzhitekova and Irina Rasapinskaya 3-2
06x03 29 August 2014 Azamat Kumlidov and Mikhail Kutuzov Trofim Pavlov and Karl Rambuvich 3-1
06x04 5 September 2014 Yelena Vyzhinsky and Jamal Lamitalovsky Martin Movchovsky and Gavrina Kumilyova 1-4
06x05 12 September 2014 Khristo Morozov and Svetlana Vegova Yefrem Dragunov and Radoslava Orentalova 2-3
06x06 19 September 2014 Ustin Kubasov and Iosef Birsakov Hafimwahlid Talnaev and Conrada Cortesova 3-2
06x07 26 September 2014 Polikarp Chakulakov and Klaudia Glaser Anastasiy Barfolomeyev and Milena Quebadieva 4-1
06x08 3 October 2014 Lyudmila Petrova and Genrikh Antonov Dzhamila Tarapova and Mikhail Brankov 0-4
06x09 10 October 2014 Klara Viktorova and Kiril Tramvitumov Orental Gibitov and Lyudmila Garbova 4-2
06x10 17 October 2014 Godofredo and Irina Berezovskaya Georgiy Dostalinsky and Timofey Barfolomeyev 1-5
06x11 24 October 2014 Compilation episode - "The Best and Unseen Truths, Lies and Everything in Between of 2014" N/A

Series 7Edit

Episode First broadcast Dmitriya's team Olga's team Scores
07x01 13 February 2015 Orental Gibitov and Valery Zolnerov Ana Markova and Yaroslav Anastasiuk 1-4
07x02 20 February 2015 German Orfanov and Hafimwahlid Talnaev Kiril Tramvitumov and Irinushka Vorkovich 2-4
07x03 27 February 2015 Simon Shevchenko and Pavel Orkov Ivetta Zakshina and Terentiy Ashnev 3-2
07x04 6 March 2015 Miryam Farukova-Talnaeva and Baba Filitov Jamal Lamitalovsky and Tanya Kalinina 2-4
07x05 13 March 2015 Vyacheslav Klimov and Gavrina Kumilyova Boris Antonov and Vasilisa Yeguntseva 5-1
07x06 20 March 2015 Timofey Ulyanov and Ivan Maryanov Farhad Talnaev and Karl Barayev 2-3
07x07 27 March 2015 Galina Politova and Mark Tramvitumov Vasily Borisov and Mikhail Kutuzov 4-2
07x08 3 April 2015 Khristo Morozov and Klara Viktorova Ustin Kubasov and Fanniya Mejez 5-0
07x09 10 April 2015 Andrea G. and Polikarp Chakulakov Rostislav Abramov and Kara Mashkhadovskaya 2-3
07x10 17 April 2015 Andrey Orlov and Godofredo Gleb Maryanov and Genrikh Antonov 1-5

Series 8Edit

Episode First broadcast Dmitriya's team Olga's team Scores
08x01 14 August 2015 Gregoriy Umalin and Yakov Yurievsky Vasilisa Yeguntseva and Yulian Markovsky 4-2
08x02 21 August 2015 Yevgeniy Pavlov and Pavel Belyayev Alena Svetskaya and Yelena Yaneyeva 5-2
08x03 28 August 2015 Kazimir Ulabrov and Mikhail Kutuzov Hafimwahlid Talnaev and Arya Nukova 3-3
08x04 4 September 2015 Yelena Porsenko and Lyudmila Petrova Conrada Cortesova and Susana Bulshitova 2-3
08x05 11 September 2015 Boris Sorbariyev and Boris Nukorev Boris Yazenev and Boris Antonov 4-1
08x06 18 September 2015 Ivan Maryanov and Ana Markova Faddey Pankavuranov and Amanda Negotova 4-0
08x07 25 September 2015 Trofim Pavlov and Tungburshan Shungarhanbayev Milena Quebadieva and Lyudmila Garbova 1-4
08x08 2 October 2015 Orental Gibitov and Aleksey Elemat Valery Zolnerov and Gavrina Kumilyova 2-3
08x09 9 October 2015 Oksana Atolova and Kseniya Kalinina Anya Kumilyova and Viktoriya Arigova 3-2
08x10 16 October 2015 Karl Rambuvich and Konrad Maryanov Godofredo and Sofia Maslennikova 2-5
08x11 23 October 2015 Compilation episode - "60 Minutes of the Best and Unseen Truths, Lies and Everything in Between of 2015" N/A

Series 9Edit

Episode First broadcast Dmitriya's team Olga's team Scores
09x01 12 February 2016 Tanya Kalinina and Valery Zolnerov Godofredo and Gavrina Kumilyova 3-3
09x02 19 February 2016 Milena Quebadieva and Salim Kruger Luciano Bastos and Boris Yazenev 4-2
09x03 26 February 2016 Yulian Markovsky and Dynamo Keruzov Sofia Maslennikova and Vladimir Lutenin 1-3
09x04 4 March 2016 Andzhela Pamukova and Mark Vizinsky Robert Elemat and Aleksey Alenko 2-4
09x05 11 March 2016 Hafimwahlid Talnaev and Mikhail Bakhusov Mikhail Pankavuranov and Vladislava Gorkova 1-4
09x06 18 March 2015 Ivan Vebokov and Tatiana Vinogradova Pavel Belyayev and Ivan Radoslavovsky 2-2
09x07 25 March 2016 Lyudmila Garbova and Ruud Akinfenyor Philip Drinkwater and Yasser Abdul-Tariq 3-2
09x08 1 April 2016 Abigail Papadiamantopoulos and Pyotr Borodin Dzhamila Tarapova and Orental Gibitov 1-3
09x09 8 April 2016 Gleb Maryanov and Klara Viktorova Ivan Krasnopresnensky and Iosef Pankavuranov 3-3
09x10 15 April 2016 Ivan Maryanov and Mikhail Kutuzov Eva Maslennikova and Vyacheslav Klimov 3-1

Series 10Edit

Episode First broadcast Dmitriya's team Olga's team Scores
10x01 12 August 2016 Boris Kirov and Ivan Romanenko Terentiy Ashnev and Raisa Portorenko 4-1
10x02 19 August 2016 Boris Sorbariyev and Trofim Pavlov Yekaterina Fedorova and Karl Barayev 3-2
10x03 26 August 2016 Martin Movchovsky and Hafimwahlid Talnaev Andzhela Antonova and Viktor Boevsky 2-3
10x04 2 September 2016 Irina Berezovskaya and Pavel Orkov Borislav Okurev and Yuri Yurievsky 2-1
10x05 9 September 2016 Philip Drinkwater and Eva Maslennikova Nikolai Nemenov and Pyotr Matochkin 1-3
10x06 16 September 2016 Mikhail Kutuzov and Anastasiy Barfolomeyev Viktoriya Chrzanowska and Yevgeniy Pavlov 3-2
10x07 23 September 2016 Terentiy Murov and Mark Tramvitumov Ruud Akinfenyor and Sofia Maslennikova 4-1
10x08 30 September 2016 Gavrina Kumilyova and Viktor Arigov Raisa Korovina and Gennady Elemat 0-3
10x09 7 October 2016 Orental Gibitov and Radoslava Orentalova Ivan Radoslavovsky and Ivan Maryanov 4-2
10x10 14 October 2016 Tatiana Vinogradova and Godofredo Oksana Atolova and Nikita Kalinin 3-1
10x11 21 October 2016 Compilation episode - "60 Minutes of the Best and Unseen Truths, Lies and Everything in Between of 2016" N/A

Series 11Edit

Episode First broadcast Dmitriya's team Olga's team Scores
11x01 10 February 2017 Gleb Shevchenko and Pavel Orkov Galina Ginigina and Aleksey Mikhailovsky 2-3
11x02 17 February 2017 Martin Movchovsky and Salim Kruger Yulian Markovsky and Galina Yorutova 3-1
11x03 24 February 2017 Andreya Ismailova and Aleksey Alenko Vyacheslav Im and Polikarp Chakulakov 3-2
11x04 3 March 2017 Yasser Abdul-Tariq and Orental Gibitov Vyacheslav Klimov and Samara Vartaleva 4-2
11x05 10 March 2017 Gregoriy Umalin and Marfa Kirilenko Anastasiy Barfolomeyev and Kiril Tramvitumov 2-3
11x06 17 March 2017 Hafimwahlid Talnaev and Aleksandra Puzova Mikhail Kutuzov and Edward Rojas 1-3
11x07 24 March 2017 Ustin Makarov and Irinushka Vorkovich Viktoriya Chrzanowska and Ruud Akinfenyor 4-1
11x08 31 March 2017 Ludvig Hinteregger and Mark Zhuzhev Konrad Maryanov and Klaudia Glaser 1-4
11x09 7 April 2017 Irina Rasapinskaya and Alakdan Ozamov Pyotr Borodin and Irina Shevchenko 1-4
11x10 14 April 2017* Mark Vizinsky and Marina Arbatskaya Marfa Quebadieva and Godofredo 2-4

*Note: Mikhail Pankavuranov replaced Lev Arigov as the host of this episode after Arigov was injured while filming season 5 of Three Girls.

Season 12Edit

Episode First broadcast Dmitriya's team Olga's team Scores
12x01 4 August 2017* Marfa Kirilenko and Branislav Vinogradovsky Mark Vizinsky and Ivan Radoslavovsky
12x02 11 August 2017
12x03 18 August 2017
12x04 25 August 2017
12x05 1 September 2017
12x06 8 September 2017
12x07 15 September 2017
12x08 22 September 2017
12x09 29 September 2017
12x10 6 October 2017


Episode First broadcast Dmitriya's team Olga's team Scores
04x25 25 December 2013 Lyudmila Garbova and Andreya Ismailova Raisa Korovina and Milena Quebadieva 3-3
06x25 25 December 2014 Ervin Gramapov and Mikhail Korovin Vladimir Gagov and Vyacheslav Im 2-4
08x25 25 December 2015 Yelena Stutskaya and Timofey Baranov Ludvig Hinteregger and Zoya Belova 4-1
10x25 25 December 2016 Billy Moe and Konstantin Lisunov Ustin Makarov and Mstislav Enerkov 4-6

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