Motorcycle Diaries is a Margovyan drama television series that premiered on the Margovyan National Broadcasting Network (MNBN) on December 2, 2011. The series follows Esperanza Palafox (Dmitriya Shevchova), a Peruvian motorcycle enthusiast illegally living in Margovya who is approached by the Republican Bureau of Investigation (RBI) with an offer to infiltrate the Silas Riders' Union or else get deported. At first, Esperanza only agrees to the deal to stay in Margovya, but the deeper she gets into the investigation, the more she becomes committed to bringing the criminal bikers to justice.

The series was originally scheduled only for a three-season run with two seasons of ten episodes and the final season consisting of fifteen episodes, broadcast from 2011 to 2014. However, due to popular demand, German Orfanov, creator of the series, announced that a fourth season was in the works. New and returning characters, as well as the new season's overarching story, was introduced in the ninth season of Orfanov's other series, the updated version of The Interceptors, and will be expanded upon in season 4. Orfanov revealed that the fifth season of the series will be part of the story started in The Interceptors: Philippine Civil War and ended in The Interceptors: Most Wanted.

As of February 3, 2017, 45 episodes of Motorcycle Diaries have aired, concluding the fourth season.

Series overviewEdit

Season No. of episodes Production Code Original Airdate
Season Premiere Season Finale
1 10 1xx December 2, 2011 February 3, 2012
2 10 2xx November 30, 2012 February 1, 2013
3 15 3xx December 6, 2013 March 14, 2014
4 10 4xx December 2, 2016 February 3, 2017
5 10 5xx December 1, 2017 February 2, 2018

Episode listEdit

Season 1Edit

No. overall No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 1 "Going Under" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov December 2, 2011
Esperanza Palafox is arrested for trying to steal a motorcycle, and it is also revealed that she is already illegally living in Margovya ever since her visa expired almost six months ago. An RBI agent named Kiril introduces himself to Esperanza and offers her a deal: she could be deported back to Peru, her homeland, or she could stay in Margovya in exchange for becoming a "confidential informant" for the RBI and infiltrating the Silas Riders' Union, one of the most notorious biker gangs in Margovya.
2 2 "Chapter and Verse" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov December 9, 2011
Esperanza is recruited into Silas and joins the MC's first all-girl chapter as a "hang-around". She gets to know the members during a bike run and also gets up close and personal with the dirtier side of Silas.
3 3 "Ride With Me" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov December 16, 2011
Esperanza is promoted to a "prospect": she has to do everything the full-patch members tell her to do. Esperanza must go through a background check before Silas even considers making her into a patch.
4 4 "Earn That Patch" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov December 23, 2011
Esperanza is assigned to handling a "guns for drugs" deal with the Dirtbikers as the final test to earn her patch. During a bar fight, Esperanza earns her "road name" after a particularly nasty punch-up which leaves her bleeding from the mouth: "Countess Dracula", later shortened to "Countess".
5 5 "Hired Killers" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov December 30, 2011
Esperanza is now a full-patch member: she is now involved in all of Silas' shady dealings with the criminal underworld. One of these deals involves taking out a rival biker for Silas' allies the Dirtbikers.
6 6 "Bloody September" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov January 6, 2012
An extortion goes wrong and Chains ends up killing someone. Esperanza talks to Chains both to comfort her and to learn the details of the killing. Chains gets picked up by local police on suspicion of the killing and although Esperanza had nothing to do with it, she knows that Chains is now going to suspect her of being a snitch.
7 7 "All the Little Stuff Adds Up In the End" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov January 13, 2012
The Ikulsk chapter decides to rob an armored car both to add to their coffers and to prove their chapter to the rest of the MC, who still has doubts about raising an all-female chapter. However, the heist doesn't go as flawlessly as planned.
8 8 "Temptation" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov January 20, 2012
Esperanza is asked to courier a brick of coke from Ikulsk to Andufa. The package splits open in transit, and Esperanza is faced with the dillemma of letting the drugs go to waste or to snort it all.
9 9 "Trial By Fire" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov January 27, 2012
Vilyelmo Dumayev and Mikhail Dostalinsky approach the Ikulsk chapter to kill Rostislav Leonov, President Pristina Leonova's brother, to send her a message. Esperanza tells Kiril of the hit but Kiril says that informing Leonov of the risk to his life would jeopardize Esperanza's life.
10 10 "Pass or Fail" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov February 3, 2012
Esperanza picks a fight and lands the whole chapter in jail to prevent the assassination of Rostislav Leonov. However, this doesn't stop Dumayev and Dostalinsky killing Leonov themselves.

Season 2Edit

No. overall No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date
11 1 "Welcome Back" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov November 30, 2012
The Ikulsk chapter is finally released from prison after the RBI convinces the local police to drop the charges against them, but Esperanza manages to convince Kiril to keep her in solitary confinement because she believes that Vilyelmo and Mikhail will come after her next.
12 2 "Midnight Run" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov December 7, 2012
Esperanza is finally released from solitary and jail and almost immediately lands her way back into jail when she attacks a gas station attendant because she didn't have the money to pay for the gas. She goes on a run through Margovya to establish a good alibi, a run which earns her the admiration of her fellow Silas members.
13 3 "Partners" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov December 14, 2012
Esperanza knows she's in trouble when an old associate comes back to haunt her in Ikulsk. Meanwhile, a new girl is trying to become a friend of the club by offering Esperanza drinks, but can she really trust this girl? Also, Esperanza is introduced to Radoslava, her new handler.
14 4 "Living the Good Life" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov December 21, 2012
The Lotus Eaters, Silas' rivals, calls for a meeting to discuss the possibility of a truce and to learn the fate of a missing Lotus Eater. The meeting soon turns dangerous and bullets go flying between the bikers.
15 5 "Time to Get Tough" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov December 28, 2012
The continuing rivalry between Silas and Elysium heats up. Bikers from both gangs are getting knocked off every day. Esperanza and the chapter prepare to bring the hurt to a nearby Lotus Eaters chapter.
16 6 "This Ain't Your Fight" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov January 4, 2013
Guardian and Prawn's personal rivalry heats up, causing Esperanza to get involved even as Guardian refuses her help. Another fight brews between Silas and Elysium.
17 7 "IOU" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov January 11, 2013
Silas comes to collect on Kaiser Garcia's growing debt to the club, but Garcia asks for one more IOU. Falcon decides that enough is enough and calls on the members to come collecting, but Garcia fights back and is eventually killed in a fierce fight.
18 8 "Right and Just" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov January 18, 2013
Vilyelmo and Mikhail are back and this time they want to kill Health Minister Fyodor Lubovenko to show that they will not tolerate what they call "the Dimakulanov-Elemat regime". Esperanza tells Radoslava about the new assassination plot but is once again told to continue gathering evidence against Silas.
19 9 "Joust" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov January 25, 2013
Guardian and Prawn's fight reaches a boiling point, and Guardian calls for a "joust": like the medieval tournament but with bikes instead of cars. Esperanza tries to stop the joust but fails, and Guardian ends up killing Prawn. Esperanza helps Guardian hide the body.
20 10 "What is the World Coming To?" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov February 1, 2013
Esperanza calls Health Minister Lubovenko himself to warn him of the attempt on his life, but Lubovenko just shrugs her off as another prank caller. Lubovenko pays for his ignorance with his life; Silas assassinates him on Vilyelmo and Mikhail's orders.

Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit

No. overall No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date
36 1 "Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov December 2, 2016
Esperanza is now living an anonymous life in Yobatav, Arbatskaya, but the boredom and tedium of life outside of motorcycling affects her to such an extent that she ends up picking a brawl with some local bikers. Meanwhile, Attila, a member of the Huns Motorcycle Club, meets with an unknown man. Attila tells the man that he needs to build up more trust within the club before he could get close to someone called "the Doctor".
37 2 "Attila the Hun" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov December 9, 2016
Kiril Kiselev calls Esperanza with an offer to go undercover once again. Esperanza accepts the offer and meets up with Attila and Kid, who is also going back undercover to assist in Operation Orange Tempest, the RBI operation to infiltrate and bring down the Huns.
38 3 "Son of a Witch" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov December 16, 2016
Attila, Kid, and Esperanza meet the Witch, the president of the Yobatav chapter of the Huns. After a rocky start, Esperanza must prove herself to the Witch to become a prospect.
39 4 "Girl of Steel" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov December 23, 2016
Steeler, the Witch's vice president, has her doubts about Esperanza being a legit prospect. Both as a test of loyalty and to earn her patch, Steeler orders Esperanza to recruit a prospect of her own.
40 5 "Couriers" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov December 30, 2016
Attila raises the possibility of getting his own chapter. The Witch, Steeler, Banker, Attila, Kid, and Esperanza head out to Greendrop to pay their monthly tribute to their "allies" the Huesca Cartel.
41 6 "Do You Have What It Takes?" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov January 6, 2017
Queen, Esperanza's prospect, must pass through her own "trial by fire" and prove both her loyalty and Esperanza's. Attila gets closer to meeting with the Doctor, who wishes to make the alliance between the Huns and the Huescas easier by establishing a chapter in Greendrop.
42 7 "Hun Run" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov January 13, 2017
The annual Hun Run, a journey by every member of the Huns across all of Margovya and passing through their respective chapters, is underway. The Doctor announces the creation of the Greendrop chapter with Attila as president as recognition for his long-time membership and loyalty to the Huns. To mark the birth of the chapter, the Doctor and the Witch tell the Greendrop members to assassinate a high-ranking member of the Crows, the Huescas' main rival.
43 8 "To Kill a Crow" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov January 20, 2017
Esperanza's chapter is ordered to kill a high-ranking Crow, but Borislav gets wind of the "test" and threatens to pull the plug on the whole operation. Meanwhile, Attila cooks up a scheme to fool both the Doctor and the Witch.
44 9 "At Death's Door" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov January 27, 2017
The Huescas are impressed by the Greendrop chapter's apparent hit on the Crows that Amelia Peña herself meets with Esperanza and the others to arrange another attack on the Crows. Meanwhile, Queen puts her life at risk when she decides to go solo with Sci-Fi and Rockstar.
45 10 "Endgame" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov February 3, 2017
Borislav tells Attila that it is time for Operation Orange Tempest to end and for the undercover agents to come in. Attila, however, refuses to follow orders and goes to fight with the rest of the Huns while Esperanza and Kid do what they could to delay both the Doctor and the Witch.

Season 5Edit

No. overall No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date
46 1 "Enter the Corsairs" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov December 1, 2017
Attila is contacted by Gavriil Galichevsky regarding the possibility of his joining the Interceptors, and Attila agrees to think about it while he continues his infiltration of the Huns. One year after Operation Orange Tempest, a new biker gang, the Corsairs, is approached by the Crows to join the latter's gang war against the Huesca Cartel. The Corsairs agree and immediately start things off with a bang by killing Maricel Ocampo, a high-ranking member of the Huescas. Amy Peña then brings the Huns in to deal with the Corsairs, reasoning that "only a biker can kill a biker".
47 2 "Swift Action" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov December 8, 2017
The Huns waste no time in striking back against the Corsairs, which they have declared their mortal enemy after the Corsairs' founder and leader Jese Soriano lured away a number of Huns to help him establish his gang. The Huns capture some Corsair territory in Yobatav and kill Francesco "Cesc" Rivera, one of the Huns who joined Soriano to form the Corsairs.
48 3 "Attila's Secret" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov December 15, 2017
The Huns capture Darko, a member of the Crows assisting the Corsairs by providing them with weapons, ammunition and drugs and turn him over to the Huescas at the cartel's request. The Huescas crucify Darko in retaliation for the death of Maricel Ocampo. It is also revealed that Attila has a daughter whom he gave up for adoption.
49 4 "Smoke the Enemy Out" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov December 22, 2017
The Crows avenge Darko by attacking one of the Huesca Cartel's warehouses in Ikulsk with the help of the Corsairs, resulting in the death of another Huesca lieutenant. The Huescas retaliate by bombing the Crows' headquarters in Ikulsk, the Three Masts and the Hall of Bandits with the help of the Huns.
50 5 "Farewell to the Cove" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov December 29, 2017
Due to their actions in the gang war, the Corsairs bring down too much heat upon themselves, necessitating their departure from their "capital" in Ikulsk. The Corsairs move to nearby Cote de Nuit on the Atlantic coast while the Huns torch the Corsair HQ the Raider Cove.
51 6 "The Rooster, the Corsair, and the Hun" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov January 5, 2018
The Huns arrive in Cote de Nuit aiming to disrupt the Corsairs' plans in the country and also to establish local chapters in the country. The Corsairs clean up some of Cote de Nuit's more openly rebellious elements before eventually assisting the sitting dictatorial government in bringing down the Nouveau Bordeaux Rebellion. An important Hun dies while trying to disrupt the Corsairs' plans.
52 7 "Picking Up the Pieces" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov January 12, 2018
The Huns attempt to gather the surviving rebels and the Vandals, a local biker gang, to provide a united front against the Corsairs, and Attila initiates a bombing campaign throughout Cote de Nuit aimed at killing as many Corsairs as possible. The Huns are inevitably declared terrorists by the Nuitian government.
53 8 "The Upper Hand" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov January 19, 2018
The Corsais kidnap Esperanza and Kseniya in retaliation for Attila's bombing campaign. Attila leads the Huns in attempting to rescue the two women but end up in a trap set by the Nuitian armed forces. Meanwhile, Esperanza and Kseniya have to rely only on themselves to save themselves from the clutches of an orphaned son bent on vengeance.
54 9 "Only In the Movies" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov January 26, 2018
Attila kidnaps Jessie Mariano in retaliation for the Corsairs' kidnapping of Esperanza and Kseniya. The Corsairs fall into a similar trap as the one they set for Attila and the Huns. Jessie is revealed by Attila to be his lost daughter.
55 10 "The Last Corsair" Adam Yaneyev German Orfanov February 2, 2018
Jessie initially accepts her heritage as Attila's daughter and joins the Huns before seemingly betraying them by trying to kill Attila and the Doctor and declaring that her father "is a Corsair." Esperanza ends up killing Jessie before Kseniya reveals to Attila that Jessie was not actually his daughter after all.