The Good Son is an American drama television series that premiered on the Metropolitan Broadcasting Network on March 28, 2015. The series follows Maximilian "Max" Panaquer, the youngest son of an infamous South American dictator who has been living in the United States for the last two years. He now has an American girlfriend and does not intend to return to his home country (the fictional Margovia) while his father and his family are still in power. However, when he is reluctantly compelled to return to his country to attend his father's funeral, he is quickly pulled into a political crisis in which both his cousin and his half-sister, as well as numerous political and ideological factions, seek to gain power over the country. Maximilian is forced to guide the new president, his paranoid cousin Tadeo, to a political solution that will avert a bloody conflict.

As of June 4, 2016, 20 episodes of The Good Son have aired, concluding the second season.


Season 1 (2015)Edit

No. overall No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 1 "Pilot" March 28, 2015
Maximilian "Max" Panaquer, who has an American girlfriend and is living a normal life as a regular person in the United States, reluctantly returns to his home country of Margovia to attend the funeral of his father, who was the dictator of the country. Back home he meets up with his cousin and half-sister, along with other family members. He soon becomes reacquainted with the brutalities of the regime, the very reason why he sought to escape the country. His cousin Tadeo, who was named vice president a few weeks before Max's father's death, ascends to the presidency.
2 2 "Altruism" April 4, 2015
3 3 "Killing Me Softly" April 11, 2015
An American tourist and his Margovian girlfriend are kidnapped by a mysterious group which demands both the resignation of Tadeo as president of Margovia and the unconditional surrender of all rebel factions within the nation. Max tries to appeal to the kidnappers while Victoria attempts to find out more about the kidnappers using her connections within the rebellion.
4 4 "The Blood of Patriots" April 18, 2015
Ladislao's younger sister Rene is arrested by the Secretariat along with dozens of other prominent Margovian netizens in what appears to be a crackdown on the country's Internet freedoms. Ladislao pulls a favor with Max to get Rene out of prison, but Rene is not keen on having to be on the good graces of the ruling regime.
5 5 "The Beautiful Game" April 25, 2015
The Revolutionary Democratic Front strikes the Margovian capital, Icol, during a friendly soccer match between Margovia and Magallanes (another fictional nation loosely based on Argentina and Chile), taking hostage the 80,000 spectators inside the Estadio Vergara, among them Tadeo, Max, and Cristina. The police, the military, and the Secretariat of Internal Security all have differing opinions on how to storm the stadium and rescue all the hostages.
6 6 "Evil Incarnate" May 2, 2015
7 7 "Up to the Knees" May 9, 2015
8 8 "Rivers of Blood" May 16, 2015
9 9 "A Falling Star" May 23, 2015
On the anniversary of the assassination of Alejandro Panaquer, the numerous rival factions in Margovia vying for political voice and control ramp up their attacks, culminating in the assassination of Colonel General Llamanzares. Gibby finally reveals his true colors and leaves a trail of bodies behind him before he is finally stopped.
10 10 "Death Is But the Beginning" May 30, 2015
Tadeo begins to question the loyalty of both Max and Cristina, but he barely has time to determine their true allegiances before the rebels declare that they have taken control of an entire province. The Panaquers have to set aside their differences to deal with the rebel occupation even as Max and Cristina are actively plotting against Tadeo behind his back. Tadeo's forces dislodge the rebels and return triumphant to Icol, only to learn that Ireneo has passed away upon the news that Margovian blood had been shed by fellow Margovians.

Season 2 (2016)Edit

No. overall No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date
11 1 "Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust" April 2, 2016
Ireneo Amaro has finally succumbed to his long-term illness following the beginning of the Second Margovian Civil War. At the same time, Baba, Max's mentor, has also passed away. While Tadeo and the government hosts a great funeral for the fallen former president-elect, Max chooses to attend the simple funeral of his teacher and mentor and comes to realize that it may be too late for a single man to effectively rule the country.
12 2 "Bloodsuckers" April 9, 2016
Gregorio and Maximo are given permission to recruit more members into their counterrevolutionary unit within the Secretariat. Two new agents are brought into the fold and are immediately sent to work against the rebellion. The nation is forced to make a formal apology after a recent anti-revolutionary operation sees the Margovians accidentally penetrating the border of a neighboring country.
13 3 "Bread Lines" April 16, 2016
As the Margovian Army prepares to move against the rebels entrenched in De Quilla del Norte and De Quilla del Sur, men are conscripted to serve their nation. Ladislao and Generoso are just some of the Margovian men drafted into the Army, but Ladislao's connections allow him to become a lieutenant while Generoso has to content himself as a private. The two, when assigned to the same regiment, inevitably clash.
14 4 "Lend Me Your Ears" April 23, 2016
15 5 "Lies, Injustice, and the Margovian Way" April 30, 2016
The Margovian Army prepares for a massive push against the rebels that Tadeo hopes will push the rebels to the negotiating table or even better, unconditional surrender. The Battle of Rondaya Crossing is an overwhelming success for the Loyalists, and hundreds upon hundreds of rebels surrender to the Army. However, Tadeo suddenly orders that there be no survivors, and Army, Police, and Secretariat forces quickly obey his order and massacre the surrendering rebels.
16 6 "Final Countdown" May 7, 2016
Ladislao, Generoso, Gregorio, Maximo, Miriam, and Tania are captured by rebels during a last-ditch attack on a Margovian government firebase. While Tadeo is busy negotiating with the rebels, Max prepares a plan for a daring raid to free the captive soldiers and Secretariat agents.
17 7 "Rockets in the Sky" May 14, 2016
18 8 "Condor" May 21, 2016
19 9 "The Gay and the Gregarious" May 28, 2016
20 10 "Don't Cry For Me, Margovia" June 4, 2016
Cristina's plane suffers a suspicious mechanical failure and eventually crash-lands into an area in the Margovian-Brazilian border which is beyond the radar coverage of both nations. Max senses that time is running out for him and convinces Amber and Terry to flee to America before he is brought by the Secretariat to Tadeo. Tadeo then exiles Max in the middle of the Amazon Forest, and both Max's and Cristina's fates remain unknown.

Season 3 (2017)Edit

No. overall No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date
21 1 "Elementary" April 2, 2016
Max is discovered by Secretariat agents stumbling in the Margovian Amazon and nurse him back to health.
22 2 "Independence Day" April 9, 2016
23 3 "Crime Scene Investigation" April 16, 2016
24 4 "Gladiator" April 23, 2016
25 5 "The Virgin" April 30, 2016
26 6 "Pitch Perfect" May 7, 2016
27 7 "Useless Lesbian Vampire" May 14, 2016
28 8 "Tiny and Gay" May 21, 2016
29 9 "Untitled" May 28, 2016
Tania discovers that Maximo is working with Director-General Baldomero Maldonado to overthrow Tadeo Panaquer and take control of Margovia.
30 10 "Put the Little Boy to Sleep" June 4, 2016
Gregorio, Maximo, Miriam, and Tania die following a violent confrontation after Tania finds out that Maximo is part of Director-General Maldonado's plot to eliminate Tadeo and take over Margovia with the help of Secretariat agents loyal to Maldonado, of which San Andres is just one. Maldonado, furious at the needless death of San Andres, one of his most trusted accomplices, decides to initiate Operation Put the Little Boy to Sleep earlier than he had planned, and he goes to the Margovian Palace, shoots Tadeo, and demands that the president resign from his position but not before naming Maldonado his vice president, in effect making the Secretariat Director-General the next in line.

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