Heads of stateEdit

  1. Irina Pyvovarova (moderate communist) 1962-1963
  2. Anatoly Pyvovarova (moderate communist) 1963-1973
  3. Genral Yuri Sorrin (Stalinist communist) 1973-1984
  4. Tatyana Orlof (liberal) 1984-1990 
  5. Yuri Sergei Orlof (liberal)1990-1995
  6. Tetaiana Rutkowska (corrupt communist) 1995-2002
  7. Andrei Podelov (independent) 2002-03
  • Joined the Urals Alliance.


  1. Yulia Yassin (liberal) 2003-2004
  2. Nikolai Antonov (independent) 2004-2005
  3. Constantine Yakovlev (liberal) 2005-2010
  4. Irina Orlof (anarco-liberal) 2010- 

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